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Mate? What mate? | Nijat Abasov v Nikolas Theodorou | Fall Classic St.Louis 2022

Chess Grandmaster Daniel King examines the game Nijat Abasov v Nikolas Theodorou. Support on Patreon: 🔥
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Foreign Attacking game played just a couple of Days ago in the St Louis chess club full Classic So it's between nijat abasov from Azerbaijan he's in the Azerbaijan team And Nicolas theodoro who had a superb Olympiad in Chennai got the silver medal On board two playing for Greece And he is a student or it's just Graduated from the St Louis University So he's kind of almost playing at home Anyway I was very interested in this Opening because I did a a little report On this opening Um earlier well way back in February Actually For my patreon opening Series If you subscribe to patreon and you hit The 25 level you get a monthly opening Survey and I looked at this last February after Carlson had used this Opening the Von Hennig Shara Gambit now Normally Pawn text Pawn here will take you into The tarash And so on But if black takes on D4 this is the So-called Von Hennig Shara Gambit Now one can take on D4 but it's a little Bit more accurate to for white to check On A4 first and then take on D4 So it's a pure Gambit Black gives up a whole Pawn now

Let's say 40 50 60 years ago the main Continuation for black here was just to Play Knight C6 And then You aim to Castle queenside So you play Queen E7 And there you go and then G5 Um the only problem with this for plaque Is that often it's Black's King that Ends up in trouble rather than White's King uh you can go A3 there but B4 is Also a very interesting move this is Well known to give white pretty decent Play on The Queen side Black's King Isn't very well placed there So it's rather a discredited Gambit However over the past few years With a little bit of help from computers Then it was realized that black actually Has pretty good compensation here just By playing Knight F6 Um so here well one could take this but This is incredibly risky you can see That all of white pieces on the king Side are on their starting blocks And black is ready to push that queen or Play Knight B4 whoops I overshot again Knight B4 really dangerous So the main move here is actually Queen D1 But it's been found that black actually Gets pretty good compensation here not By castling Queen side that's the old Way to play

But simply by casting King's side and Then just putting the Rooks in the Middle and blackist on reasonably well With that The game I mentioned that Carlson played Way back in January 2022 was against Sam Shankland and Sam played Queen B3 But after Knight A6 Carlson got pretty Decent play here Certainly enough compensation for the Pawn in fact he won his Pawn back pretty Quickly Now abasov thought for 10 minutes in This position So From that it seems like he was a bit Wrong-footed by this opening I can't Imagine that he wasn't aware of this new Idea But maybe he was just wanted to sort of Improvise and he played a move that Actually hasn't been seen before Queen G5 It looks pretty weird to me because I Wouldn't say the queen is better placed On G5 than say B3 or D1 Uh theodoro simply played Knight C6 why Not Decent development and already you know There is potential to throw that Knight In to you know one of these squares I've Got to watch out for a check here but Um and simply coming on C2 and white has The the usual problem that his King is

Stuck in the middle so Bishop D2 Well that enables might to play Rook C1 But also Potentially Castle queenside as well H6 The queen which went back to G3 now Maybe this was a bazov's abasos idea That he was simply looking To try to restrict Black by keeping tabs On that pawn on G7 But after Six minutes thought Theodoro played Bishop C5 Well it's the usual place for the bishop And looks down at f2 Um and there's a simple tactical point That after Queen takes G7 this is very Forcing Rook G8 Queen has to take on H6 and now well we Can see that somehow The planets have aligned and there is a Simple double attack here you could also Play Bishop takes F2 check first but so Simple double attack and Well Black's attack already looks Overwhelming I think we can see that you Don't really need to count the pawns you Just need to look at plaque's piece Activity and the state of White's King So after Bishop C5 Queen takes G7 not a Good idea Rook C1 plate could Castle Queen side it doesn't look very Attractive

But Rook C1 played and by the way if one Plays E3 You know one would like to Simply get Some pieces out Brought Queen E7 This is very dangerous after G5 now that Just takes away the the H4 Square you Can see that that Bishop is ready to cut Back and the queen is trapped in that Position So That's kind of standard moves Don't really work for white in this Position that is the problem Rook C1 played Well fair enough but it's this is the Kind of move one would like to play Once the king is safe you know this Concerns me but as I said I think it's Already Rather a difficult position for white to Handle Castle's King side why not let's black Is just doing the simple things here That Pieces into the game and get canceled This is decent classical chess Knight H3 Well White is obviously feeling the Heat and Wants to perhaps protect protect that Poor Um let me see Knight D4 played well a couple of ideas

You might play Bishop F5 looking to come Into C2 You might want to play Knight F5 Hacking the queen E3 Well that's no problem because black can Just play rookie eight And there's a pin there And black black is doing extremely well Queen H4 Queen is feeling the heat a bit Bishop C6 this is just very steady build Up that means that the bishop can't move And white is really suffering now Knight B5 So if that's the Knight is taken then There'll be Rook takes Knight F5 attacks the queen And now again Simple move Knight E4 Wonderful place for the night and queen Takes Bishop is threatened Rook D1 protects the bishop Okay Now watch for black what would you do Next Knight takes F2 Well you know black Black's pieces have Kind of reached their High Point And you need to use them now so this is Where automatically you know you would Be looking at these pawns and thinking How can I destroy the pawn front in Front of White's key

Feels very natural So Knight takes F2 undermines The E3 pawn and you know a glance here We'll just show you this must be winning For black Because the king can't escape These pieces can't come into the game And the king is just caught in the Middle Bishop takes E3 Queen A5 check Foreign So there's a pin here the bishop can't Step back Knight C3 Bishop takes Bishop So the king is still caught horribly Here I mean frankly it's incredible that You know white is sort of still on the Board it looks like there should be a Decisive discovered discovered check now And this is a very nice move Um I mean I think black has lots of good Moves here Um but H5 is really nice it just pushes The queen to a worse Square So Here for example if the queen remember If the queen goes to a dark Square then Bishop G5 will you know pick it up And if the queen comes to H3 Now you can take Queen C5 there's no longer a block on D4 And well the king just gets checked

Mated up a tree here apart from winning The queen but let's let's go to the very End and G6 mate So the queen Slipped across to C4 And that allowed Black's Queen to move Across into the attack Queen takes Knight Threatened so Knight D3 and I really Like Black's next move here Again there are so many ways to win this Position unsurprisingly with white king Wide open here on the e-file But Okay what would you play with black and For me this is such a cool move You know there are some positions which Are so good you don't need to rush it Rook d8 that's a beautiful move So Could be that Rook D4 is happening where There are a lot of ideas here But it's just showing white well you can Really do nothing in this position Bishop E2 blocks the E file But allows Bishop takes G2 Rook F1 Takes takes now Black has lots of ways to win this Position but what would you play it's Time for a celebrity cheers Black to play what would you do here Well if you spotted that there's Actually a mating two well done Queen F2

And Bishop D2 Is a very attractive checkmate I love the the kind of the regularity Um of of Black's position here these Long-range Rooks doing the job here Very attractive But instead of that black played Queen F3 now I don't know whether you Overlooked this or was just having fun I Suspect he overlooked it Uh but these next few moves are kind of Hilarious actually white played A4 and I Don't know what that's how that has to Do with with anything frankly Um and black just blocked it I mean This is really making fun of your Opponent With A4 white is showing well I can't do Anything and black is saying okay I'll Just block it it's just kind of Hilarious Queen B5 plate and now finally black Goes in for the kill Um of course all the way along You know this is still possible this Checkmate is still possible this is the Funny thing That's still check meat but black went For Bishop G5 Check And after Knight E2 Just Queen E3 controlling The D2 square and then on the next turn Bishop H4 is going to be mate

Sooner or later something is going to Kill white I think it's just really Funny that black you know doesn't misses The mating too but it kind of doesn't Matter you know in this position after Rook d8 Black's position is so huge You know you're just going to win this Position Um but I think a really nice Illustration of What happens when you have a lead in Development You know in a sense black didn't do Anything flashy in this position he just Brought out his pieces beautifully You know pieces in the middle like this You know Wonderful development And then just smash through Smash through in the middle of the board Yeah sometimes you just need to do the Simple things well and it's game over I Mean a surprising defeat for abbasov Um You know one one would expect better However sometimes you just have a bad Day I should say that the winner of the St Louis chess club 4 classic was Yuyangi with six and a half this this Was a closed Um classical tournament He had six and a half visits six and Gurion from Um Czech Republic of five and a half and Then Neiman had five he had all draws

Apart from one win something interesting Uh result but yeah it was a very very Strong tournament Um yeah Anyway thanks for watching


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