Saturday, March 25, 2023
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Magnus Carlsen: “Anybody would struggle if I win the 1st game & I’m feeling ok!”

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen talks to Tania Sachdev after beating Shakhriyar Mamedyarov 3:0 on Day 3 of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour. Replay the games:

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Even quicker now you've wrapped up the Whole March tell us was that a product Of the math situation G5 yeah I think Actually a G5 is a decent move in a lot Of situations like for instance after Knight C6 if Knight C3 then you can play G5 quite reasonably but when you don't Have time to prevent D4 then that's just A lot worse at the at the art of the day You said this match could go either way Were you expecting it to get over in Just three games no I wasn't expecting That but it's always one possible Outcome that you get ahead from the Start and then things flow quite quite Smoothly so I haven't had I feel like Too much of sorry too many of those Matches recently so I was yeah happy to Get one of those is the reason also Because of uh sharks chaotic aggressive Style that these kind of results can Happen Uh yeah but uh I think anybody would Would struggle if I'm if I win the first Game and I'm feeling okay Two extra hours now I mean Um probably uh it's still sunny outside So I'll try to to do that Um usually when the game's finish it's Almost dark so That would be nice enjoy the evening


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