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Magnus Steals a Magical Win | Chess Olympiad 2022 #shorts

Here’s an amazing chess game played between Magnus Carlsen & Georg Meier at the 44th FIDE Chess Olympiad 2022 held at Chennai, India. This is a Round 2 game where Magnus wins an exciting endgame to give Norway the lead against Uruguay. #Shorts #ChessTalk #Chess #chessolympiad #chessolympiad2022

Magnus has an extra pawn but how do you Win this well he starts with a check Then king h7 another check york goes for King h8 which according to engines is a Mistake because after king g6 all these Squares are covered and white is now Threatening a checkmate had he played King jiren he could have escaped this Way but anyway black promotes to a Bishop white obviously takes and after This we have a series of checks we reach This position where black has only one Good move can you find it well first Let’s see what yogg actually plays it’s Queen e3 check and ultimately white gets His king to g6 black has no more checks Left and white is threatening all these Different attacks like if black gives This check you block with the counter Check and then white is completely Winning therefore the best move for Black here is queen c7 you cover the Seventh rank and your king can still Move to h7 if you place king g6 you have This beautiful check with a stunning Stalemate idea but black missed the star Move queen c7 and magnus won the game


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