Friday, September 29, 2023
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Magnus Carlsen: “I wanted to go perfect!”

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen talks to Tania Sachdev after beating Liem Le in Armageddon to win their Round 5 match of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals. Replay the games:

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Is your fifth match when in a row this One went down to the wire were you ever In doubt of today's match win Um no I mean It was uh the blitz was really poor so Um But I felt in the In the Armageddon game that uh I'm not So sure about his choice of opening Because I feel like generally it's Better it's easier to have the minor Pieces there in Blitz Um and uh yeah I mean I didn't play it Perfectly like also I spent like one and A half minutes at one point calculating A line when I went 92 if it goes 95 and Then he just took an F3 immediately Which is Which sort of sort of shocked me but um So that dradled me for like a little bit But felt even after even after that Position is easier to play for me and She couldn't really uh change gears in In time As much been playing with Liam your First Armageddon of this event so far Overall just summarize it for us yeah it Was clearly a lot tougher than some of The other matches and Um yeah it was a combination of him Playing good match and Me not really finding my rhythm after The first game so I gotta gotta do Better in the last two matches

It's okay that it's a race for second Place Well I'm I can clinch it with a win tomorrow That's nice Um But uh no not yet One more question you've already won the Tour one event too And finish with the back well I wanted To go perfect so I can't do that anymore Uh but otherwise yeah I'll um I really Want to really want to win the Tournaments are you going for the Basketball game tonight yes I am who Will you be rooting for the next or the Golden State Warrior I'll be rooting for The the Warriors but either way hoping For um for an exciting uh game Um and um Yeah it's gonna it's gonna be fun to to See I mean the Warriors have been Terrible but a lot better at home than Uh away so hopefully they can put up a Good fight and tomorrow you're playing Against frog that's always a matchup That we're always looking forward to Your thoughts on that one Uh yeah they're in the matches usually End up being really fighting and chaotic So I'll Um you know try to deal with that


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