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Liem Le: “It’s a big win!”

Vietnamese chess no. 1 Liem Le talks to Kaja Snare after defeating co-leader Jan-Krzysztof Duda in Round 4 of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals. Replay the games:

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Sitting in St Louis congratulations on a Big match win Thank you very much it's my pleasure to Be here it's a pleasure to see you again Liam and young Crystal Duda has been on Fire so far in the tournament how are You able to beat him Yeah definitely this is a big win Because he has been doing so well in This tournament the previous matches he Won very convincingly so I told myself That I should just try to enjoy the game And try to play my best and in the past Few tournaments in the tour I did quite Well against him so I wasn't too Concerned but the first game did not go As expected I I was losing at some point and um I thought definitely It wasn't a good sign but then the Second game went quite well for me I was A bit upset that I didn't not manage to Win that game I got very good chances at Some point but then game three and game Four I think I play much better This game for maybe at the end my Technique wasn't so great I was very Nervous trying not to not to lose and Also at the end somehow the internet was Not working so well for me I had some Issues some lacking issues and my zoom Got disconnected so I was a little bit Distracted but luckily I did not blend It oh well I'm glad to hear technical

Issues are the worst and Liam you are Now Five Points behind Magnus Carlsen With three days to go in the finals you Play Magnus tomorrow we remember you Beat him in the match in the Oslo Esports cup which was also a major so How important will that match tomorrow Be how inspired will you be feeling Heading into that Yeah that was the only time I beat him Um He beats me so I cannot say that um I would I would do well against him but I'll try my best and he's obviously in Thought form as well so it's gonna be Very hard but um I'm gonna try to put up A good resistance yeah and of course Magnus is one of the players sitting in San Francisco you are one of the players Sitting at home who do you think has the Biggest Advantage is it best to sit at Home or in a venue I think both works for me um especially With this time zone I'm in America too So there is not a lot of differences Um I'm two hours ahead of San Francisco So I started at 2PM my time which is not So bad and I finish around right now It's 6 p.m so still plenty of time Um sitting at home is definitely more Comfortable but I like going to Tournaments as well yeah oh William Tomorrow's gonna be so so excited we Wish you best of luck in that big match

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