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Magnus is Always Better, Most of The Time

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Photos by Lenart Ootes
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Carlsen, Magnus (2830) – Caruana, Fabiano (2847)
Carlsen vs. Caruana | Speed Chess | QF ( [1] 2022.12.13

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.Qc2 O-O 5.a3 Bxc3+ 6.Qxc3 d5 7.cxd5 Ne4 8.Qc2 exd5 9.Bf4 Nc6 10.e3 Re8 11.Nf3 g5 12.Bg3 h5 13.Bd3 h4 14.Be5 Bf5 15.h3 Nxe5 16.dxe5 Qe7 17.b4 Rac8 18.O-O Bg6 19.Rac1 c6 20.Rfe1 b6 21.Nh2 Qxe5 22.f3 Ng3 23.Bxg6 fxg6 24.Qxg6+ Qg7 25.Rxc6 Qxg6 26.Rxg6+ Kf7 27.Rxg5 d4 28.Ng4 Rc3 29.e4 Rd8 30.e5 Rc6 31.f4 d3 32.f5 d2 33.e6+ Ke7 34.Rg7+ Kd6 35.Rd1 Rc1 36.Ne3 Ke5 37.Rd7 Rdc8 38.Rxd2 Ke4 39.Kf2 Nxf5 40.Rxc1 Rxc1 41.Nxf5 Kxf5 42.e7 Rc8 43.Rd8

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Hello everyone and welcome to the first Game we'll be showing from the speed Chase Championship quarterfinals it's Magnus Carlsen vs Fabiano caruana it is One of the formats where Fabi is Actually higher rated than Magnus Carlson and uh yeah we've seen it in the Previous video if you didn't Um uh see you can see that uh Nakamura Is already in the semi-finals uh facing Nihal sarin and in the quarterfinals we Have Magnus versus uh caruana and uh Wesley so we'll be facing Maxima Sherlock to see who will join them in The semi-finals now this is the first Game of the match it just finished and I Didn't think I'd um I'll be showing it So quickly but I do have time before the Croatia Argentina match Um so uh decided to do it as it is a Very nice one so let's dive straight Into it Magnus has the white pieces and He opens with Pawn to D4 uh we have Knight to F6 by Fabi fantasy for E6 Knight to C3 and the bishop to B4 yeah Going for the names of Indian defense we Have Queen to C2 and now uh Fabi Castle Saw the classical variation of the nimzo A3 Bishop captures and now you don't Have to mess up your Pawn structure you Can capture with the queen Pawn to D5 With C captures on D5 and now Knight the E4 first this is very rare and um uh Very interesting but Magnus has faced it

Once he played it in 2009 against Vladimir kramnik in the tal Memorial uh The game ended in a draw and we'll be Following that game for quite some time Up until move 12 so Queen to C2 moving The queen back e captures on D5 and now Bishop to F4 with the threat of Capturing and C7 so nicely developing The bishop witch Tempo Knight the C6 and Now Pawn to E3 defending the D4 Pawn we Have Rook E8 Knight to F3 and now in the Style of of kramnik himself as he also Likes to do this Pawn to G5 attacking The bishop here with Bishop to G3 and Now in that game did we mentioned from The Tom Memorial 2009 uh kramnik played G4 right away but Fabi prepares it with Pawn to H5 and now there is one game Where Knight the E5 was played but here Magnus just goes for the developing Bishop to D3 and it is now as of move 13 That we have a completely new game uh so Ponte H4 continuing to harass magnus's Bishop uh Bishop to Eve E5 and now Bishop to F5 first adding a Defender to The E4 uh knight uh before deciding Whether or not to capture the bishop on E5 but it's uh such a beautiful Bishop Of course you will capture it we have Pawned the H3 stopping any further Advancements uh and now Knight captures On E5 we have D captures on E5 and here Queen to E7 and queen to E7 is the first Uh basically up until this point

Everyone played the first engine move But here Fabi goes for the third engine Move the first one is C5 which is very Interesting and also it's very Interesting how Magnus replies the queen To A7 so here we have Queen to E7 and Magnus immediately goes for Pawn to B4 Uh stopping what was basically the Engine's first recommendation and that Is spawn to C5 so okay Fabi prepares it Rook 8 the C8 and the Magnus castle with Bishop back to G6 and now Rook ate the C1 as the first file to open up is Probably going to be the C file it makes Sense the double or even triple up if Possible on the C file Pawn to C6 Fabi Doesn't want to go for the immediate C5 It's always an option so First Pawn to C6 we have rook fd1 and now Pawn to B6 We have knighted the H2 and now uh Magnus Has Lifted his ePhone E5 Pawn Defenseless and Fabi should think twice Before capturing it but he goes for it Queen captures an E5 and the idea is That now Ponte F3 will dislodge the Knight and Magnus will capture on G6 but Okay Fabi can always go back he's gonna Be able to trade Queens but Magnus saw Something else as he will be winning the C6 Pawn so Knight to G3 by far B we have Bishop captures and G6 F captress and Queen captures with check we have Queen To G7 and now the move that Magnus Played very nicely Rook captures on C6

And it's a very nice trick because you Cannot capture on C6 otherwise Queen Captures 98 with check will pick up the Other Rook as well so instead after Rook Captures on C6 just Queen captures and G6 we have Rook captures and G6 King F7 And now Magnus gobbles up another Pawn a Rook captures on G5 and now it's six Pawns Magnus uh Four Points Fabi uh Pawns Fabi but uh Fabi does have the D4 Move which um sort of equalizes the game White is a little bit better but nothing Spectacular Knight to G4 by Magnus and Now saying uh okay you can capture an E3 But if you capture an E3 then I have Some Knights the E5 check ideas maybe King F6 F4 uh creating a very very Complicated game uh which uh would be The best course of action for Fabi in Fact but instead Fabi plays Rook to C3 And now Magnus advances his pawn pawn to E4 uh Rook E5 is also a very nice move But okay it's a Blitz game Pawn to E4 we Have rooked d8 now getting ready to Advance the past D pawn and Magnus Starts advancing the past E Pawn and Here we have rooked C6 by Fabi guarding That E6 square but this move also loses The game completely for Fabi but it's Not easy to spot y so feel free to pause The video and try to find the absolute Best move for Magnus while I give you a Couple of seconds So for those of you who were able to do

It congratulations on sporting uh the Move and for those of you who just want To enjoy the show it is of course Pawn To B5 which would not be possible I'm Sure you you know what uh what I was About to say but yeah spawn the B5 and The problem is there is no good square And once you move the Rook from the Sixth rank E6 check will be devastating To give you a few examples let's say Rook to G6 you want to trade Rooks not a Problem just Rook captures King captures And pawn to E6 You're Gonna Play rookie 8 or something doesn't really matter King F2 and now after because of the the Knight and pawn Now cover the F6 and F7 Squares the king cannot approach the Pawn so how do you play this you can go King G7 now Rook to E5 and if let's say King f8 you want to blockade the pawn Knight the F6 attacks the real place a Rookie seven Knight D5 and after Something like Rook 8 E7 with check and That's it uh there's no playing this With black because uh the the point here Is Immortal you can never reach it the King cannot enter the game The Rook and The Knight cover the E6 and F6 squares So the the king and Rook are absolutely Useless in this game and another thing If you don't go Rook to G6 if you try Blockading with Rook to G Rook the E6 Then F4 with F5 next and that's all There is let's say D3 F5 you're gonna

Move the Rook now look at this Knight H6 Check King f8 and now everything is Forced The Rook J check King E7 Rook the G7 check only moved King to f8 and now Of course Rook to F7 will be Checkmate So absolutely devastating however Magnus Missed it B5 absolutely crushing he Started with F4 which is still fine but Now Fabi can easily equalize Pawn to D3 Pawn to F5 and Ponte D2 as you can see This is much much faster for black we Have Pawn to E6 with check King to E7 And now Rook the G7 check King to D6 and Rook to D1 necessary to stop the Advancement of the pass deep on Rook the C1 trying the force a rook trade to get The queen into the game but Magnus has The only move that saves him and that is Knight to E3 defending the Rook here and Fabi's best choice is to capture The Rook if he does this let's say Knight Captures an F5 he is perfectly fine here Let's say Rook D7 check Magnus will have Nothing better either than to trade Everything and then you just pick up This pawn and you enjoy a game maybe You're up a pawn but nothing too serious So instead Fabi played King the E5 and Now he gives Magnus the advantage he Needed Rook to D7 uh trying to force a Rook trade but if you don't then just The Rook captures uh on D2 and even if You go for Rook Captain D1 check Knight Captures on D1 it's not much better you

Can't trade because the pawn is then Unstoppable and if you just move the Rook uh again nothing nothing to it just Knight to the E3 the D1 square is Covered so you don't really care and That's it if Rook the C1 with check You're gonna play King to F2 and you Don't mind any D1 checking ideas because Both the rook and the Knight cover this Square so black is out of options here So Rook D the C8 was played uh trying to Keep keep everything in the game but now Magnus just picks up the the rook and D2 Rook captures on D2 King the E4 attacks The Knight King the F2 we have Knight Characters on F5 Rook captures and C1 we Have Rook characters on C1 and now Knight captures on F5 King captors and Of course the pawn is now Unstoppable we Have Pawn to E7 as the E1 square is Covered Fabi goes Rook to C8 and now Rook to d8 uh Magnus uh uh forces Resignation and he was in this position Unmove 43 that Fabi resigned the game as There is nothing more to be done here You either trade and then white gets a Queen into the game or you do nothing Move the Rook somewhere you can give a Few checks but doesn't really matter Once uh that is finished next move Magnus will bring a Queen into the game Uh so yeah very nicely done by Magnus Winning uh the first game we'll see what Happens in the other games but as the

Day Croatia is playing Argentina I will Be watching that so it's it's hard to Say when I will show the next game from The match as if we do well some uh Celebrations will be in order uh so so We'll see how it goes uh but yeah very Nicely done by Magnus in the first game Fabi played it well he surprised Magnus Uh but it would seem that Magnus Um I did uh did quite okay and it could Have gone either way but in in no Situation did Fabi get like the upper Hand or anything it was either equal or Magnus was just a better or straight out Winning and especially in this position After Rook to C6 where he had the win With Ponte B5 uh which you guys know That have found Uh so yeah uh that's the game hope you Guys enjoyed it the first game will be Showing from the speechers championship Quarter final match between Magnus and Fabiano uh should be should be a nice One uh I would like to thank Logan Dobe Jeff Graves Francis Sarah Benjamin Richie and Timothy Rosen for your Contribution to my channel thank you a Lot I really appreciate it as usual you Can check two of my previous videos here Thank you for watching and I will see You soon continuing uh to check up on Your wonderful suggestions and whatever Else happens in the Chess World uh thank You all I will see you soon and have an

Excellent rest of your day


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