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Magnus Carlsen gets the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour trophy

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen is interviewed by Tania Sachdev as he picks up the trophy for winning the 2022 Meltwater Champions Chess Tour! Replay the games:

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What an incredible season we've had so Much drama and intense chess action the Meltwater Champions chess store has been A game changer for the Chess World and In Digital entertainment I've got here With me the tour director Arne I know You must be so proud of everything the Tour has achieved the season indeed it's Been an amazing journey of the season The all the joy we've had all the fun we Had over the board all the fun we had Besides all the content we had created We had over more than 50 players Participating in a season over nine Tournaments we've had some of the most Covered just moments in history Happening in our tour and it's it's been An amazing amazing journey and it's Important that we thank the players that We thank the viewers that we thank Everybody who's been part of doing this And of course our amazing Partners to Thank them as well Just it has been an amazing season and The tour continues to innovate in the Chess World it is the moment we've all Been waiting for it is time to award our Winner and I'm gonna call upon Magnus Carlson the world champion who has won The meltwater Champions chest or 2022 Magnus congratulations Magnus share with us not only the joy of Winning the tour winning the final event But also this incredible form that

You've been in just impressive play Throughout that's uh there have been a Lot of good events the Sierra and the Tourism a little bit worse as well but Uh super happy to finish on on a high Note and today I was just uh it was just A pleasure to to play knowing that I had It in bag and I could uh just relax It's a pleasure for the Chess World to Watch you in this form as well now Magnus you have decided to not defend Your world championship title winning This tour this season does it have a Special meaning for you to assert your Domination yeah for sure I want to win Every tournament that I um that I play And this is certainly no no exception And um yeah as I said it was very Important now to finish on on a high Note Um I didn't win the last tournament that I played also the first random World Championship didn't Um go so well so yeah it was huge to set The record straight here And coming up for the next year there is This huge news of a partnership between Play Magnus and with them Taking over Magnus what are your hopes For the tour in the coming year Yeah I hope to continue to to play a lot Of events uh both in the tour and uh and Others uh so um uh nobody knows at this Point uh what's gonna what's gonna

Happen but I think whatever whatever Will happen it will be good content Good content I have to ask you uh you Did start this whole whole tour during The pandemic it was born out of the Pandemic back in 2020 how has it been Personally for you to see the tour grow And expand and become what it is today It's it's been um it's been great to um To see and uh Um I hope that next season Um there will um also because there will Be no conflict of interest with uh just The common most probably then there will Be uh Um an even steadier diet of the very uh Very top players uh participating in in Everyone everyone I think fans would Would love to to see that but um but Yeah the team does does a great job Um they're producing these events and I Especially love the the ones where you Play and uh where you're playing the Studio and I was happy to finally do Well in one of those as well He changed the way we play chess it's Transformed it into an esport and you Mentioned that you really enjoy this Format do you like it on site or do you Like it when you're playing a remote no I I like I like both but it is it's Especially pleasurable to to play on on Site it's something uh it's something Else and it's uh it's a format that I

Really think has potential for the Future also and you're really shining in It yes you said there's so much to look Forward to this coming year but for now How are you going to celebrate this big Win I haven't thought about Um celebration uh I'm for me the Celebration was explained today just uh Being here enjoying the fact that I had Um had a good season and I'd won this Tournament so that's all I need a Congratulations it is time now I wanted To hand over the winners trophy to Magnus please take over indeed and uh Last year the winner of the Metro Championship tour got a nft only Trophy This year we are stepping it up a little Bit so you get a physical trophy as well That is yours and showing that is uh Among Us Carson who's the winner of the Military chess tour 2022 and um by that I hereby Declare you the winner of the meltwater Championship 2022. Can you tell us a little bit about that Yes uh as I mentioned last year there Was nft trophy only so this year it's a Physical Trophy and an nft so there is Two versions of that nft one is yours to Keep and the other is now going up for Auction Magnus Carlton Holt it is the nft trophy Take a look at this The trophy from chess Champs is powered

By augmented reality use your phone to Scan the code and see the trophy appear Right in front of you owning the trophy Will get you a chessboard signed by Magnus Carlson himself as well as Lifetime subscriptions to chest 24 Anxious chessable and more the auction Is already Live Scan the code press the Link place your bid Well the door would not be same without The participants their Fighting Chess it Is now time to invite all our other Players and we've got Arne here with Pragnananda what a standard performance He's had he started the tour as an Underdog finishes it as an All-Star We've got Anish giri here and of course The runners-up of the madwater Champions Chester final uh Wesley so and Magnus Carlsen world champion winner off uh This season of the madwater champion Chester it's time to celebrate Laughs


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