Monday, October 2, 2023
HomeMagnus Carlsen: "I want to win all my matches!"

Magnus Carlsen: “I want to win all my matches!”

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen talks to Tania Sachdev after beating Praggnanandhaa to win the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals with a round to spare. Replay the games:

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Magnus you are the winner of the Meltwater Champions Chester final and The season as well how are you feeling Right now share with us I'm relieved With the tough match today uh but I Thought I did okay in the Um in the last game I think his attack Was maybe a bit stronger than I thought At first Um and uh so yeah I had to Had to play carefully but I think I did It sufficiently You've had many event wins throughout The season is it special when you finish The season with a big win as well with a Round to spec well I have to do well Tomorrow as well but um yeah uh Uh I mean It's uh yeah it's obviously big when We're gathered here I've had a couple of Poor events in a row uh and uh to do Well now is yeah it's a big deal tell me One thing ever since you've announced That you will not be playing the World Championship does every tournament have That extra meaning for you where you Want to prove that regardless of what You which tournament you play you're Still the best player in the world Yeah Fair enough and coming to the match Today against Prague wrapping it up in Three games uh openings we don't see Very often from you was it easier than

Expected I mean I think the scorer doesn't tell The whole story at all I mean the games Were very tough Um Second game I was much worse to to lost Than first was just super complicated Which I ended up winning also the last Game he put serious pressure on me uh And Um Yeah so it was not easy at all Okay and we often see during the event You're out to other sporting Happening across the city you were at The basketball game yesterday a little Inspired by the Warriors play Um yeah you'd think so but uh It was yeah it was a good good game Um I am it was good to see okay well you've Got one more match coming up uh no Pressure or still going for well the big Win on the last day Yeah I win all my matches of course of Course Um but But obviously less pressure now you'll Be celebrating today or too early to Celebrate No it's a bit too early to celebrate Properly that's for sure okay okay enjoy


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