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Magnus Carlsen Shocked By Aggressive Attack

World champion Magnus Carlsen finds himself in a difficult position versus German grandmaster Georg Meier, but how would it end? @Daniel Naroditsky takes us through this game from the 2014 World Blitz Championship.

Check out the full game:

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This is Grandmaster Daniel nariditsky we Are watching German Grandmaster Georg Meyer taking on the world champion Magnus Carlson at the 2014 feed 8 World Blitz Championship Meyer is an Incredibly solid Grandmaster with years Of experience at the highest level he Might not be 2700 but he is not an easy Opponent in Blitz and classical he Starts the game with a solid opening the King's Indian attack with the pawn Appearing on C4 this is sort of a Mixture between an English opening and a King's Indian attack one of the most Solid openings in existence and Magnus Responds with kind of a semi-slav setup Positioning his Bishop between that pawn Triangle this is also a reputable way For black to respond to the king's Indian attack and georgmeyer the first To take a significant thing as he's Probably trying to decide where he wants To position his Knight on Buenas you Want to bring it out to C3 or as is more Typical in these positions is the Knight Going to come out to D2 supporting its Brother on F3 and then the dark squid Bishop is often fincheted on B3 but no Meyer takes a third route he plays Queen B3 harassing magnus's Pawn on B7 the Goal of course is to induce black to Push the pawn to B6 that would create Significant weaknesses on the queen side Magnus of course will not oblige instead

He moves his Queen up to E7 a nice Square for black screen and of course it Defends the pawn on B7 Bishop G5 I like That response from York Meyer the idea Is to capture the Knight on F6 Black's Queen is suddenly feeling rather Uncomfortable and you can see a little Bit of consternation there from Magnus Carlson as he brings his Knight out to A6 the reason he couldn't bring his Knight to D7 is because that would slice Off the connection between the black Queen and the pawn on B7 so he has to Find alternate arrangements for his Knight georgmeyer decides not to rush With Bishop takes F6 even though that Would have forced Magnus to recapture it With the pawn but the bishop pair is a Significant asset in these types of Positions and Carlson a roundabout way Indeed it took two stopovers he had to Fly through Atlanta and Chicago but he Finally made it to D7 while chasing White's Queen away from B3 and this is Sort of an ideal setup now for black With the Knights connected to each other Uh so are white snides but I don't think York Meyer has gotten all that much here Out of the opening he also faces down a 30 second time deficit maybe he should Have grabbed that Knight on F6 while he Had a chance and he tries to mix things Up by pushing his Pawn up to E4 grabbing Control of the center the drawbacks of

This move are pretty obvious though he Is creating weaknesses in the center of The square on D4 is often a problem for Writing these types of positions and Magnus Carlsen takes the Knight on F3 an Interesting positional decision there Trading giving away his light squared Bishop but earning himself the E5 Square Potentially for his Knight maybe for a Pawn and he closes the center with D4 This is a really interesting decision Making for the world champion dorkmeyer Brings his light squared Bishop back to Its initial fiancarode square and will Carlson play H6 that would then Force Essentially Force white to trade on F6 Otherwise the bishop would get would get Trapped with uh E6 E5 and so georgmeyer Obliges he trades on F6 and now we have A very interesting middle game the Center is closed we've got opposite Colored Bishops and when you hear that Term you often think draw but not in a Middle game opposite colored Bishops Tend to lead to drawish and games but With a lot of other pieces on the board They actually produce some of the most Exciting middle games in chess and York Meyer taking another significant chunk Of time as he falls below 90 seconds Will he push his F Pawn up to F4 no he Instead plays a rather modest move Rook A to C1 may be preparing to push his C Pawn to C5 and carve out the C4 Square

For his Knight Carlson says no you are Not playing C5 he brings his Knight back To D7 and now contests the center with E5 and georgmeyer locks up now the king Side with F5 but it seems to me that Really black is the only one with Chances here as Carlson grabs space on The queen side his Pawn is now on A4 and It restricts the Knight on D to even Further it now can no longer move on to B3 and Carlson with King E8 to d8 the Reason he didn't Castle queenside is Because that would drop the pawn on A4 He has to keep his Rook on A8 in order To make contact with that A4 Pawn but he Has found an excellent Square for his King on C7 that King is completely Watertight it is fully safe but for the Time being so is White's king the big Question here is going to be who is Going to open the position up and where Is the position going to open up black Of course wants to open up the king side Eventually in order to get to white skin And the way that magnets could try to do That is to prepare the Breakthrough G7 G6 but if he does that too fast then he Gives up control over the f file and That strategy could backfire Carlson of Course known for his just filigree Precision in these types of closed Positions he is infinitely patient and I Think we're going to see Carlson slowly Preparing King side expansion slowly

Preparing G7 G6 or maybe even G5 Carlson Taking his time deciding on his next Course of action the position is very Locked up but I have a feeling that this Game is not going to end in a draw in The next couple of moves Carlson is Going to keep trying York Meyer is Basically fully passive he just has to Wait around for black to make progress On the king side because York simply Cannot open up the queen side Carlson is Too much in control with that pawn on A4 And that Bishop on C5 controlling all of The key dark squares if white plays B3 Then black can simply lock up the queen Side with A3 or open up the a file with A takes B3 now Carlson he's taken a Significant amount of time as both Players are now right at about one Minute and there's that G5 move Carlson Decides not to wait any further a risky Decision G5 leading to an onpass on the F-file has opened and who is going to Benefit from that that's the big Question currently white has a rook on F1 but black I think Carlson is about to Bring one of his own Rooks to the app File we could get a mass trade of Rooks And maybe even a trade of Queens on the File and if that happens then I think The game is going to start moving closer To a draw Carlson plays A3 on his own Volition a very interesting move Inducing B3 and look at those dark

Square weaknesses on the queen side Bishop B4 worming knifing his way into Those dark squares that Bishop could Park itself on C3 if it so desires but You know it looks nice but it's not Actually going to attack anything the One positive for Meyer here is that all Of his pawns are on light squares they Cannot be attacked but later on in the Game Carlson could try to get his knight From F6 over to C5 and you could Envision some end games where he might Have some sacrifices on the B3 Pawn in Order to pave the way for his a pawn to Promote but that's very far in the Future because all of the heavy pieces Are still on the board and georgmeyer Has built up a triple stack on the f File he has moved his Queen into F2 Attacking magnus's Knight on F6 and Carlson might not have expected that Move as he leans back in his chair Showing a little bit of frustration Where is he going to move his Knight he Moves it all the way back to E8 Dorkmeyer has beautifully positioned his Lights squid Bishop on H3 to restrict The knight's access to C5 and we have a Trade of Rooks will we also have a trade Of Queens yes we will Meyer takes back With his Rook his Rook is now in the Seventh rank but it doesn't really have Anything to attack will he bring his Knight into the game he does Knight H2

2g4 attacking E5 forcing Carlson's Bishop back to D6 and all of a sudden Carlson is on the defensive it seems That his strategy to open up the file May have backfired but the one big Problem here for the German Grandmaster Is that he doesn't really have any Targets to attack and he moves the Knight back to H2 Carlson starts the Long journey over to the C5 Square ooh And I think Meyer might have Underestimated that if Black's Knight Appears on C5 or B4 then white will have Major problems defending both the D3 Pawn and the A2 Pawn at the same time And Carlson Rook h8 to d8 he sacrifices His entire King side all Magnus Carlson Cares about is getting his Knight to B4 And winning the pawn on A2 because if he Does his a-pawn is going to promote Rook Takes G6 by Meyer he's got 10 seconds I Don't think York Meyer sees a defense The night before and I don't see a Defense either he brings his his night Out to G4 but his pawns are so much Lower C5 check but this is desperation By the German Grandmaster Carlson has Taken back with his King and that A2 Pawn is about to fall and once it falls I don't see a way for white to contain Black's pass or Bishop p8 though by Magnus Carlsen so patient as he moves His pieces back Meyer's still trying to Create some Shenanigans he had a fork

Threat on E6 but Carlson carefully Brought his King back and now Positioning his Rook on h8 to fully Contain White's connected passers on the King side there goes the A2 Pawn Meyer Has no choice but to bring his Rook back To F1 he has to try to stop Black's a Pawn from promoting and now he's lost The d-pawn as well but that Rook on F1 Is for the time being doing a pretty Good job of stopping Black from queening Meyer desperately trying to bring his Own pawns up as quickly as possible but Bishop before an amazing move by Magnus White can't stop Bishop C3 and then the Apon will promote Meyer loses on time What a display by the world champion and If you like this video make sure to Click the link in the playlist for more Of these videos thank you so much for Watching Thank you


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