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HomeMagnus Carlsen: "If he takes my bishop I think I'm just dead!"

Magnus Carlsen: “If he takes my bishop I think I’m just dead!”

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen talks to Tania Sachdev after beating Wesley So on Day 1 of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals in San Francisco. Replay the games:

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This fourth game that was a bit scary After Queen G6 what happened there yeah I was just a an absolute You know It was just a blunder you know I was Calculating I was trying to be like Extra precise first of all Bishop C6 was Was done there was no reason for for That like Bishop C6 is like trying to Equalize a position where um not even Remotely worse so that was that was dumb I was just thinking he has to go 94 and Then I didn't really really want to take Um give him uh give him that extra time But certainly I should have and then Just made a couple of good moves to make A draw and after a night sees F6 I was Shocked I was shocked that he took my Queen because then I thought I had Practical chances I mean if he takes my Bishop instead I think I'm just Uh I'm I'm just dead so you were more Afraid of Queen C6 in that moment yeah I Mean I thought Uh in the game I have uh Target at least So I don't know if it's um if it's a Draw objectively after that I suspect It's probably not but It wasn't easy uh and then yeah I was Happy to To get this position on the king side Where it's kind of hard for him to Create a past spawn and then found this

Like little trick with Rook G3 which is Just uh which is just a fortress which Is nice And do you finally believe in fortresses Well people are going to ask me that Every single time there's a fortress on The board so I'll just reiterate uh what I said Um well at least what I meant Um the first time is that Um I think that a lot of fortresses that There are a lot of positions that look Like fortresses that can be broken down But some positions are obviously Fortresses so this one was one of them Yeah this one's one of them as long as I Don't let this queen come to f8 that's Uh that's easy and I want to ask you About the third game that you won you Finally broke into with Wesley's Berlin What was the opening approach here you Had two different ideas coming into the Game with white uh you were ready for it Yeah I mean it was not a shock to see Him play the Berlin so um Um yeah I felt like I got a good Position both times [Music] You know apparently in the in the in the Third game they were there were a number Of mistakes made but I felt I felt like Practically I was always doing well with This weaker King and I was also Encouraged by the fact that I had a kind

Of a similar game against him back in 2016 where Um in that was also a uh Berlin with Bishop C6 dc6 where he Um where he went for a Pawn on on the Queen side in almost the same way and Was it was similarly bad for him so I Always felt like I had good chances There Um even though you know there's there Was a chance here or there for him Mach One over feeling good about your form Not great I think I thought to be honest The match today was was uh pretty weak For our standards Um I I thought both of us could have done Better uh but um yeah the results Against Um Presumably at least I mean clearly the second favorite and Um and one of this clearly one of the Best players so yeah it's pretty good Congratulations


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