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Longer Chess Games #71 Never Relax!

In this video, I play a long-play game against a lower-rated opponent. Things look very easy until they start to go wrong…
Hopefully, you will gain some useful tips. The time limit is 15+10, my aim is to really explain the thought processes behind the moves that I am playing.

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[Music] Foreign [Music] And welcome to a Long play game Uh we're playing the time limit I think It's 10 plus 10. uh and Um I'm playing here against the player Only I say only but only 1466 on lead Chess and the idea of these videos is Obviously to talk about my thought Process it doesn't really matter who I Play and hopefully you guys can gain Some expertise by the way a Grandmaster Thinks and how you should be thinking I'm facing E4 with the black pieces I'm Going to play the black line I've got a chessboard course on this Obviously if you want to learn more About the opening buy the course And stage one of the black line is to Bring the knights into the center And then push with the move E5 so trying Trying to get a bit of uh a bit of a Hold in the center but a very strong Sort of bridge without Pawn there and This gives us like you know a solid Foundation actually it's very hard for White to break through uh this Pawn it's Like our little Spartan warrior Now Amanda has closed the position down Straight away and this is something I Don't actually treat that seriously in My in my chest ball course because it Relieves a lot of the tension

And black should be okay but how do we Play against this and my first thought In this position is to first of all Castle but then at some point trying to Attack that little point there with a Move like C6 but let's develop our Pieces first so I'm gonna Get ready to Castle Here my opponent plays a move which is Not going to be a good move I really Don't mind if he gives this bishop up For my knight I know it's closed Position but it seems very strange to Develop peace to give it up So I'm just going to Castle stick into The principles of the opening and we'll See what he's going to do this bishop as It's moved into my half of the position Can be exposed and my opponent does Another similar thing over here And this can often lead to problems with A little tactic like Knight takes D5 for Example Bishop takes Knight takes I win A pawn but after Knight takes D5 he does Have Knight takes D5 Bishop takes here Knight takes Queen Takes then C7 is on pre Knight takes C7 I can grab a pawn there and I quite like That because this Rook has to move and I Take here So this is a standard actual tactic in These kind of positions well worth Remembering that if your opponent moves The bishop

Where you have this configuration of These two pieces you can often grab a Pawn And then come back And we've won a pawn Obviously very nice to to an important This uh this point in the game And I've won a very important Central Pawn and we've got to now just think About how to convert this so the Standard way uh to do this is to keep Playing good moves get my pieces to the Best squares then try to use that extra Pawn at the moment my pieces look a Little bit blocked in So I want to move this Knight so the Bishop can move where do I want to move This Knight I quite like bringing it Here so I control the Central Square A little bit of pressure against that Pawn And at some point I might want to come Forward so now the way my opponent is Playing this is very typical for someone At this rate and range they play semi Look at aggressive looking moves which Are not very good because they don't Actually do anything for example here What is my opponent's idea I've got this One covered so he doesn't really have Any fret behind this it's artificial Attacking and this is something to Really avoid doing because okay I'll Give it a kick

Is my opponent really going to take care Well then I get a bishop and a knight For a rook and a pawn which is a good Deal uh that is nearly always favors the Side who who does this so yeah simply Take care and again that's another Little exchange that has helped me Um let's think what my opponent might Want to do he might want to go here so I'm just going to take a grip of that Square And I'm gonna now try to just keep Playing moves that improve my pieces so That Knight might come here my Bishop I Like tucked here because again I want to Sort of hold the center and when I've Got these two moves in I can even then Try to use the center of the board by Maybe playing like this but first of all Let's continue in that that way now do I Move my Bishop first in case his Knight Comes in let's move the bishop first And another thing now that he's played a Move like this don't play poor moves in Front of your king because it can it can Make your king a little bit weak And and it can give me a Target a hook To attack on so now I'm looking at that Pawn and I'm thinking okay well I didn't Have a a point to attack previously but Now I've got two ways to try and come Into his position one way is to play G4 And I want to open up his King another Way is just try to sacrifice here

My opponent plays another move which Doesn't really make much sense was I Really threatening the bishops come There I don't think so So I'm just going to move my queen with The idea of a potential sacrifice over Here okay so my opponent now comes up With a more sensible idea his Knight Might want to come in here but I've got That square covered where is that Knight Going to whenever your opponent moves a Piece think what is their plan and the Only thing I can see is really it coming Around this way or maybe it's going to Come this way But I think I can cover that and Continue slowly pushing and I can Actually use my king here because I'm Very well uh um Very well covered it doesn't have any Open lines and I'm just going to guard That pawn and my main idea is to push That Knight back to a bad Square so I'm Just really restricting his pieces as Much as I can I could have grabbed this Pawn earlier uh if I'd have seen that I Would have played it but even Grandma's Just get stuck in their ways and I was Really concentrating his maneuver and Just playing against that which is also Fine because if I stop all my opponents Active play he's gonna probably implode On himself That sounds a bit wrong

Never good to implode on yourself Wise words there kids Don't implode on yourself That's what the kleenex is for okay Let's let's push that one away so I am Restricting that night now maybe his Knight should be heading for this Square But I can also just put my Pawn there And pawns are great At restricting nights so you can often Use your pawns to restrict your Opponent's nights now I don't see Anything better than a knight come back And again I could grab this Pawn Um If he comes back but you know what I'm I'm even more tempted just to Avoid that funnily enough Um I mean okay he's gonna come here do I Want to go for this plan I mean maybe I Should grab this pawn it is a pawn after All okay let's let's play Let's Play Let's play the critical move let's grab That one why not because if he pins by Night I have Bishop here I I think he should be trying some Outrageous sacrifice like F4 here this Is the kind of move that he should play When he can sacrifice a knight here but He gets a little bit of play with his Rook and queen I don't believe it's Enough so of course I had this one Covered I break the pin and I also now

Threaten potentially a night jump okay Good move for my opponent And I have to take on passel otherwise I'm losing a piece And Um maybe he wasn't aware of the on pass On move Controversial that And now he wants to play G4 so it's time To move my knight now where do I move it This one is well defended do we move it Towards my king or do we move it Somewhere like here I think I want to Keep pieces around my king but maybe He's going to get some pressure like That So Um okay I've got Rook f8 I've got so Many pieces around my king that I Shouldn't be in too much danger here Um for example I'm going to bring my Rook to cover these things I've got a Night Queen everything's seems to be Pretty well defended here Um given a chance I might even grab that Pawn there which I won't be able to do If he moves his Queen to F3 Because obviously the pressure against That one so maybe he should be playing This move which he does and and just in Case any accidents occur G4S is one idea I want to move my Bishop without losing My knight so let's just bring this one Over again just making sure I cover

Everything and now my Bishop can move Let's move it into an open diagonal Around his King so that seems like a a Perfect Um diagonal And um he's finally making us a bit more Difficult than I should do because now His Knight has some way in but it's it's You know maybe I could have played this Better what am I going to do next though Well I'm thinking now my queen might Want to try to come in so I'm coming on These open lines I'd like to move this Knight into here So that would mean I move my king and my Knight comes in because that would block Everything and my you know you've got to Look for open holes in your opponent's Position but it's not so easy now Because his Queen is is doing here so I Actually really like the idea of getting Queen here because my king could be a Little weak and because I've got a Material advantage Swapping Queens off Takes out all the risk in the position And that's that's a good idea let's Let's take out any risk with the Slightly well his King is exposed as Well but I want to keep it as simple as I can I like attacking in chess but if I Gain an advantage I don't want to I Don't want to overly complicate matters It seems pointless to do so

So we're gonna move the queen around and Uh try to just exchange it off Um in a lot of circumstances I think That's correct he can't really avoid That there's probably some tactics with Knight takes here and a rook coming Lining up Um If I had more time let's just prepare For that as well well this night I can't see how it's going to get there I have to move the king here then I line Up into that so I don't think King here Knight here Knight here has time Um I think really the simple idea is yes To go for exchange queens and okay he's Allowed it now which Square do I go to I Think this square is better Because otherwise I'd have to catch up With this pawn and that would make this Pawn weak I want to keep this Pawn here Because it keeps my Center in in the in The wrong long run very nice so we're Just going to go this way Um but I've realized now that I've Blended horrendously oh my words again I've done this I did this earlier in a Speedrun video I can't believe what I've Just done guys Actually allowed him to play a very Simple tactic this is incredible again This is something That um I often do and I think it's one of the

Biggest mistakes that players do when They get an advantage and I've obviously Done this to make the game more exciting You know Grand Masters would never do This and I've actually allowed him now To just go Knight takes here and if Knight takes he's he I didn't realize my Rook was not offended anymore a little Hallucination so Um now I have to Fight again and actually he's got the Advantage now because he's exchange up So dear oh dear Williams I was stuck in My way it was exchanging Queens trying To explain it I kind of turned off this Game I thought our exchange Queens okay Be a bit of a long game but I missed Some basic tactics So completely idiotic of me there Um at least it makes the game a little Bit more exciting right Yes okay so we have put I've put myself In the back foot And I don't think my position is Terrible by any means but first of all Let's get this Rook Out of the way of this pin so let's Let's move it over here Because that was a major problem before And now what I want to do I certainly Want to get a knight to this Square the Only way I can see doing that is like This Otherwise I can try to get a knight here

How do I get a knight there not easy I'd Have to do this maneuver If I can get a knight to this square That imagine that drastically helps me I'll get more space I block up this idea So I think here then where I've got to Move the king though that's not easy to Find other squares I want to try to get My Knights to this Square so I can try To come here but Brooks worked very well on open files so This is the main priority is to keep This open file as under control as I can So if I start moving these Knights I Could get in a bit of trouble on this Open file so I've got to be careful at The moment I've got quite a nice solid Formation I mean white should be playing A move like A4 here just blocking up uh This this rook and so can I do anything With my pawns I was thinking about C6 And D5 but I was put off a little bit by The idea that he captures and then he Has the C file now any Frets here let's Just try and stay a bit more awake I Don't think so at the moment So um let's move my Rook here to stop Him ever playing A4 because now I have That tied down it can't do any harm and There's no threats from him I can't get My knight to this Square easily because He's covering this one so I can't really Do much at the moment with these guys so Meaning I'm going to try to do as much

As I can my Rook which again I can't do A great deal okay so he's maneuvering Around He wants to come in here I don't mind That so much I will capture and my other Night comes out not ideal maybe now I Should move my knight here okay let's do That because again the dream scenario is To get the Knight here not easy to do at All because as soon as I move my king he Comes in and he exchanges that Knight Off but I want to try and get this Knight to a better Square it is risky Because I had that nice solid formation But I am also stopping that night from Coming in uh to this square but really Again the main mistake I made relaxing When I've got a good position and Mentally turning off and so many games Have been thrown away from doing this Exact exact same thing and this is you Know it you gotta remember when you're Relaxing Chester's when your opponent is Fighting harder because he's on the back Foot so it really is a tough game chess And you can't relax for Even a moment you know any any instant You've got to keep your focus up there Okay now I don't want to take this one So he's played a good move now just uh Obviously we're not going to go for a Draw so I'm going to play this move Which is risky because I'm losing the Blockade on this file I mean but I'm at

Least some ideas of trying to come in Depending what he does Um with his pieces maybe another idea is I can get the Knight to this square that Looks like a good idea because again I Really want to block up the one open File and I'm thinking if I could get the Knight to a free combined with a Pawn on E4 Um that would be a good way to roll okay So he's he's starting to do something Over here But I'm hoping now I can grab it here 's Opening up more lines from this And maybe now I should be certainly Thinking about bringing my Rook around To where the action will be but at the Moment if you can't see a reason not to Take a pawn you grab a pawn and Obviously if he captures here I I will Simply come up I've now got two pawns For the exchange so we're equal on Material He really what he what he should be Trying to do is activate these Rooks he Should be thinking again like Rook here And getting the other one in while my King is a little bit a little bit funny Uh so let's have a look so if he does go Okay well actually my king I think it's all right here because it Defends my knight it's harder to check My king on this Square when you're next To a knight and so this is actually not

A bad setup especially if I get my other Knight here which keeps everything Really glued together so This is this is an idea will that pawn Become weak to a rook attack Okay so where's he going with this Whenever your opponent plays a move have A look what they're trying to do he's Trying to come here and he's trying to Come here So I'm gonna use my knight to stop both Of those Frets not a bad move because His Rook can also come down to the Seventh rank I might now if I could get my Rook back Around like this the combination of These guys attacking could Potentially lead to some checkmating Ideas of course if he moves his rook in I might better grab this Pawn but my Rook now Should certainly be thinking about Getting back around to help okay so now I can grab this port and this is a very Interesting move because it stops that One coming in but I think I'm going to Grab this Pawn not so much to okay he Has a check I've got to bring my king This way in that case let's do it not so Much to grab a pawn but actually to open Up my Rook to come this way into the Game by getting rid of that pawn my Rook Might be to join in along along this way Now he does have one check I've got to

Play bravely King here he does have Another check my king comes to G3 that Might help me okay so now his Rook comes Across again he's threatening these kind Of ideas so now my knight will come back And I'm hoping what I've achieved from This is not necessarily just a pawn but Ideas now of combining my two nights and My Rook I knew I had to give up the Exchange like that or wherever it was a Piece it was too easy otherwise you Gotta you've got to try to maximize the Potential of the YouTube videos right You know you want to get you you want to Get your money's worth you want to know How to fight when you blundered yeah That's that's exactly what I was meaning To do right yeah you believe me Yeah good good I'm glad you believed me Okay right now what's his idea obviously He's got a night check here in this Position so first things first let's Have a look at the checks I've got this Check Oh I like this one his King only has two Squares if his King comes here this Check is King comes here This check his King comes back And if he goes here I go here okay let's Start with this one because my pieces Are getting near his king without any Risk I'm not actually really calculating Too deeply here I only see that his King's got these two squares and my

Knight minimum has two squares to attack It on and I bring my Knights closer to His King so again I'm not calculating Deeply I'm just saying that this must be Intuitionally the right move because my Pieces are closing in so if he goes here I check and take there I don't think He's got a great discovered check so That's clearly good now if he comes here Check here is any way I can meet him There So then I go check King here check and He has to go King here and then Knight Here is he has to come here Okay well this one is I can go Knight Here but it's a bit bit simple again uh Is there any anything better so I can go I want to see if I can mate him so Knight G3 we know is good but let's Let's have a look if I can combine a Third piece well I kind of got four Pieces attacking his lone King so there Must be something there I've got a lot Of time let's use it so check King here Check King here Must be a mate there check King here Then I can go check and winners Rook Surely there's a mate though so not a Mate here check Okay we've got that one as well but this Check seems so good King here Then check King here as I'm really not a Mate there feels like there should be The king here this check and the King

Comes here but the king's kind of kind Of getting out of Dodge a little bit There So A little bit at a Dodge So maybe you can calculate this quicker To me good chance you so check here Check here And we can use the pawn that's also very Tempting Check he has to take and then check and I picked that Rook up and I'm going to Be a piece up there so this check Certainly seems like a great way to Start Must be the first move okay I can't Calculate all the way through so what I Do and I know that this one I have one Good line where I'm going to be a piece Up at the end of it so I might as well Get it make it a little bit easier for Me to calculate by playing this check First Because obviously if I can't Envision Things ahead we just I've seen one line For example here check here check here And then Knight G3 check and when his King moves I take here and I win and I'm Gonna win a rook His Knight checks he only has one night Check here and my king seems like it can Always come this way it's not it's not Gonna get in too much trouble so I know I can win a rook but is there a

Checkmate here now check here And he comes back No check mate there Feels like there should be something Very close to a Checkmate but I can't See it Can't see it okay so this must be the Right move as we discussed He has to come to this square and then Do I play E4 or is there something Stronger in this position so here check Here Okay so I know E4 is good but check here So nothing else in that position Rook check he comes here And I think his King is quite safe there So this check is the next option And after taking maybe I have to go for This this idea Strange it just feels like this should Be a mate maybe I'm missing something Here Check here check here nope Doesn't work Knight G1 Rook takes No I can't give up my night like that This check here there's nothing there If I check for the Knight he takes all His Rook anywhere And I might as well win a whole Rook Rather than allow him to do that so Check here check here And of course I have some good moves There but I think This is the way to play

Okay We are going to play this move because I Can't see a Checkmate I mean it's Possible that I was missing a Checkmate But I know that this now forces a Winning position Um And we still might have some Checkmate Ideas but this is clearly good actually He does have King here now and after Check Check my night is on pre but the only The only check he has okay maybe he goes Here But Should be good okay so he's run away now Now do I check with a knight first Because I have some problems with this One I think I should check with a knight Just because this Rook always has Potential to win that and if I check And then take this Rook Um There's not so much to worry about And I should be a safe safe There so we we will go for this one Uh is there any still any Checkmate Ideas so nights are so confusing right I Can't see them because this King has Lots of squares to run away to so I can't see it so I'm going to keep it Simple I'm going to take here and he Only has a couple of discovered checks This one

Okay now I think I'm gonna come here Because I want this Square actually for My king I still want to try to weave a Checkmate net around him uh if he comes Here I will come to E4 if he takes a Pawn I can come in and I can use I'm Trying to use these guys to take away The squares for his King okay now I do Have this one I've noticed there's only One check it is not it's not helping him Because my king and totally safe here of My night defending it and now again my King is trying to force his to a tricky Situation I've got this check and then I'm trying to Edge him into the corner Here so let's keep keep trying Um Okay now this check very good move I'm Going to win a piece minimum oh now can I relax here Well after after that mistake I made Earlier I can't relax but this check Seems correct and I'm just going to take here I mean there Are other good moves but my king is Coming nearer to his King and I win a Piece so this this is all right now Let's have a look at what okay and he's Actually resigned here but Uh yeah I mean I I really really fluffed Up there didn't I allowing that that Idea from him but it was you know it was I think still uh quite a useful little Video

Obviously my opponent not one of the Stronger players to play but he played Well good player and uh you know but in The opening his artificial moves Actually threw me I was like okay this Guy's quite weak because he's playing These moves which are don't they're not Actually doing anything they just look Dangerous but they're not dangerous Um and they're not you know the moves I'm talking about he's playing without Uh sort of foundation really so for Example uh this move particularly you Know you can't attack from a position of Weakness you can only attack from a Position of strength so you can't always Attack in chess you need to build up First and that is something that I think Was key here [Music]


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