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LiChess Session – Can I get back to 2600!?

An hour of 3-minute Blitz chess, trying to claw my way back to 2600 on LiChess. – Check it out to improve from your Blitz games!
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Thank you Ginger GM Hello everyone I'm just gonna play a bit Of Blitz I haven't played My splits for a while so it could be Could be interesting and um we're gonna Go for a straight free up uh three Minute Blitz see if I can gain some Points Um my Blitz play has been Pretty atrocious of late I think we all Go through bad patches so let's see What's my rating at the moment so I'm 2575 Let's aim for at least 2600 right I've Got to get some practice in because I Might have some Blitz Competitions coming up Um so we'll start with a trumposkey And this is all following Um one of my Ginger GM courses that I Did with Richard Patterson helping you Can buy that from the shop it's only 30 Pounds and um I think the trumpovsky is A very decent opening Um a good way to basically get get your Opponent out of theory and and you know Just just play some decent uh logical Moves Um and get some quite aggressive Attacks going So My opponent does have the two Bishops Well I got the center here

And I might even grab this bishop I do Sort his pawns out but I can now see There might be a little bit of a Temptation over here Now have I got more than a draw if I Take this well let's let's find out I've got at least a draw but we're not Interested in that so I'm going to try And swing The Rook around And how's he gonna stop this now Okay so he comes here But it seems very dangerous for him After a check and Crook G free is now a threat which I'm Not sure he can stop Could be a solid win in the trumposkey This one Yeah we might as well take that one I Don't think it changes much This is still the major threat if he Moves his Queen away I will come in so Good good solid start there We need more we need more like that Don't we more like that So we're in the next game and I think We'll stick with a solid Dutch defense See if we can get something going here Okay Now I always think in the Dutch if you Get your Bishop to B7 you you should Nearly always try to do that because It's very well placed on this diagonal And the way my opponents played this Position

I don't think is one of the more Threatening lines for black because we Have this lovely Square I can put my Knight in that square at any moment I'm Just going to try to develop my other Knight first Maybe I should have come in here I don't Know what's more accurate but the one Move you kind of watch out for is C5 Maybe he should play that now and at Least by getting my knight here I Control that one you never want to allow E4 but because of my Bishop we're Covering that one very nicely and I'll Probably just put my queen here Because now we're threatening E5 E4 Winning a piece and I expect even black Is a little bit better in in this Position Um let's now take that square and we can Think about coming forwards here it's Quite hard for white to do anything in This this type of position and I can Now Pawn takes is very interesting Actually Um but let's ah Let's now slip and then go Pawn takes oh My words it's a good thing my opponent Pre-moved there after that horrendous Mouse slip how do you master the bloody Mouse this is something I need to need To try and get grips with Master the Bloody Mouse That was quite amusing actually uh I

Mean I was like drag I don't have the Strength to move it all the way so we Drop it Um one square okay well I'm definitely Gonna oh this is very risky for him Surely And let's try the same maneuver we used In the last game just swinging The Rook Around and Um the other Rook can come here as well Okay so he's trying to he's trying to Block things up and I think This is a good move that my opponents Play because he's trying to make this Bishop a lot worse But It seems like My position is still absolutely fine Um this night not great I'd love to get This Knight here so I'm always when I'm Playing I'm always trying to you know I'm always thinking if there's a bit of Time in the position how do I rearranged The pieces so something like this would Be A plan on would like to play so maybe Rook H Rook H6 This move doesn't seem to create any Threats against me I'm not really sure What the Knight is doing there and now We can do this and also now our Bishop Has a much better diagonal to come to Because it it's stuck by these pawns so I'm just trying to improve all my minor

Pieces this bishop can come here and This Knight can come in as well and he's Got a little bit of pressure here but my Queen defends that and I can always go Rook G6 But this is actually a really annoying Threat from my opponent Okay so is he gonna is his idea to take And then take here it doesn't matter Because this is a much bigger threat Maybe he can still play that in this Position but Maybe he should play that okay he Doesn't But there's no fret here I can now take Um if he if he decides to take here then I just take back So still looks very promising Disposition any tactics I've got to be Careful of I don't think so How do we uh Do we grab another Pawn do we move the Bishop I might just move this uh I don't know It looks a bit passive I was going to Say move it out the way okay now I'm not sure about the moves I'm playing Here I I want to take all the threats Out of that Now he is threatening to take this one And I thought I could go Knight takes Here but of course I miss my queen as Queen has been attacked here so it's Getting a little bit more messier than I

I would have wanted Now can we do this one so my queen is Defended And he attacks my Rook yep And uh I'm a little bit worried here Because that Knight is coming in here But we have to give a check And I got my back rank so this is yeah I've I've definitely allowed him to get Some good play here And this is annoying but I think I can Go here and come back We can't fear ghosts So I will play this one straight in Because if he checks me my Rook can Block the check And My opponent did a very a very good job At getting counter play but Um it wasn't quite enough so two out of Two [Music] Let's keep it up Okay so we're playing someone who Obviously has a new account here so it It could be any strength at all when we Stick with the the black line my Opponent has played a system which Certainly shouldn't be worrying for me I Put the light here like I normally do And Let's develop the bishop to a more Active Square than usual let's put it Over here

And in this position this is always a Useful move Got to defend this Pawn but this is a Useful mood to secure this bishop a Little bit I don't want this Knight Coming in so we take away some squares And it also gives my Bishop a little bit Of A little bit of room And I don't think my parents put his Pieces on the best squares here yeah he Has some pressure here but It's quite easily defended and I might Even Go B5 so he stops that one okay so we'll Go to another plan we're Castle I'd love To jump with a bishop and go Bishop G4 If I could get that move in I'd be doing Tremendously well so this is this is Generally a good idea in these positions To get the knight in but now the Pressure's off E5 I can move this Knight And of course I'll take his Knight if it Comes here and now we get this in and This is a very nice position for me Because his light Square Bishop again We're thinking about good and bad pieces I can play this very simple his light Square Bishop is horrendous and I have This lovely Square here which I'm now Going to come into and my knight Is going to dominate this bishop in the Long run uh for example I can start Trying to get my knight to this Square

Again we're thinking about maneuvers so Even though this maneuver takes a long Time Uh I think it's going to be something my Opponent will have to certainly worry About So we're going to try to get this Knight Into that square imagine if I get my Knight there he will never be able to Kick it away So that's precisely what we're going to Go for get the Knight there here it Comes Might be more accurate ways for me to Play this maybe I could have swapped the Rooks off but the other thing is all Endings are going to be great because His pawns are on light squares he's got This horrible Bishop Certainly one case where the Knight is Better than the bishop here Can even just keep it extremely simple Simple is good right we you know in in Chess we don't need to over complicate The issue if we can keep things simple We should And he's attacking here so let's get the Knight now into this Square If F4 probably just F6 I'd like to swap Queens off just to take Out any risk at all in in the position Uh that would be nice if I could swap Queen so last move I'd want to come here

But I don't I don't obviously want to Lose this poor So he's trying to he's trying to make Yeah I mean he's trying to push over Here and this is this is a a decent plan Because I wanted to get a grip on those Pawns which I I can't necessarily Now do So I'm gonna Play Like this but he's certainly improved His position why because you know those Pawns in the ending would would be Targets that I can aim for I don't have Those targets I can aim for now so I've Got to try to grind uh this this Position okay he's got F4 let's just Make sure I can move my knight that's Not dropping Give my king a little bit of oomph And I'm a little bit better here but he he Has managed to defend this pretty pretty Well has to be said Um I'm just going to try and improve my Position a little bit get my king a Little bit safer And probably the perfect squares on a Dance Square Don't need to risk this I don't know if You should be playing I can't play a Full now because I take it So Do we now make sure you can never play a

Four and try to get the Queens off I Don't know if the the ending is winning With the Queen's off but it certainly Shouldn't be winning but it's Tricky for him to defend and now It's time to bring the queen in get some Activity obviously I want to bring my Knight back in and have my queen on a Much more active Square In this uh in this ending and the time Advantage is going to make this very Tricky for him so he's trying to do the Same with his Queen Now Paul's a bit a bit annoying I Again miss this maneuver Um I shouldn't have allowed that Because it's actually it's actually a Bit tricky to defend this Pawn I mean I Can move my king If I check does that help Okay we'll have to play around the night A little bit here Um And he's kicking that guy away So We'll come this way And Knight and queen coordinate So well together but it's just this is a Little bit annoying okay we we've got Everything under control and again let's Just try to get this ending which would Um Take any risk out the position and now a

Pawn goes and he's fallen into a trap Where I'm also going to pick up that Giza there And uh well I mean with one second left Things ain't looking good for him are They And we can pretty much play anything in That position Are we actually on three out of three Can can you Adam and Eve it we've Actually got to free out free now the Last course that I have released is the The collie uh Zuca tour Um on chessable along with Richard Palacer And I'll try to play it now if I can It's really an opening you can play Against E5 against G6 You you can't get it in really you have To change to another another opening Setup and I I like experimenting with This little idea Um Now we can try to Keep this as an option so he can't Castle but it's quite hard to keep that As an option Um Because I need to play E3 to get this Bishop out So I guess we have to play this and he's Come up with a very sensible way to Develop his pieces and this must be an

Equal Position He's going to win my Bishop so If anything I I think he's dealt with my Ideas extremely well here I'll play this Just to gain a bit of space and my queen Can come come into a better Square so Yeah so I love working with Richard Palace Richard Palace is Um A very He's an international master and now I Have this working relationship with Richard Um Where uh he To be fair does most of the work or the Technical work on the courses that that I am I release so what I mean by that is you Know we have an idea for for a course That we think Would be very good and um We sort of uh obviously brainstorm that Idea a bit my opponent seems like quite A good play here by the way and put our Heads together and then I generally Leave Richard then to do Is coming isn't it I generally leave Richard then to do a lot of the hard Work and Um you know the the technical stuff Because I don't always have time to do that and

Then it goes back to me to to look at The technical stuff the variations that He's come up with a lot of it based on Ideas that I've had before for example I Did release a course on the collie Um for chess base many years ago and I Wanted to update that course and that's That's kind of what we've done Um with many new ideas and the Colleagues are really good simple Opening and I think what I you know I I Then take that away and Um I did a videos for it because you know I Try to explain all the ideas in in deep Videos which I think is my strength in General uh getting the ideas of an Opening across Um I don't really want to play a four But I have to force that Rook away And this will probably just be a draw so Can we can we keep the Rooks on somehow This and try to get the Rook over here G5 good move now with this root coming Back here this is certainly heading Towards towards the drawer but I don't I Don't allow that Rook to come back in It's too active cheeky bastard offers me A draw I mean you know I'm not being Funny the game is obviously a draw but You're a pawn dial So don't offer a draw you know you still Have to get the draw of course opposite Color Bishops it's a draw but you know

Just Make it a draw first prove to me it's a Draw Sunny Jim because you've got a Little bit of work to do because I will Have a past Pawn over here So that's what me and Richard uh Generally Um Work on uh nowadays we we you know this Is something we we do and we come up With these courses and the colleague was An idea of mine originally because uh Again I I love these openings like the London system the Tory the trompostky Which are not main line but a very Effective and more importantly are very Easy oh can I take here now let's let's Try this this looks like a way to uh Get two past pawns again it's probably Still a draw but He's got to be careful of these guys Right Um at some point if I get my king into The game Can we ever get our King into the game Yeah so the collie the Tory all these Kind of all these kind of openings I I Am Okay he's got to play A6 yeah he has Played this and now What can we do here Sorry I'm Trying now to think of any way we can Try to win this one

My king Can't oh maybe I could have gone okay I Want to bring my king now this way Around I thought by playing here I might create A little weakness In the position And Still um well maybe I shouldn't have Done that because my king might have Wanted to go that way But I'm gonna force him to play this Move now Does it help me probably not at all But uh we'll put the okay now how we how Are we going to try to do anything here Guys we can't can we and he's probably Got his draw but okay let's unless he Wants to really flag me which of course He can if he if he's so enjoys playing Things like this so it's off from a draw See what it does okay he's taking the Draw Uh okay we're trying to get a Colleen I'm not going to give that guy another Game because you don't offer draws uh Don't know Don't ever offer draws it's it's not not In Blitz Chess at least okay so again The collie is really saying after D4 D5 Which my opponent hasn't allowed here so This is An interesting variation I I mean I this Ending

Is not boring because F4 tries to open Up the position and attack your attack My opponent Uh in quite a unique way I'm trying to remember the theory here That I've obviously done a course on at Some point but can't remember at all Story of my life I don't know let's Develop a piece See how this turns out I was thinking about F5 there but G6 is Is annoying and if I go G4 he goes H5 Because F5 F5 now makes a lot more sense because This idea undermining my Pawn doesn't Work and the reason I'm doing this is Stop his Bishop coming here now do I Take this Knight or not this is a big Question it feels like he oh no my Bishop okay let's take it because he Can't get active with this move And I've doubled his pawns he still Can't get this bishop into the game Now where does my knight want to go Probably E3 I think is a good Square But gaining space in these positions With moves like this is nearly always Worth doing and we're getting a little Bit more space I thought you should have Played A5 there because now if you have Moved the B Pawn I take And he has to move away from the center A6 is then weak so this little A4 move Does the kind of move you'll see a lot

Of it's quite an advanced move I suppose But you'll see a lot of players playing This kind of thing just to improve their Position Very very slightly and now we're going To go back to this plan but okay I've Allowed this Knight to come in here and I've got a I've got to take that one Because E4 is weak and this position is Still A little bit better for me must be I I I I think But not going to be easy to To get much out of it Where do I want to put my knight now Maybe there is B6 or worry no so I need To put my knight on D3 to come here so I Now got to try to maneuver it Around which I'm gonna now do obviously It's a closed position so I have time to Maneuver and there there it goes so We get that in And Um He can get rid of this Knight and I'm Not sure how easy this is for him Because his pawns again are on light Squares what Bishops are remaining light Squares yeah you could say these guys Are But I said really Okay do I take the Rooks off here I'm going to try taking the Rooks off

And I'm gonna try now to keep this Pawn on a Light Square So I've got two sets of Pawns to go but It's probably just a draw or is it Because this is one way I can try to go For those Pawns And it might just be a draw I I I gather Here because my king can't come in and He's offering me another bloody trust Guys stop offering drawers yeah I mean Again it must be a drugs my king can't Come in and maybe maybe this is a better Draw offer than before but I I haven't Given myself enough Open lines here I could end up losing Now if I'm not careful Um Should have taken the bloody draw Shouldn't I oh because now he's got this Idea and Is this is this I That was that was really stupid of me Really stupid of me and he can take and Bring his King back around and play here I can take King takes is this a draw Still well I certainly haven't made it Easy have I he's got a player five it's The only way to break through and I I Figured that this might be Might be still a draw But Not the way I wanted to play it Obviously

His bloody drawer offers that actually Doing a draw for against me is is a Really good idea now we just got to be Very careful that we don't allow his King in here So we've got to whenever he comes here I've got to meet it with this move That is the key way to draw I might lose some time actually I've Just realized here I am so we just got to wait when he Steps forward as we step forwards we Don't want to step forwards too soon Because we'd have to go backwards And as long as we stick by this I expect it as a draw but I'm not gonna Offer him a draw because he is a pawn up And I am low on time so I feel it be a bit rude if I put him a Draw but the key thing whenever he goes Here we go here So that's just what I've got to remember He could trick me when I get short of Time But I can't see any way he's gonna Well it's a drawer obviously with with Correct play Okay so he's going To do this but this is not working And this was his last tactical idea We're playing again Um that ending I should have made more of it I I I

Didn't give myself Enough there Now I faced this move against Grandmaster Chris Ward about 15 years Ago and it's a very interesting way to Try and play play for here but I'm now Going to go into a stone wall because I Figured that I've got a good stone wall Because he he hasn't got a particularly Aggressive setup here And should be at least equal now my Piece is very nicely placed And this is very normal what he's doing Here in actual fact Um getting a hold on this square but It's also quite risky and you want he's Playing it very positionally because I'm Just going to try and mate him we're not Going to try to do any positional crap Here we're just going to go for his King Because he's weakened his King And see see if we can See if we can do a bit of damage over There so Um might try to get this guy around this Will be you know very hard to make him Just with the Rook So let's try and get rid of that Knight Maybe And also G5 at the right moment would be You know something That makes a lot of sense he's not going To sit there and let me do all these Things as we can clearly see

And I'll just see where he's going to move His Queen Uh Uh do we I don't really want to exchange Queens this this was a annoying idea That he's come up with I have to say Um Do I still play this it doesn't feel Right it feels like he's made a lot of Feels like he's making a lot of progress Over here okay we'll still go for this But I'm not convinced Right He's made a lot of progress Okay is it time to go for it I know Because this one's dropping okay I'm Gonna defend this one first And I want to try and Play here With the idea of taking here and coming In here is this working Or not I expect not But we can we can give it a go Okay so let's get rid of that one And let's just oh he's got F3 oh F3 Would have been really annoying there Um okay well we've got to keep going Forwards because they're free he would Have swapped Queens off now if he plays A free Knight here gets a bit Complicated I mean of course he should Be trying to sort the Queens off and he

Played the wrong pawn move so there's a Little bit of action now on the king's Side I got a lot of pieces over there Like I mentioned if I get this one in I'll be extremely happy Now here is going to go King here can I Keep my knight there anyhow F4 he takes It I won Tempo behind I need I need to have Uh my Rook here already so let's where Do we move this Knight here or here Let's go let's keep it near the king And I've got to get these two Moves In Okay now I've got to watch out for this But so far that's covered So far I can see myself falling for that Certainly can okay he's coming in And yeah okay F4 look I don't know maybe This wasn't right actually Because my my back rank is also Dodge City here He's got okay so he's allowed this one In Uh and it is Dodge dodgy my back my back Rank Isn't it very dodgy this Rook is looking Crap as well So it hasn't worked well has it this Hasn't worked well guys okay Got to get this route back in So let's do that let's get the Rook back To as good a square I can find And now we have to play certainly a Slightly worse ending because uh of of

My activity and this Knight is Incredibly good so I'll try to move my pawns off the rank Where he's attacking them I'd love to Get rid of this Knight but It might not help help things if I do Because His Rook is so active here Is is the main issue Okay so this one maybe I've got I'll again move my pawns off The seventh rank try to get this move in So B3 would be really a class move here Okay this is also probably okay the way He's playing this but Be Be Free Stopping my oh I've got this check as Well So this bishop belongs here it's not Doing anything here is it okay now if he Comes Tricky position still tricky position Let's Try and aim for That one okay well I wanted to go here Anyway so This is only helping me I'm gonna put my King over here maybe that square was Safer And Let's run let's run with the King Yeah I'll take that one thanks oh he's Going here okay like I do have what we Call a pin And oh what am I doing

Look at that I pre-move can you Adam and Eve it This guy's quicker than me isn't it Check Check Oh yeah I was definitely worse there but Just managed to just managed to hang in And um Get the uh get the victory on time there So uh Which Was okay so we're getting another Dutch In He's playing the same kind of stuff is He all right we'll switch it up we won't Go for the Stonewall this time we're Going for something very simple Which is the other idea the idea I often Prefer playing get these two pawns to These two squares I get my king off this Slightly weakened diagonal And you've got a standard middle game Wow okay he's Castle Queen side which is I'm glad to see that makes a position More Dynamic more interesting and we Both push our wing Pawns In the hope that we can open it up now Did he really did he really want to take My night off yeah he doubles my pawns But at the end of the day I'll just stop him weakening me anymore At the end of the day he's given me an Open B file and a bishop to attack him With so I think that very quick decision

That he made there Was quite risky okay he wants this Square but I've got a pawn I can use the Kick The night away when it comes there so I'm not not too worried about this I Don't think am I Okay now he wants to come here he's Playing now he's playing some good moves This was the F5 was a very good move He wants another ending now I don't want An ending this time because your King Has open lines towards it so when your Opponent's king is weaker generally you Want to keep the Queens on the board Right Just again common sense Because the queen is a great attacking Piece so keep it on the board when you Know if you can and my Bishop Has this way in as well but Let's get my last piece Pointing at that thing with a cross on Swing it over here like billio Hello And now I don't know what to do Now we'll put the bishop in It looks okay to do that What do I want oh can I come rug down Rub there with a one I missed that move Rook D4 is actually winning wasn't it is It still still very good well now he Takes it I put my Bishop on the worst

Bloody Square I can Oh that was that was stupid I did I did Have Rook here and he can't he couldn't Defended his Rook so I'm I'm gonna try and play it now I couldn't Play it last week because he took my Bishop but we can do it here If he takes this one I'm just assuming That I have an attack here Queen takes A6 is The main threat And I keep my Rook D4 Rook D4 is so Strong isn't it this Rook D4 move is the Killer so he has to play this But now We can just Start Being a very mischievous towards this King now I don't think I think my King's Very safe this H3 move has actually Proven to be a very strong move okay so He wants to come in here okay maybe it's Not as a safe Safe as I thought it was Very good move This is check if I come up he takes here This is this is clever of him so if I Play here now Because his Rook It can come in what the Ah dear I thought I stopped this but I Didn't Okay I gotta defend a little bit here Luckily my queen is defending my Rook

But I underestimated his attacking Chances Got a take with the queen otherwise I Lose my my queen And He has caused some problems here Okay we'll come here And rely on my little guy to to Add him Yeah this should be should be a draw Shouldn't it of course It's gonna take here he's got Perpetual Can I defend that one this is the only Way I can see And try and keep some chances alive but As soon as I take this Pawn he Perpetuals me Can I try to get my King around it's not Gonna work is it I mean I can try but where is my king going I Don't think it's going very far is it It's always going to be a draw This uh disposition So Is he trying to win maybe why not Get on you I'm not saying Zoo swap here I have to take here now and I think he's Probably going to take the draw I don't think there's any way either I Should be winning this Um And you can just take the draw my queen And pawn are too strong

So he'd be crazy to play on Let's hope he does because uh this is One case where it draws okay and that's One case where it draws okay we'll play This guy one more time And I still want to get to this 2600 Mark okay I like moves like that so what Should we do should we play like a all Right okay what's happening here uh So I'm already confused he's confused me Let's let's just guard the pawn shall we And you know what I'm gonna go for a Stone wall anyway let's do that I love my stone walls And I've there's two places you put this Bishop even fianchetto or as I've shown Before you bring it around this way and And this is an old plan of both phonics When botfanik used to play the uh the Stone wall He would he would generally put his Bishop over here or even his Queen Sometimes Um moving the bishop to this square is Quite a modern idea players like kramnik Played that idea And I expect putting the bishop here is the Better computer move but the way I'm Playing it here it certainly has has its Points Um I'm really liking the way this is Going now I'll just put my Rook against

This queen it can't be a bad idea I Might even slip this one across Um he's off this Rook This Rook is actually a little bit weak Isn't it it could take here do we do That Yeah why not before he can take and he Might actually have a bit too much Pressure against that guy And this is actually now like a sicilian Porn structure we've gone back into You know Something quite standard In the Sicilian Uh Now Bishop here was was a move I I was Thinking to play but can we be a little Bit more let's try to kill him let's try To kill him there haven't been many Attacking games so far let's just try to Open up his King go go directly for him Get get this bishop and this Rook Working Better is that so okay so he wants this Move fair enough I'm gonna put my knight here to stop This move and this move And queen doesn't have a great Square Does it But we keep it on the king side for now And I'm hoping That there's something now Aggressive because he's got this Horrible move okay Maybe this is a

Not working so well for me Well I don't like I don't hate playing Movies like this is the kind of move I Really Uh he's played this very well He has played this very well and clearly This moves yeah he's done I mean his Pieces Shot to life didn't they I I don't know I don't know Quite where I went wrong here But he's playing he's played this this Game very very well so all credit to him These nights killing me And I I don't I don't think I've even Got any tricks here have I I haven't even got any tricks so We're we're The only way the only way anything can Happen here is if he blunders That's the only way that something will Happen Because I can't even get any threats Going because combination of this is Scary So What am I trying to do oh look at this He's finishing with power Nice game okay we'll play this guy one More I think we'll make that let's see If he wants to do it Nice game there from my opponent let's Go to an English and we'll keep Switching up the openings a little bit

Certainly went wrong that one didn't it And this is from my iron English Chessable course Um You can take with both pawns there I Think but This is a setup that was favored by Um That chap called Magnus Carson So it can't be too bad I'm just gonna Think about stopping this pawn and Magnus I think 10 Tended to put his Knight on oh no that Was a mouse slip I wanted to put my Knight on that square Uh This is just very slacking me Uh because now I'm A Tempo down in in the These positions Uh and I I really if I had one more Piece developed I'd be at a castle out Of trouble in a lot of variations which Which I can't which I can't do now I Really want to be able to Castle And And for example you know now if I could Castle I think I'd be all right but I'm I'm a Bit scared here In this position maybe it's still Just about okay Gotta watch out for this one but you can See that little one tempo thing

That's really Changed everything okay well I'm gonna Have to lose the pawn there's nothing I Can do about that But I do have two Bishops here I don't Think this is Completely clear Of course it's safe pouring up for him I try to get the Bishops as much room as You can When you're playing these these Structures Now Let's Again open things up If he takes I've got Rook G1 this is What I'm aiming for And Um can we go here now Switch it switch it around but he's got He's got Bishop D7 is Actually quite annoying I wanted to play Bishop B6 but I think You can just take it and his Bishop Comes back This way to block any Any check on the back rank I have But this is not not an easy move to see And I will go Bishop F1 and I'll keep my Frets alive And at the right time this other Bishop Can cause some problems pinning him but I want to keep the bishop here for the Time being because it just defends this

One okay so he's going for this this way But now I can safely come here And he hasn't got Bishop D7 So he could be getting in a little bit Of Discombobulation here And where's that night going after Bishop here this is really showing how Powerful These Bishops can be Do we take this or do we have something Stronger it feels like we might have Something quite strong here like this Move Rook here I can't see it so I'm Going to grab this Pawn but it might Well have been Stronger move there for you guys in the Comments Taking the night Most likely a draw opposite kind of Bishops at some point but we don't want To exchange our Bishop off And we're now equal on material I'd love to get that moving Bishop d8 But of course he's covering that square At the moment So there's no way I can get that in Okay let's let's come back give him a Check And Can this find a good Square We'll come here for now but I'm not sure what's next okay Get my king potentially to a better

Square just see what he's going to play Yeah I have to take this one now And Ideas of this do we play that now I Guess we do And Here's this a draw or is this winning For me Opposite kind of Bishops but the Rooks Remain on the board so My gut instinct Is that this is winning because I'm Actually just going to take this Pawn And like I the pin is no danger so I've Got two Pawns So it should should be Should be winning shouldn't it is he Trying to activate that okay let's let's Queen Okay what's he doing over here is he Coming this way I don't believe that Let's keep queening Okay yeah well what are you gonna do About my Pawn It's kind of yeah okay he's not doing Anything about my Pawn He's ignoring it totally okay let's keep Going let's try it let's try to get to Oh no I've dropped down a little bit I Thought I was getting near 2600 but Drop down a little bit okay red rag red Rag to a ball If you go G3 I'm always going to play With this Pawn

And I've got a weird weird position here Right let's try to stop all these Pawn Breaks I'm gonna play this because it looks Like fun we've had enough We've had enough sort of Passive moves and now here this is Actually like the Harry attack this is a Common mistake in a Harry attack with Colors reversed just allowing me to Basically take this Knight and he's Probably just going to get checkmated Here So he's trying to cause some problems Over here but I've always got Bishop D7 At the end and he loses another defender Of his King so A little bit calculation needed But I am threatening mate so takes takes Takes so I wanted to go this is my idea When I'm threatening mate and he's got To try to run somehow then I can take This next move maybe my Rook can come This way So let's do that I've got rid of another defender of his King So we probably probably should take here And check right right why am I not doing This this is probably a good this is Probably a good move Did I have something stronger kind of Feels like this is good And I like this idea of just bringing

Another guy maybe to to this one All right I don't know if it was that Good It was good but it maybe wasn't that Good the position Right Now We're getting a bit nearer to 2600. We're itching away don't you just okay Let's get another Dutch on the board We can always rely on the Dutch 2600 That'd be a solid little Blitz session Here we go we go back to the classical We'll go to the Old Faithful and he's Allowed me to play E5 thank you very Much and this is also not a very good Idea because I get a massive attack one Thing I find very strange on leeches And Blitz chess is when your opponent Plays instantaneous moves But gets an absolutely shocking position You know he plays without thinking like He's like you know super Carlson or Something But He just gets a horrible position and This position is horrible For my opponent okay he's already losing Material now I wouldn't be surprised That this works immediately but I can't See the follow-up so let's just keep Opening his King up And I don't really see the point of playing

If you're literally gonna just uh You're not thinking you know I mean I It seems a bit crazy to me okay I'll Bring this one in first and Make way for the Rook to join in as well Exchange up here So do we bring it in now yeah why not I might have these ideas It goes King here I can even take that Pawn And I can take that pawn soon but as I Say I like I like it when all my all my Guys are just Working very well and Now this is working he's trying to get The Queens off I I mean You can get the Queens off But I am the exchange up always and now I'm exchanging a pawn up so Barring any disasters This is just going to be game over I'll probably try to swap some pieces Off even if I lose this Pawn I'm not too Worried because to keep it simplified And now Does he want this move maybe let's just Stop him it's always a good idea to Frustrate your opponent And when you have Rooks you're always Happy to see more lines open up and There is another line which one do we go To I don't know This one Attack his bishop and let's kick his

Bits around [Music] This one am I worried about no because I'm taking here and he's kind of he's Kind of actually I was gonna say he's struggling to find Moves but he's he's keeps he keep Fighting so I'm gonna Move my king to a better Square And he can't really do much here can he Can't do much okay and we can't I say This slowly I'm going to play this Delicate move just to stop that one Right and now this check does that not Do anything I don't know I'll play it anyway because Pastor sees the check And in we can't shall we keep going I can see that I can see myself going Wrong in this game because I'm just Playing a little it feels like I'm Playing a little bit too delicately You know No I can't lose this game what am I Talking about I can't I can't Okay now do we go here and be brave or Do we just can't oh okay here Come on let's be brave let's see what He's gonna do I can see myself I'm trying to get my King in checkmate I'm gonna get rid of the rook's next Move And you know what

This position is even even when he wins This one Completely winning my king my king Combined with this Pawn Is too damn much for him And he can't stop this coming through Even losing another Pawn I mean Should I play this a bit more I mean of course this is winning Course is winning Of course it's winning Yeah I'm overthinking things of course I Should have played this more accurately But this is this is still still doing a Job Coming through Football's coming home it's coming up Coming football's coming home And we're just in time Just in the nick of time and I'm going To move this bishop on the other side of This pawn and push and really resigning Is A very sense blockchain here sir As you don't need to play on there's Not really any way I can even I mean come on really Why are you planning on why are you Playing on here I don't understand I generally if people like okay he heard Me they generally play like if people Play like that I don't play them again Because

It's a waste of 40 seconds isn't it People can play on but at this this Level it it seems a little bit pointless Okay we haven't had a sicilian yeah so Let's let's Try to get we have quite a lot of Endings today aren't we so let's go Mainline Dragon this guy's this guy's Quick And this is an old this is the old line That I sometimes play which is super Dubious but so much fun because it you Generally get checkmated as we see this Guy's gonna come and but you you start Throwing your pawns at the board they're Coming down here and it's it is dubious But it's quite fun it's quite quite fun For someone It's quite fun for the side you check Mates basically which is normally white But you know what can we do what can we Do So yeah I'm there's some there's some Sharp line which goes H5 take here take On G4 Um It was uh Yeah here we go this is it let me just See do we go here now we go here now I Had this against Sackets and it Israeli Grandma's to his kaspar of second and The funny thing was It was a very long time limit I think it Was like

Two and a half hours to make 40 moves he Spent all his time won the game very Convincingly we analyzed the game and I Saw afterwards I was like You know for like I don't mean to be Rude but why why did you take so much Time and he basically said well I'm just Trying to remember I analyzed this Position God am I getting am I getting mated here He said I analyzed this position with Kasparov when I was a second and I know It's losing but I was just trying to Remember how and I was like all right Yeah what what what the hell's going on Here this is like Mental right Someone you know this is this is why I Like playing this line because it it is A lot of fun And I'm thinking I'm thinking I'm Okay he's got E5 What is the material count here I'm not Even sure okay but I have to take here I don't know what's happening here I've got a lot of Pawns this is it Bizarrely is equal a material I think Bizarrely and I I think he should have Gone to E5 last move that that looks Scary when his Rook was pinning my Pawn Down Certainly looks look like a A way to Cause some problems

I have to go here because this check Nasty my Bishop's on pre And We're going to get quite a weird I don't Know middle Game ending Where I kind of I kind of like my Position maybe I shouldn't do because my Pawns are quite compact my king is now Probably very safe Don't take kicks you lose H7 but Somehow we start attacking these pawns Like maybe here And I can feel that my pawns are much more Effective in this position Hi Carl I've got very solid Blockade as well Very solid blockade I'd love to take This port mate I mean I I'm sure I could Place more accurate but my first idea is To get the pawns away free Because that'll give me ideas of coming Through here with a queen and also when I check him he can't come here so My queen looks quite nicely placed it Has lots of ways it can attack my knight Defends has chance to come forward and My pawns are well positioned so I don't Feel I need to worry about them but okay So he's come here is this idea here here And he's going to take that pawn Well okay now I will use this guy Because I couldn't before it's blocked

But it's one square near a queening so Why not Why not push it forwards Even weird endings like this are kind of Tempting This is a weird ending let's go let's Try let's try this one He's going for G6 but I can always take Here if he goes for it and this is a Weird ending where I'm relying on These how does he stopped that one it's Got to come no he can't I take it how Does he stopped that guy He doesn't He doesn't stop it at all okay fair Enough well one game away we'll make This the last game can we get to 2600 or Not let's see we go to D4 Got to win this one And we're gonna go for Knight F3 And we're gonna try to finish off with My last course the collie Zuca tour so The quality Zoo taught this is stage one Stage two you finish set out the other Bishop So we'll do that now And Um Castle The next Point put your knight here good Square for the Knight so this is all Normal and now this is the middle game Plan is to put the knight in the middle Back it up with the pawn

And here I've got to remember the right Way to play this do we take him first And take here and then go Bishop here And this is this is something I've just Analyzed like I said with Richard Palace's help And Came to the conclusion I think which is Very fair to say that white is slightly Better Uh why well first of all there's This little Zoo could talk Bishop very Dangerous Maybe this was a bit premature actually Because you can go hit oh no I'll take There can't I this bishop is also quite Powerful I've got the F Pawn coming Forwards And I might even move the surfboard now Right Uh Takes takes yeah why not let's try to Let's try to get through to here Okay I'm gonna try to kill him now while he Sleeps Bang Jesus if you don't want to buy the Course now you never will look at this I Know he can take here Rook takes Oh this is if he didn't do if he took There if six was mate this is the collie Zucker taught in action And this was actually all part of the

Stuff we've we've analyzed Um Quite recently Just wondering if I had any I mean this Is winning for me I mean if I don't win This I'm an idiot but yeah okay don't Say anything don't say anything it's I I've not won Positions like this just I'm just going To move this Rook next move let's see Anyway I can lose immediately let's just Bring that one over I've got a pawn up With an attack I mean yeah it's actually a really Dangerous opening against D5 and the Great thing is it's you is from a very Safe position okay so my opponent has Sacked the queen Now It shouldn't be working for him as long As I move that Rook because I've clearly Got enough material a bit greedy of me To grab that one but well it seems still Works out it's another Pawn so I've got Two pawns a queen yeah this is this is Crashing right Far too much All right keep on that one I think Um Well do we how do we how do we do this Okay I I mean I don't don't really want To give him this square but I can go C3 And Also I'd love to swap one more pair of

Rooks off so I'm going to try to do that Now I did give him some checks but my King can come this way And he has I'm very surprised he did That Very surprised he swapped some Brooks Off because now he doesn't really have The only chance is if I take that pawn And he goes Bishop D4 but Ah not even me it's gonna fall for that One And can we go here keep that away This one I'm actually going to just give My queen back Like this Which I've worked out is winning pretty Straightforward for me King and pawn ending Is very good There we go Right cheers everyone make sure you like And subscribe a little Blitz session we Did get two 2600 whoa not bad and there was some Good little games there I think bye [Music]


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