Monday, October 2, 2023
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Magnus Carlsen: “Erigaisi is certainly one of the stronger players”

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen talks to Kaja Snare after qualifying to play Arjun Erigaisi in the quarterfinals of the Aimchess Rapid. Replay the games:

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Also joined by Magnus Carlsen of course Ready for the quarterfinals finishing Off with a big win against young Christoph do that congrats Magnus Yeah thank you how was that game dude Has played fantastic in this tournament So how were you able to Win It Uh I don’t know I think there were some Random tactics at the end and then they Kind of worked out for me uh And uh we saw earlier today you posted On Instagram been out skiing are you Feeling better now Yeah I’m feeling a little bit better Today so it’s it’s important okay that’s Nice to hear now uh it’s going to be Arjun aragaisy in the quarterfinals uh Repetition from the final what do you Think about that Um that’s uh that’s uh that’s fine it’s Certainly one of the uh one of the Stronger players Um seeing as he qualified quite Comfortably again but I’ll hope to Uh hope to elevate my motherboard play Yeah do you feel uh that your form is Sort of um Rising if you are also Feeling a little better No I haven’t played today as well But hopefully I can play better all Right minus thank you for joining us uh Good luck in the coach finals


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