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Levon Aronian Is A Bullet Chess God! | SCC Recap

Check out an incredible Speed Chess Championship classic as Levon Aronian and Dmitry Andreikin took their Round of 16 match to a thrilling bullet finale!

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This somehow was still a draw I know This is confusing to some of our viewers Lavon Or scenario for Lavon Levon aronian has played in every single Speed Chess Championship thus far his Opponent dimitriandraken is playing in The SEC for the first time but in draken Is no stranger to Elite speed chess he Has won 10 title Tuesdays in the current ERA that's only second to Hikaru Nakamura this match seemed a toss-up to Many including aronian who felt that he Would need to outscore the practice and Draken in Blitz to have any hope in Bullet A chaotic opening draw was followed by a Clean Iranian conversion of an extra Exchange and then there was a shocking Turnaround win by andrakin who won a Dead drawn two verse 1 Rook end game the Fourth game featured absolute chaos with Brilliant play from both sides It would be Madness to go for the win Here with Rook takes D7 but this game Has been full of Madness Having finned it off and draken's Bloodthirsty Ambitions aronian showed His own enthusiasm for kingside carnage Oh gosh just check look at the king it's Just like literally the most one-sided Position of all time That was impressive though a clean draw In game six preceded an undrakeen win

With black in the Berlin defense to tie The match but after another draw aronian Tried to smother and draken's King in The final game of the five plus one Segment oh the king runs to H4 now I I think you can just play just take on G5 just take the pawn and King G4 look At this domination well done Lavon taking all of the fonts here Dimitri's gonna resign Okay it's over Knight takes G5 yeah and It's over Aronian held a point lead as the match Advanced to three plus one but after a 100 plus move draw and draken Uncorked a Brilliant Queen sacrifice in the second Game of the time control Queen City G5 And Rook H4 almost works What is this not my type of position he Actually was lining this up throw your Pieces forward you don't have a lot of Time neither player does H2 but now I Think the queen can move back to D1 There's Bishop G2 check oh gosh now he's Completely winning Dimitri's gonna flag And Brook H6 now throwing his Checkmate Dimitri losing time Lavon aronian Somehow wins a game where his King was Caught in the crosshairs of a vicious Attack but Dimitri on draken couldn't Find the right continuation Such a turnaround would have shattered Most players but and draken seemed only To draw power from the frustration as he

Commenced the biggest winning streak of The match he won the next four games With the 13th game being a particularly Insane time scramble who's better and Why I think it's probably black Whoa what is Knight B7 He wants the night on C5 But he's still very dangerous he's even Think about taking on C5 at some point Pushing a seatbelt up the board and There goes Once I barely got the move up yeah he's Really in time trouble oh he but two Seconds to give C5 yep he's gonna flag He's done oh my God It's tight again Dimitri is just going to Pummel LaVon in The time scrambles that's what he's Saying after a stabilizing draw and Drake can press forward in another Insane scramble where aronian was the First to promote Holding this is a huge threat Queen D3 Was great C5 A4 Rook D2 wins a piece oh my goodness Rookie one move it goes behind the okay A five Oh he's gone he played it with point one Seconds oh my gosh he's getting a queen But Knight takes Knight takes a two oh My God it's C2 Dimitri on Jake Drake is A wizard he wins again and now he Doesn't even have to mate with Knight And Bishop because he's gonna win all

His pawns let's check him in it it's Mate oh my God Look at Dimitri he can barely breathe Right now but he's creating Breathing Room in this match he is now up ten to Seven and draken had turned around a One-point deficit and now led by three Points entering the bullet time control If Vegas offered odds on the SEC they Would surely have been stacked against Aronian then something amazing happened Unbelievable check he's gonna levon's Gonna win the first game Can we just say that Lavon looked like a Very practiced bullet player in this one I know that is that bodes so well for His chances the fact that he was able to Blitz out that opening and then navigate A very difficult position while keeping The time advantage I'd be struggling to check me right now Checking and checking and checking and He finally wins The Rook It's two points that was nuts One win preceded another and while in Draken won the third bullet game aronian Immediately won the next momentum was on His side and a win in the sixth bullet Game leveled the match with few minutes Remaining it's over Queen D7 you trading A rookie seven we're gonna get resign Time here any moment now Knight G5 is Mate with Rook G7 and Knight F7 look at That I I think you make sure you don't

Get back my checkmated but I think after This if I'm Dimitri I might let the 15 Seconds on my clock elapse lose on time Just to try to get some sense of Composure to regain the balance because Everything is going wrong for him thus Far the penultimate game seemed headed To a draw but then he's gonna try to Flag Lebon Oh he pushed his King away He's making a little bit of progress but He has this check oh he pushed his King Away again but this somehow was still a Draw I know this is confusing to some of Our viewers wait what oh my God Oh my God Lavon oh no Nightmare scenario for Lavon Oh my goodness aronian had no time to Recover from this disaster the next game Was already underway and there would be No time for another aronian had to win To tie the match and take it to overtime Hunting for more pawns oh what a Decision by Levon Bishop D7 still dying Queen E7 Queen E6 taking everything 985 Dimitri's still still trying to survive Bishop B7 No I didn't get there he gave up a big Pawn a queen before check uh would be Mate if oh Queen he said that's it Unless he can stalemate himself Nah come on Crazy we're gonna get four more games Of OnePlus One to decide this match

It's just Queen before believable Just don't give up checks right the king Of G2 is actually quite protected from All the checks but that would be the Worst thing ever you have a Perpetual on This is going to Armageddon for the First time in 2022 the speed Chess Championship went to overtime four one Plus one bullet games where the winner Would take it all and Drake can start it Off well in overtime seeming poised to Win game one not trade Rooks of course A1 Oh it's a drop And King F2 Knight H1 is made yeah That's incredible Checkmate what the Heck just happened Dimitri allows a draw After having such a winning position Escape him and draken looked like he Might be in trouble in game two as Aronian found the brilliant Rook takes E6 which thrilled the commentators That's the huge fun Robert you can't Afford to lose it rookie six oh that was A sick tactic Oh my God he won the pawn but it's still He's not out of the woods look at the Knight Is there like a oh four Now we can take on E6 no we can just Take the Rook What's happening here I'd have settled Rookie two Knight H2 is made

Oh my goodness losing I have two mate It's me oh my lands and now Levon has to Win with black with his back against the Wall again aronian remained unfazed as He built up such a dominant position That he could even afford to blunder a Rook here we go oh he bought it up five Wait Queen D5 check I think Queenie five Is still good for black oh my God it's Still winning That's How winning his position was to begin With and now he's just gonna promote his Pawns isn't he unless he wonders his Bishop Oh my gosh this is ridiculous He have These in the chat he's still my beating Heart Yeah well C3 too many pawns here C2 cc2 C2 oh or D2 and then C2 you make the Most long-winded possible win like Levant gave up all possible material You didn't jinx it always good to see You here checking out the rest of the Competition the Dimitri on draken is Going to lose this one the match is Gonna be tight but look at Dimitri he Didn't resign right away he knows that He's feeling a little bit on edge and Now this is the final game of the match If it's drawn we get Armageddon it's not Going to be drawn no draw let's see a Decisive game here

With one overtime game remaining aronian Was pressing with an extra Pawn when Suddenly and draken found some shocking Mating ideas Oh that's that's bad news for Dimitri Because now hello lean extra Pawn for White yep and now just move the bishop Cleanly away but don't give up the pawn On B3 how do you do that though Outside C4 I don't love that because but the Bishop B5 just feels awkward right now Queen to C5 offering another queen trade You can't let that knight jump into C5 This is bad for Dima Knight D4 though but Queen B6 we're Gonna get some trades black will have The activity It seems not completely unlikely does it Oh my God that's crazy Wow okay Now aronian down to 24 seconds Uh-huh and the Brooks are double the Default so the only fully open file well I guess the e-files open but there's a Bishop on E6 is blacks for the taking And is there a case to be made for Rushing this Apon up the board the Problem is that there's always this Shadow of the Rooks doubling on the Second rank which they're gonna do but The rules from F3 yeah do you remember That earlier game when Lavon was up a Pawn or sorry it was much better and

Then Dimitri got his Brooks I remember Right like this this house This gets dangerous 15 seconds for Lev Oh What A Move though Bishop A4 giving His Rook to G5 Square And now the pawn is gonna get to G3 and There is Rook G5 as you said yes and he Plays it immediately I think I would Have left it on the table just hoping That Dimitri played G3 without seeing Rook G5 oh Wait is there Rook D1 and H4 is there Rook d18 Look at the Box Levant grabbed his head He sees it now it's a little bit too Late he might have to sack on G4 seconds He's two seconds he sacks on G4 no but Now Bishop G4 and Rook F2 and black Should be winning Oh Holmes and Dimitri is beside himself oh My God he plundered and now he's up with A million points And but Robert Lavon down to two seconds Yeah look at that clock that is Dimitri's Only Hope right now is that he Flags yes and he's trying to bring a Rook to G1 but he can't attack G2 a Second time and here come the other Pawns LeBron's we're talking about your Pawns what is he doing he's giving all The pawns away why did you do that and He said give it another one away no way There's rookie five it attacks B5 as

Well it's big big move there still Winning it's still basically winning We're giving another one away how many Pawns can you possibly give up without Giving away Advantage why did he do that King G2 over here five it's game over It's winning oh my God yes it is he's Gonna make a queen Oh my gosh Dimitri barely getting the Moves off in time move to G2 where is he Going just run away oh it's almost me F6 Is almost amazing The pawn stopped oh but he gives a B5 no Rook B7 would be seven that's an H7 and Robert Bishop H5 at the end just go H7 Good point but then F5 he's got a flag Hey who's on time He lost some time he's beside himself He's so upset and that's the match Lavone drink of whatever he's been Drinking but it's led him to success in The button he gives away a little bit of A smile there Oh my God I have not breathed in the Last five minutes this entire overtime This spectacular Victory by aronian Positions him for a possible match Against top seed Hikaru Nakamura who Needs to overcome the resilient David Paravian in his own upcoming match Aronian has joked before about the Challenge of playing Hikaru and bullet But maybe the prowess he showed today Has boosted his confidence uh Lavon we

Wish you the best of luck we will see You in probably about a couple hours I Guess for the match with Hikaru so enjoy Enjoy your rest But we we will We Will We Will We Will Uh do our best and uh [Music]


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