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HomeMagnus Carlsen: "In terms of fighting chess it’s been an awesome season!"

Magnus Carlsen: “In terms of fighting chess it’s been an awesome season!”

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen talks to Tania Sachdev after beating Jan-Krzysztof Duda to complete a clean sweep of his opponents in the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals. Replay the games:

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Magnus congratulations you've wrapped up With well a perfect score here how are You feeling oh almost perfect score but Uh yeah I'm feeling um Feeling good But not just the winning of the tour but Also just the quality of play to us it Was just super impressive share with us Uh we know you're really critical about Your own play it's going to be hard to Find anything to criticize this time Yeah it was mostly uh mostly pretty uh Pretty good Um I mean today my white games were Kind of um thermal so I mean it's pretty Easy to find things to put put your Finger on but obviously it was this was Overall good Um there was uh there was a moment in The last game here where Um Um He after he went uh for Um after he went for uh Bishop B2 I was Thinking Um Um Yeah so Knight D3 followed by Knight C4 Was an immediate draw but then I thought You know it's the last game of the Season Let's Um try and end on a high note but then I Didn't really manage to

Uh to convert it so I had to force a Draw but then yeah he couldn't Yeah I did he couldn't uh be happy with The draw of course and then what he did Just lost instead Asking Magnus you mentioned about this Bishop E3 986 so in the first two games Where you got this huge time Advantage With With over the board inspiration or was This part of the plan from before the Match No um I didn't know the position of the Knight H6 but it's not an untypical move I think especially especially after you Played F6 to Um to put it on F7 so that was just But that particular system Um that I played has been Um it's been kind of advocated by neural Networks and it's it's not so it's not So bad actually Um But Um Yeah Um somehow the black games just went Very well well today um second game was I was just enjoying having a Time Advantage in a very solid position Magnus you have not only won the Tour You've not only won this final event but Also you have won the best game of the Season your game against alireza has

Been chosen by our viewers as the game Of the season do you remember it and What is that game uh well what's the Memory of it for you oh people are Suckers for Queen sacrifices yeah So uh No I mean that was one of my better Games of the tour I was very happy that I managed to calculate Uh precisely with um only seconds left But um for instance it would have played A very nice game here sacrificing uh Practically all these pieces to make Tanish so there have been a lot of a lot Of game good games Um played but I'm I'm happy to have this Fans support are you proud of Jess that has emerged in the Champions Chest though with this demanding format And the fighting play that we've had This season yeah I think in terms of Fighting Chess it's been uh it's been an Awesome season And for myself as well I've had a lot of Had a lot of fun experimented with some Smoke links and generally try to play For a win now almost every game Uh you've done it well amazingly well And finally I have to ask you because We've got this whole investigation on we Mentioned it to you at the start of it a Certain player who's been beating Wesley Every day for the last couple of days Over Blitz and we're trying to find out

Who it is the whole world is trying to Find out who it is goes by the name Sinister Magnus he's been on for four Days up to 3 000 rating uh you mentioned It's not you if you had to take a guess Of who it might be uh anyone no I Haven't seen the games so I kind of it's Hard for me to say Um but um It's a good name few players are able to Beat Wesley like that uh 5-0 and uh Seven and a half two and a half so does That give anything away to you Uh yeah it must be a strong player you Know all right well enjoy the rest of The day and we'll see you at the closing Ceremony congratulations Magnus thank You


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