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Magnus Carlsen on beating Giri & winning 7 games in a row

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen talks to Tania Sachdev after beating Anish Giri 3:0 in Round 4 of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour. Replay the games:

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Magnus congratulations on another Three-game March win this was your Seventh win in a row feeling good yeah Um I mean once again I was busted from The opening but uh I don't know I think Uh his smooth Knight C1 just missed the Mark completely after that I got G4 and I was it was fine I was really worried About H4 instead then I would probably Need to Um to give up a pawn for um To get into an end game like HGH and Then Knight D6 Queen H6 Queen F6 but it Looked really uh really dicey Um so yeah I mean I don't know what he Um what he missed I They're uh I mean probably Knight G3 but That's so yeah that's really Um not a hard thing to spot like all my Pieces are super active and all his Pieces are passive so it's not a shocker That there's a combination there score Wise it couldn't have gotten better Magnus but I want to ask you it felt Like a little strange a bit of a strange Match to me I need to get these very Reasonable positions out of the opening In two games slightly better but then Just collapses immediately what do you Think happened I don't know Um I think Probably it was already rattled after The the first game and

Yeah you have to you have to ask him Um yeah some of his decisions were were Not just not very good but Good thing is I started to play a lot Better after the opening so that helped As well I want to ask you about your Approach in the opening with the French Today not a very we don't see you employ That too often in your repertoire what Made you choose the French against Anish I played it a bit in Miami I beat him in The advanced French there so it's not Completely completely new it's good to Keep him guessing and in game three we Were all very shocked with anisha's Decision to recapture on E5 with the Pawn instead of The Rook uh is that Something that surprised you as well Um no not really uh I think um the thing Is if it captures with the Rook then I Can Like then I can force off the Queens so That's why he decided uh to sort of keep The game more more complicated the final Blow with Knight G3 we're happy to Spot It Well congratulations


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