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HomeMamedyarov on his queen sac: "It's more important you believe in yourself!"

Mamedyarov on his queen sac: “It’s more important you believe in yourself!”

Azerbaijan Chess Grandmaster Shakhriyar Mamedyarov talks to Kaja Snare after finishing runner-up in the Aimchess Rapid. Replay the games:

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We're joined by Maduro who made just a massive comeback Today in the rapid portion unfortunately In the blitz you lost a Duda but how do You feel about today shark Riyadh Hello uh of course it was a good Um Rocket Games but after Rocket Games I Played absolutely we're about two games In minutes I don't know why But it's really it was very bad I mean Second game with planet was okay but Meanwhile they played very bad game Uh Uh I don't know us Maybe It's just very good uh he do very well To play in in game three pound three Draw I mean I Was preparing to play for All games for Rapid but they In This Moment he just play quietly throw and After this maybe a little bit shock for Me yeah it must be super hard to adjust From Rapid to Blitz uh time control so Let's focus on the comeback you made Today those two wins you did in the Rapid portion is that you playing your Very best chess Yeah I played really very good very Interesting chess and okay so it's easy To play when you know we need to win or Lose uh or Cam of course this comeback Is very nice and is against Rapport and

Also today but you see it's against the Rapport I won this British games today I Was Easily Bliss master I mean really but It's very bad I mean I don't know about The subject but I really like playing Very bad these two games Yeah as well I can see that you're very disappointed And what will you do for the rest of the Evening now are you usually very down After losing a match like you did Yeah there's a losing game when you play In tournaments it's different when you Play in near home it's absolutely Different I think uh okay it's also is very Strange yeah I mean normally I not lose Today I lose yesterday today I think I Won the lucky the most most important Part of the match I want today Definitely yeah and for this reason uh Uh I I don't think I lose today I think I lose yesterday is very important the Rocket games of course in Rapid it is a I mean April March against the young but In Village my ability is not very well The last few years and for this reason I Think he was your favorite and to lose Much is upset or normal and I played Very well today I think I am very happy With my results second place and to be In final and okay My mood is not very very bad my mood

Just little bit better But after a few means after one hour Will be very good And uh Shakira your first two games were Really beautiful really fun to watch uh In the first one when you sacrifice the Queen did you really believe in the Position or it was just uh just for fun Essentially after the game when I speak With my uh second he told me uh I told Him very nice game yes he said no it was Absolutely losing position It's very interesting but I was Believing in my position after sacrifice Queen I think it's absolutely uh I mean Just equal position okay I was sure why It is okay but I never think his wife is Winning for this reason I just sit like This I sacrifice fantastic as I do very Good I play very good game but after the Game where I check I see why it is uh Big adventure it was a big surprise for Me but it's more important than how you See how you play more how you believe Yourself yeah I mean when you you think Everything is good this life is kind and The life really is the catching to be Good It really was a beautiful game super Entertaining Congratulations on making it all the way To the final and uh thank you for giving Us so much entertainment thank you very Much thank you for joining us


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