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Liberation Station | Daniel Kopylov vs Kirk Vagho Ghazarian

Chess Grandmaster Daniel King examines a Kalashnikov game between Daniel Kopylov vs Kirk Vagho Ghazarian Support on Patreon: 🔥
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Foreign Has been out on chessable for about a Year now and it's really gratifying to See that some of the lines that I Recommended have actually been validated In practice and you know results have Been pretty good And Um Player of the black piece is here Actually follows one of my main lines Quite some time I have no idea whether He knows my course or not But it's really interesting to see and Well the outcome was pretty positive so Let's take a look quick reminder that my Chessboard course On the classical Sicilian Is on sale right now so if you want to Get it then now is the time you can get It for an absolute bargain I'll put the Link down in the comments and you'll see The video description as well So here we go this is the Sicilian Collection of course white doesn't have To play Knight B5 but I think it is the Best move And we get this typical fixed Pawn Structure And this Knight is sort of going on a Wonder it has to find its way back to a Sensible position So I've looked at quite a few games with The the Marazzi bind option with C4 but

Knight C3 is the other main move and in Fact this it's more popular than C4 A6 so that gives black the opportunity To push the Knight around And now There are different ways of playing this Position some people like to play Bishop E6 the old move is B5 which can lead to Actually very interesting positions um One of one of the channel viewers sent Me a very nice recent game with B5 Perhaps we'll have a look at that Another time Um but the move that I recommend in the Course is Bishop E7 and this has been Championed by well a lot of very strong Plays Alexander moiserenko from Ukraine Magnus Carlson has played this as well So basically you're just delaying Knight F6 uh that would transposed to a session Called with Bishop G5 So but you're preparing to play Knight F6 and then castles So white now takes the time to redeploy That Knight it's not great at the side Of the board so Knight C4 And we push the knights And then Knight F6 So you could say this is almost the the Starting point of the main line and now I mean there are quite a lot of moves Here you can put the Knight on D5 A3 Bishop D3 but actually G3 is the most Popular move

So this is the main line Bishop just preparing to come to a solid Square on G2 where it supports the pawn On e4 And here one can play solidly You can just Castle but well I do like H5 and this is the the main move that I Recommend in the course And this already challenges white you Know white has to decide What do you do about this Advance do you Simply Play Bishop G2 and allow the Advance that can be risky Do you play H3 But then black can play this and try to Use these weakened Dart squares later Or do you solidly block that pawn with H4 well that's what happened in this Game and it looks very reasonable but Actually Every porn move creates weaknesses Slight weaknesses and black manages to Exploit that So here we have a great example of the Trojan Horse in the course I point out Typical maneuvers And I call this one the Trojan Horse you Fling the knight in on The Outpost and This can cause some disruption by Looking looming over into White's Position and very often you can actually Give up a pawn when you play D4 Knight D4 to open up lines that's why I call it The Trojan Horse

Bishop G2 and now B4 this is exactly my Recommendation in the course So Knight D5 Knight exchanged And here is another I think a very nice Typical move for black In the Kalashnikov okay I'll give you The chance to think what would you play With black in this position cheers Well Bishop G4 Is a really attractive move and you can See how this Porn move H4 has slightly weakened that G4 square and of course supported by the H Pawn allows Bishop G4 I call this the Poke And you see this move Bishop G4 in a lot Of variations of the Kalashnikov Very annoying move for white Because moving the queen isn't very Pleasant so for example Queen D3 Actually allows an amazing move Bishop B2 Very embarrassing for the queen Very incredibly unusual to have the Bishop here and this just results in a Beautiful position for black And you take on e4 with with obviously a Clear advantage So after Bishop G4 white has to play F3 So this provoked this move F3 and the Bishop just falls back actually to the Square it really wants to go to E6 where It looks at that Knight it's beautiful

Chunky Square for that Bishop But you can see in provoking F3 that's Blunted the bishop But also weakened that G3 square and Opened up that that diagonal F3 is Definitely not a move that white wants To make and already you know I feel that Um Black's opening has been a success Actually So this is the game continuation In the course Um I give Bishop E3 as The the best move for white although I Think that after this I think that black is already actually Very comfortably placed with well it Could be that this Knight spins to F5 it Could be you leave the Knight there just To allow it to be taken you also have Potential to play on the C file as well It's a very nice minority attack also Very typical for Sicilian positions But in this game White takes on B4 white takes the bait And this is a move again that I looked At in the course Um in fact I recommend A5 And then D5 And I think that black has excellent Compensation for the pawn in this game Black plays D5 immediately also a very Attractive continuation So when black breaks with D5 in the

Colossian curve I call this Liberation Station because it often liberates Blacks pieces and this is a great Example of that So you can see it opens up the bishop Starts to attack White Center Really nice move White takes on D5 Bishop takes Pawn Takes And now we can see how again we can Exploit this move F3 notice you know This bishop is blunted that's nice Knight F5 So with the pawn gone from F2 that pawn On G3 is really weak I can see how black is already getting Through to White's King White's King's Looking a bit drafty with that pawn on F3 Really tricky position already you know If white defends that with a really ugly Move I mean you could just Castle here And I think black has superb Compensation for well it's two pawns but I mean this is so ugly you could also Actually take on G3 here And If that's taken then Bishop takes and This actually wins material This this Rook is going to drop so Rook H3 I mean I'm not surprised that white Declined to play that it just looks too Ugly Um D6 plate

And that was taken And then Queen D3 so I think white has Ideas perhaps trying to bring the the King to the queen side maybe opening up The wrong diagonal as well Queen D3 attacks the Knight And if Knight takes then Rook H3 well That is a bit awkward for black that Knight can't get out But Bishop B4 check good move So this is a bit awkward for the king And Bishop D2 Exchange of pieces And here I think there's a strong Argument for playing Into the end game straight away Check with the Rook now the king can't Come to E2 because of that night Fork And then just King E7 now black is a Pawn down But White's coordination is terrible Here And black has this beautiful kingside Poor majority Wonderful coordination and that night of Course threatens The pawn on G3 I think black has superb Compensation for the pawn there But in the game black played Knight Takes G3 also very attractive I have to Say And another end game is on the board Rook H3 and now the Knight came back But this gives white a just a little bit

Of time to coordinate I think black is Still Definitely for Choice here Um let me see pawns are even but Certainly Black's coordination is much Better than whites Bishop D3 And now black went for Knight E3 Knight D4 also possible but Knight E3 And here white makes a mistake better to Put the Rook back here Rook G3 played And this is actually quite a difficult Position for white The castles well the the king should Actually come here Um but this Knight can switch around to F4 but actually here white just made a Blunder King F2 That pesky night Was just too much in the end because Black was able to play Knight takes C2 Winning a pawn and considering that you Know black has this really healthy King-size Pawn structure which is so Typical of Sicilian positions and Certainly the the Kalashnikov Then I mean basically white is now lost So if Bishop takes C2 then Rook D2 check Just picks up the bishop and well should Be a winning Rook component game in the Game white plays Rook G1 But So I'm afraid lost immediately

White is just a piece down and for Absolutely nothing and well black is Has maintained coordination so here White resigned So I I mean the the line worked out Perfectly Um white was under pressure from such an Early stage and I just want to emphasize Those themes That are so typical of the Kalashnikov So first of all We have the Trojan Horse that Knight Just leaping into the Outpost on D4 so Common And then we have this very nice idea the Poke Bishop G4 Attacking the queen and that's really Awkward for white because it provokes F3 And that really is not a move that you Want to make as we saw G3 was weak in Fact you know this diagonal is weak uh White king opens up very unpleasant and Then just a couple of moves later we had This Typical liberating move Liberation Station as I call it the D5 Pawn break Which just blows open the center And black had a very nice initiative Which he managed to carry through into a Wing so just a reminder the Kalashnikov Course my Sicilian classical course is On sale at the moment adjustable do Check out the link down there and uh

Yeah more coming later Thanks for watching


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