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Maxim Dlugy loses in 16 moves to a trickster

Featured is the 3|2 blitz game Grandmaster Maxim Dlugy played against a player by the name of TrickyMate on the Internet Chess Club on April 28th, 2015. Dlugy, rated 3131, played the white pieces against his 1400 rated opponent, and was quickly lured into one of the most cunning queen traps out of the opening phase. The opening was a Budapest Defense, Fajarowicz variation with the queen trap being set as early as move 4! What makes this encounter all the more interesting is that it only took TrickyMate 35 seconds total to defeat Dlugy.

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e5 3. dxe5 Ne4 4. Nf3 b6 5. Qd5 Bb7 6. Qxb7 Nc6 7. Qa6 Bb4+ 8. Bd2 Nc5 9. Qb5 Bxd2+ 10. Nbxd2 a6 11. Qxc6 dxc6 12. O-O-O Qe7 13. g3 O-O-O 14. Bg2 f6 15. exf6 Qxf6 16. Rhe1 Na4

Image of Maxim Dlugy in thumbnail courtesy of Lennart Ootes

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Hi everyone it’s Jerry I have a fun Blitz game I’d like to share with you That was played on the internet chess Club on April 28 2015 and you’re going To like it Uh this is in my estimation one of the Most cunning Queen traps you’ll find out Of the opening and it is a trap that’s Still to this day catches many strong Players I’m reminded of this game Because Maxim delugy’s name has recently Been in the news and this particular Trap always stuck with me It’s a brief game it’s only a 16 mover This is a three minute game with a two Second increment On the white side Maxim delugie with a Blitz rating of 3131 and his opponent Goes by the username tricky mate Blitz rating 1400. let’s see the game We have a Budapest defense Known for its many traps Knight F3 is the most popular reply far And away and I think a great part of the Appeal with this trap is how quickly the Trap is set Only after four moves the Trap is in Place is there any move that’s tempting You now is white Feel free to pause the video what might You play here okay here we go move Played in the game Queen D5

Striking the two unprotected pieces This is not best One of the better moves is A3 negating Any lines connected with the bishop Check on B4 Alright in this game it’s Queen D5 The best continuation for black is to Give a check and after a block to Capture on D4 and then play Knight C6 However I guess we’re gonna have a little fun Here and see the queen trap in action This is what black goes for Bishop B7 So is that Bishop free Yes but it’s not so easy to know the Refutation Um Bishop B7 let me say first of all is A clear case of black playing Hope Chest Black is hoping white is not clever Enough to find the reputation so this is Not a a line I would recommend you play In a serious game but if you’re looking To just have little fun Blitz bullet Game casual you get the idea I think You’ll find more often than not White gets their Queen trapped Okay move played in the game Queen takes Bishop Knight C6 follows and this is Right around the point where White Probably knows whoa I don’t have a whole Lot of options there for my queen and Right around the corner Knight C5 and my Queen is gonzo

Uh there is a refutation What move would you play here to maybe Try and Save the Queen White to move feel free to pause the Video what would you play here Okay The way to refute this line is to play Knight D4 That’s the best move And the I one of the ideas is to meet Knight takes Knight with Queen takes Knight and she’s there just in the nick Of time to stop by follow-up Fork on C2 There is a trickier line After Knight D4 and the bishop check The best move is Knight C3 white is Still winning This is a hard move to maybe play seeing That there is two attackers only one Defender but White is winning with this line here Knight takes Knight there is no Wonderful discovery Knight takes Bishop would follow So the line goes like this and there is Now only one winning move for white Everything else is losing The winning move Bishop D2 and this Basically neutralizes all the pressure Smoke ends up clearing something like This white is the winning side with About a plus two advantage Okay that is not an easy line to find Over the board

We’re playing hope chest with this Bishop B7 move Played in this game If you pick the move Queen A6 That’s a losing move but don’t feel too Bad Because on the leeches database just a Quick example of the 1300 games more Than half the players picked Queen to A6 Right we’re trying to Run Away really fast in case of Knight C5 for example Not the move played in the game but if Knight C5 ah we could go to A3 the Bishop isn’t covering that and we Wouldn’t have to worry about the check On D3 because there’s Queen takes Knight Seems like her Queen would be saved and She is with this line however Black and first play check on B4 And after the block move played in the Game Knight C5 now The queen can now not make use of A3 She goes to B5 And I think when I initially went Through this game years back I thought to myself oh okay you’re Getting the queen but you know white is Tracking down a bunch of minor pieces This is not the case I was thinking at This point you play A6 But white would be able to White would Be winning if you went with A6 The light would have two Bishops a

Knight and a pawn versus the queen The idea here is that black doesn’t need The bishop anymore in order to trap the Queen Can first exchange on D2 the move played In the game and only after the recapture A6 And she’s a goner Where’d he go both Knights cover all Retreat squares So Queen takes Knight follows the imbalance What do we have it’s Two minor pieces in a pawn Knight Bishop in a pawn versus the queen This is completely winning for black you Could go as far back as move 7 after Queen A6 the game’s already over the Queen will be trapped That’s a fast trap very again a very Cunning Queen trap out of the opening Play follows with Queen side castles We end up having both sides queenside Castle Bishop G2 F6 Queen takes F6 Rook in the center and just one more Move Can you spot it Black’s next move forces resignation Feel free to pause the video okay here We go Knight A4 game over Light resigns

No good solution to Queen takes B2 mate All white could play are moves that are Silly blocking the queen from getting to B2 95 you just take Bishop check you duck Pick your favorite move Queen takes B2 Next game over Okay this is a very sharp trap very Quick game Uh for fun here we can have a look still At the Tail the tape There we go and that’s one of the things I like to point out with this graph I Think there’s an issue with it is Debating whether or not to share it with You But I still think that there’s still Useful information here the bishop B7 I’m pretty sure should be Registering as a blunder but it’s not Um Outside of that move I think everything Else is pretty clean there he got he’s Still uh you still get an ideas to uh The accuracy Inaccuracies mistakes and blenders for Each side Senti Palm loss If we look at the inaccuracies here for Delugie yeah didn’t like the queen D5 Move instead A3 instead But um yeah pretty cool trap Uh one other thing you may find Interesting about this game

Is how quickly it was played by team Black tricky mate Only 35 seconds was spent for the entire Game and that’s from a a 1400 player so Pretty impressive I guess we can say With the this game played by tricky mate Anyhow Feel Free as usual to leave any Feedback to this video in the comment Section below Hope you enjoyed it and I don’t know good luck maybe trying this On your own just to have some fun no Serious games with Bishop B7 Anyhow that’s all for now take care bye Foreign


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