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Magnus Carlsen Can’t Keep Getting Away With It

Magnus Carlsen takes on three-time blitz world champion Alexander Grischuk at the 2014 World Blitz Championship! Join @Daniel Naroditsky for this blitz commentary episode as two all-time speed chess greats go head-to-head in a battle of attack and defense!

Check out the full game:

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This is Grandmaster Daniel narditsky we Are watching Sasha grishop taking on Magnus Carlson at the 2014 fide World Blitz Championship chrischok is one of The strongest Blitz players of all time He is going to be a very difficult Opponent for the world champion and the Game starts off with a Queen's Gambit Defense one of the oldest and most Reputable openings in all of Chess and One of the most solid defenses as Magnus Carlson is known for playing very Solidly in the opening and an Interesting choice early on Magnus Pushes his C Pawn up to C6 which leads To What's called the semi-slav structure So this actually isn't anymore a full Queen's gamma decline this is now a Semi-slav but it's not a conventional Semi-slop either you don't see the dark Squared bishops get exchanged this Quickly in the semi-slav All the time and who does that trade of Darksword Bishops benefit I think it Favors white black is now stuck with a Relatively passive Bishop on C8 but the Good news for Magnus is that his Pawn Structure is incredibly solid there are No holes in Black's position and this is Just going to be a very very difficult Structure for white to crack in the Blitz game and of course grishek as is His reputation taking his time and Slowly ambling that Bishop up to D3

Continuing his development and Magnus Does the same as he castles King side I Think rishik is going to Castle kingside As well of course white could also make The decision to Castle queenside move The queen up to the up to C2 and then Castle queenside but that just doesn't Seem to be grishek's style he prefers a More solid type of position but I think He's putting a lot of thought into the Prospect of castling Queen side here so Much so that he's already down a full Minute on the clock and he does decide On Queen C2 but this is a good Standalone move it attacks the pawn on H7 it sets up the Queen Bishop battery So this doesn't necessarily mean that Christian is going to Castle queenside But that is what's going to define the Subsequent course of the game which way Is white going to Castle is the battle Going to be positional or tactical Magnus brings his Knight back from the Rim to F6 in order to defend the H7 Pawn The Knight rejoins society and I have no No doubt that white is slightly better Here White's got better control of the Center a more active position but the Hard thing about playing these types of Positions in Blitz is like I mentioned Earlier the fact that Black's position Is solid as a fortress no holes no Targets and grishek is going to have to Massage this position for many many

Moves and Sasha now falling behind an Entire minute on the clock as he is want To do which way is he going to Castle That is the question you can sense the Wheels turning onto his head in his Brain and C takes D5 is his decision a Trade of Pawns in the center leading to What's called the Carlsbad Bond Structure which is defined by the C6 and D5 and D4 and E3 pawns and G for what a Decision by Alexander grishek as he Rumbles the pawn up the board and his Idea was to push G5 but Magnus preparing For that by pushing his Rook from f8 to E8 and the idea is to meet G5 with Knight F6 to E4 and so grishook decides To delay G5 and instead there is the Answer to the long-awaited question Castle's Queen side you can sense that It is blood which is on grishek's mind Here he wants to Checkmate Magnus Carlsen on the king side but hey Magnus Wants to do the exact same thing to White on the other side of the board Bishop C8 to E6 by the world champion Completing his development and that Bishop on E6 is not as passive as it Looks if black plays the move Knight F6 To E4 and something gets traded on e4 That Bishop on E6 is going to open up Some pressure on the A2 pawn and so Grisha with his last move Knight G5 he Is trying to eliminate that Bishop he Takes it off the board and he softens

Whatever blow black can orchestrate on The queen side Bishop F5 is grishek's Phone follow up as he continues to keep The initiative going on the king side And he moves the pawn up to H4 and storm Clouds are beginning to gather around Black skin now grishock threatens to Push the Jeep on up to G5 and explode The entire King side and if the H file Opens if white manages to open the H File black is going to be in very very Serious trouble that Queen from C2 can Very easily get over to H5 it can get Over to H3 or in a future situation Grisha could push his F Bond up to F3 And then slide the queen laterally from C2 over to H2 so Magnus whatever he does Cannot allow the H file to get opened And it's no surprise that he is taking a Significant amount of time here to Decide how he wants to deal with White's King side attack and there's our answer Knight F6 to E4 precipitating a trade in The center grishook takes on e4 with his Bishop and there's that G5 move and I Guess is that Magnus is going to meet That with H5 and he does indeed but Grisha he pushes the pawn up to G6 he is Not to be denied he insists on ripping The king Side open Knight D5 is an Excellent defensive response by Magnus That knight from D5 is threatening to Jump into B4 and then infiltrate that D3 Square which is anchored by The Pawn on

E4 if the pawn on e4 is to be captured Here the night before comes with even More unpleasant effect because White's Queen is then going to have to stay Pegged to the E4 Knight so it's going to Have to drop back to B1 leaving the White king incredibly exposed I don't Think Grisha can take the pawn on e4 He's already down to 30 seconds on the Clock it's time to make a decision and Yes he does take the pawn any four what A bold call by Alexander grishaken my Guess is that he's actually going to Move the Knight and he does nitrified by Grisha that is the only saving resource And Magnus you could sense the Frustration and that forces a queen Trade Knight takes C2 Knight takes F7 a Mutually assured destruction both Queens Are off the board and Magnus noticed That intermezzo the knight from C2 Before disappearing off the board Sacrificed itself for the E3 Pawn that's Called a Desperado move that restores The material equality And now we have on our hands a four Rook End game a double Rook end game where Both sides are desperately trying to Activate their Rooks Magnus doubling on The e-file and grishook moving his Rook Up to H3 that Rook on H3 is a hero it's Defending both of White's weak pawns on E3 and H4 but it is amazing that Magnus Has managed to get this into an end game

At one point after grishek moved his Pawns up to G4 and H4 it looked like Mate was inevitable and now Sasha is one And it's hard to even say he's 90 Seconds down on the clock but we know How incredible Grisha is with his last Seconds taking off his clock and he Pushes up to B4 make no mistake Alexander grishock is still very much Playing for a win he's got that Ultra Active Rook sitting pretty on D6 and Right now his strategy is to push his Queen side pawns up which is exactly What he's doing A4 threatening B4 B5 and If Grisha trades magnus's C6 Pawn off The board then the D4 Pawn is going to Become a protected past Pawn but is Grishek willing to sacrifice a pawn in Order to achieve that oh he's got five Seconds to decide and he decides with a Yes B5 is on the board and he does Sacrifice the pawn but he's insisting on Making that sacrifice temporary Rook B6 And he's going to recover if he wants The pawn on B5 but instead he plays Rook G3 harassing the pawn on G6 and forcing Magnus to give the lateral checks a Repetition of moves here is very likely Grishock doesn't mind a drug he's got 10 Seconds on the board or does he will he Play King E1 no he goes King D3 and now It's up to Magnus to decide whether he Wants to repeat the move now in Blitz You cannot claim a three move repetition

Even though the position has been Repeated three moves because neither Side is keeping score so there is no Proof unless an Arbiter is watching that The position has been repeated it's a Fascinating rule in Blitz and the sides Continue to repeat moves but finally Grishook is the one who deviates he was Thinking on magnus's time and he decides That with 11 seconds he still wants to Play for a win what a gutsy call by Gresham but I think the game is still Very likely to end in a draw because Magnus has snagged the pawn on E3 and The black king is surrounded by that Defensive cocoon composed of The Rook on E7 I don't think black's King is under Any danger Rook takes H5 Rook takes D4 Both sides liquidating each other's Pawns and now all that both sides have Left is just one Pawn Magnus still needs To be careful Black's King is in a Little bit of danger a little bit of hot Water but those black Rooks are doing Such a capable job of keeping the king Well protected and now grishek sees no Alternative but to slide his King up to B5 and now I think the result of the Game is no longer in question let's see How Magnus navigates the last couple of Moves here and navigates them well he Moves his King all the way from the King Side to the queen side what an Interesting storyline black skin started

On the king side it was under tremendous Duress and it ends the game as the sides Shake hands and agree to the peace Treaty on the queen side surrounded by His Pawn a phenomenal defensive effort By Magnus and a great attacking effort By grishook if you like this video make Sure to click the link in the playlist Thank you so much for watching Foreign


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