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[Event “Fischer Random World Championship | Group Stage”]
[Site “”] [Date “2022.10.26”] [Round “5”]
[White “(B) Bluebaum, Matthias”] [Black “(B) Carlsen, Magnus”]
[FEN “nrkrbbqn/pppppppp/8/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/NRKRBBQN w DBdb – 0 1”]

1. e4 [%clk 0:24:54] f6 [%clk 0:24:24] 2. Nb3 [%clk 0:24:45] d5 [%clk
0:22:34] 3. f3 [%clk 0:21:37] e5 [%clk 0:19:45] 4. exd5 [%clk 0:20:12]
Qxd5 [%clk 0:19:16] 5. d4 [%clk 0:16:20] Nb6 [%clk 0:18:10] 6. Be2 [%clk
0:15:16] Ng6 [%clk 0:17:28] 7. dxe5 [%clk 0:09:48] Nf4 [%clk 0:17:13] 8.
Qf2 [%clk 0:09:44] Nxe2+ [%clk 0:16:50] 9. Qxe2 [%clk 0:09:43] Qxd1+ [%clk
0:16:46] 10. Qxd1 [%clk 0:09:42] Rxd1+ [%clk 0:16:44] 11. Kxd1 [%clk
0:09:40] O-O-O+ [%clk 0:16:41] 12. Ke2 [%clk 0:09:05] Bg6 [%clk 0:14:52]
13. exf6 [%clk 0:05:07] Bxc2 [%clk 0:14:50] 14. Rc1 [%clk 0:05:06] Bd3+
[%clk 0:14:48] 15. Kf2 [%clk 0:05:06] gxf6 [%clk 0:14:41] 16. Ng3 [%clk
0:02:45] Na4 [%clk 0:14:12] 17. Bc3 [%clk 0:01:51] Nxc3 [%clk 0:14:07] 18.
Rxc3 [%clk 0:01:50] Bg6 [%clk 0:13:54] 19. Ne4 [%clk 0:01:33] f5 [%clk
0:13:25] 20. Nec5 [%clk 0:01:32] Bg7 [%clk 0:13:05] 21. Rc2 [%clk 0:01:32]
Bf7 [%clk 0:12:41] 22. Ke2 [%clk 0:01:10] b6 [%clk 0:12:06] 23. Nd3 [%clk
0:01:09] Kb7 [%clk 0:11:35] 24. Nd2 [%clk 0:01:02] Re8+ [%clk 0:11:01] 25.
Kd1 [%clk 0:00:43] Re3 [%clk 0:10:54] 26. Nc1 [%clk 0:00:20] c5 [%clk
0:09:42] 27. b3 [%clk 0:00:19] Bc3 [%clk 0:09:08] 28. Rxc3 [%clk 0:00:06]
Rxc3 [%clk 0:09:01] 29. Nf1 [%clk 0:00:05] c4 [%clk 0:06:21] 30. Kd2 [%clk
0:05:09] Rxc1 [%clk 0:11:22] 31. Kxc1 [%clk 0:05:13] cxb3 [%clk 0:11:26]
32. axb3 [%clk 0:04:46] Bxb3 [%clk 0:11:29] 33. Ng3 [%clk 0:03:51] Be6
[%clk 0:11:17] 34. Nh5 [%clk 0:03:50] Kc6 [%clk 0:10:47] 35. Nf6 [%clk
0:03:47] h6 [%clk 0:10:50] 36. g4 [%clk 0:03:11] Kd6 [%clk 0:10:34] 37. h4
[%clk 0:02:26] Ke5 [%clk 0:10:27] 38. g5 [%clk 0:02:24] hxg5 [%clk
0:10:31] 39. hxg5 [%clk 0:02:27] Kf4 [%clk 0:10:11]

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00:00 Hello Everyone!

The 2022 FIDE World Fischer Random Championship is taking place in the Berjaya Reykjavik Natura Hotel, Iceland, from 25-30 October. The 8 players include defending Champion Wesley So and World Champion Magnus Carlsen. The players are split into 2 groups of 4 players, with the top 2 in each group advancing to the knockout stages. All games are Chess960, with the players given 15 minutes to study the randomly drawn starting position before play. At stake is $400,000, with $150,000 for the winner.

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Hello everyone and welcome to the second Day of the world Fisher random Championship it is Mathias bluebound Versus Magnus Carlsen and uh it's uh Truly a game that Um makes you wonder about how great life Is it's it's like reading good poetry While someone is feeding you your Favorite cake only better uh on on a on A nice sunny day let's say something Like that it's hard to say because it's A really nice game uh which you guys Will see and it's a very short game Basically the game uh sets uh uh a Decisive tone already as of move seven Uh but yeah we're gonna discuss that Fairly soon it's a really weird position As you can see there are uh Knights on All four corners of the chessboard which Is very nice that's why I put um Something Lada posted on Twitter he said Who said the Knight on the rim is dim And now we have a four nights on the rim Uh so let's see how the players use Those Knights and the Knights are used Quite well in this game and also before We check out the game I would just like To address one a little thing yeah I Didn't know I I I will be addressing This because I I didn't think anyone Would really fall for it but more and More people are sending me messages Asking me if I have promised them a PlayStation 5 or a uh iPhone or I don't

Know something because someone in the Comments with my profile photo and um Well seemingly my channel name and also On telegram has contacted them and said That they have won a prize so I can Assure you uh no one will contact you Online assuring you that you have won a Prize especially another big one like Like a PlayStation 5 or something like That and not only like like 15 maybe Even 20 people have contacted me already And some of them even said that they Have paid like fifty dollars for Shipping or something like it's a Complete Madness so don't fall for that And it's very easy to check you can Click on the actual profile you can see If it's my channel you can see if it's My tell program account so don't you Know fall for such scams online And you know stay stay very safe as Usual but yeah now that that is Addressed and now let's check out the Game so Matthias has the white pieces And he opens with Pawn to E4 and Magnus Replies with Pawn to F6 which is usually A crazy move in regular chess in this Position it seems to be a great one and It was employed on other boards as well And if you remember even in regular Chess uh Thomas Wilson Barnes defeated Paul Charles morphy with Pawn to F6 on The first move but uh you know those Were different times but okay now Pawn

To F6 we have Knights the B3 we have D5 By Magnus striking in the center both The rook and the queen are supporting The pawn pawn to F3 and now Pawn to E5 Grabbing the entire Center e captures And queen captures on D5 bringing up Your queen uh too early never a good Idea but again this is a chess 960 and Here pawn to D4 preparing to open up the D file and open up the white Rooks Attack towards the queen for the moment You can can to do it the Rook on D1 is Undefended but Matthias has plans of Playing Bishop to E2 So here Knights the B6 by Magnus Bishop To E2 Now The Rook is defended and the Magnus plays Knight to G6 and already uh Something very very cool is about to Happen uh here we have D captures on E5 Which is a bit premature you should just Continue developing with something like G3 or Knight to F2 but after d captures On E5 yes magnus's Queen is now hanging But there is something Matthias missed In this position uh that Magnus uh Prepared so feel free to pause the video And try to find this idea while I give You a couple of seconds Foreign So for those of you who are able to do It congratulations on realizing the Connection between the king queen and Bishop and for those of you who just Want to enjoy the show it is Knight to

F4 this is what Magnus played and now Matthias is in great trouble uh what can He do here uh seemingly you could Capture but uh and it seems like it Should be good for you the problem is You have to calculate really far away to See that it's actually good for you I Will show you the line because it was Not played if real captors on D5 Knight Captures I need to with check for King The King and the queen now King to D1 Now you're gonna play Knight captures on G1 and after Rook capture Sun d8 King Chapter 78 e captures an F6 let's say G Captures it seems like black is up a Piece as you can see black is up a light Square Bishop you will win back the PC Will play Bishop to F2 and now the Knight is trapped and now uh Magnus will Just pick up the F3 Pawn G captures on F3 and you will get a disposition which Symmetrical Pawn structure pretty much But Magnus would have a a bishop for a Knight so it's two Bishops a knight and Rook versus two knights bishop and Rook But the position would be uh well Heavily favored in uh for black uh as The games on both sides of the board so The bishop Crews will be very powerful This was however best white had in the Actual game Queen TEF 2 was played and Now the position will be uh somewhat Different Knight captures than E2 first

We have Queen captures on E2 and now Magnus plays Queen captures on D1 with Check Queen captures we have Rook Captures on D1 King captors and now look At this queen side castles beautifully Done the king remains uh where the King Was but now the Rook just comes to d8 And the delivers check and this is Something one could definitely miss when Calculating all of this but Magnus goes For it and now it will be incredibly Difficult to defend this the problem is Bishop is coming to G6 and you will not Be able to defend the C2 Pawn you could Play something like King the C1 but Again it's not the the greatest of Squares or you can just play F capitals And E5 the Knight can come to C4 uh Imagine if the bishop ever yeah you know Assumes this diagonal so it's not gonna Be it's not gonna be pretty plus you Already moved the king how are you ever Getting the Rook into the game so Instead after this castles with King the E2 now comes the bishop to G6 now you Cannot defend your Pawn uh e captures on F6 Bishop captures on C2 now which tempo As The Rook is hanging so Rook to C1 and The bishop to D3 with check we have King F2 and only now G captures on F6 so now Magnus wins his spawn back and the Bishops will now fight against the Knights with Knight the G3 uh Knight the A4 again how are you defending the B2

Pawn bishop to C3 and Dot Magnus Eliminates the other Bishop as well so Knight characters Rook captures and Bishop back to G6 uh we have Knight to E4 and now Pawn to F5 by Magnus Knight To C5 and now just the bishop to G7 so Now the bishop pair is almost fully Operational Rook the C2 now adding a Defender to the B2 pawn and now Bishop To F7 uh we have King te2 you can't Really move the Knight Um yeah you can't really move the pawn Because then something like B6 moves the Knight and then this Knight hangs so the The two knights defending each other is Never a good idea so upon the B6 by Magnus Knight to D3 and not just King B7 Are preparing to go C5 improve his Position on the queen side uh Knight to D2 and now we have Rook the E8 with Trek King D1 we have rooked the E3 grabbing More space Knight the C1 and now even Pawn to C5 so you can see how the Knights are really struggling to play Against those Bishops uh B3 and now even A beautiful Bishop to C3 by Magnus Completely paralyzing white and now this Knight well this Knight can move in That's even a good move but the Rook Cannot move the Knight cannot because of Rookie one Checkmate so it's very hard To continue best for white and probably The only way to maybe save the game is The to actually go for this Knight's Day

2 attacking the bishop and after the Bishop moves now you can play Knight to G3 you go after the pawn and the once Magnus defends it now you go after the Rook so you really have to go crazy with This Knight to Rook the D3 now King E2 This is how you get the king into the Game and after Rook D4 maybe now you can Play this but still the bishop pair is Just uh extremely strong here so instead Rook captures on C3 was played a nice Offering of a of a exchange by Matthias Rook captures on C3 and now Knight the F1 we have C for now by Magnus and King To D2 and it seems like Magnus blundered The Rook here but this is what Magnus Had in mind he wants to give back the Exchange and just keep a winning Position Rock captures on C1 King Captures C captures on b3a captures and Bishop captures so now Magnus is up only One Pawn but it's two connected pass Points on the queen side and again games On both sides of the board he has a Bishop of course so he is much better Here So Knight G3 we have Bishop D6 defending The pawn and now Knight the H5 King to C6 of course Matthias will try Everything Knight to F6 going after H7 So H6 with Pawn to G4 and now King to D6 We have Pawn to H4 King to E5 and now G5 Medias also creates a pass Pawn of his Own captures captures and the king the

F4 and he was in this position on move 39 that Matthias bluebomb resigned the Game as there is nothing more to be done Here and now the the pawns will just Start marching forward the bishop is in A beautiful spot here controlling this Light Square diagonal uh and there's Really nothing to do if you start Advancing the pawn just King here I mean Now the Knight has to move the pawn will Hang you cannot sacrifice the Knight Because the bishop covers the queening Square so that's out of the question and Okay one thing that you maybe can do is Uh defend your pawn and and try to hold On but I mean it's really not all that Difficult you just push the pawns and Win for those of you who like me to Finish games let's say Bishop F7 you Have to prevent the pawn to G6 or rather You should let's say King to B1 and I'll Just start pushing pawns Pawn to B5 King B2 white will waste some time Point A5 King to C2 uh A4 and I are gonna go King To B2 Pawn to B4 and now after King to C2 A3 King to B1 even B3 and after King Day one now you can just bring your king In and Checkmate the white king let's Say King E3 Knight to F6 now the Knight Can come into the game B to check King To B1 King to D3 and now of course once The B2 Pawn will be uh defended uh A2 Will be Checkmate whatever white plays Doesn't really matter King C3 and now

Let's say you go here A2 will be checked It's only one of the ways you can do This but the after King F4 Matthias Resigned and a wonderful Victory uh for Magnus uh who gets a nice Victory after His loss yesterday against Hikaru Nakamura Wesley also had a very nice Game against the animation he defeated Him in their first game uh so that will Definitely mean a lot Jan will have to Strike back otherwise he uh is very Close to dropping out of the uh Competition because uh well abdusader of Doing incredibly well Wesley now beating Him in game one uh he will have to Strike back uh so we'll see what happens There and I will keep you guys informed Uh yeah that's the game hope you guys Enjoyed it stay safe don't trust Strangers on the internet even if they Have a profile photo of someone that you Know it it might not be them actually Behind the account so always you know Click on it and check if it takes you to The original account uh and yeah just be Be safe in general uh so yeah once again Really hope you guys enjoyed it I would Like to thank Stephen Pryor uh Subramanian and Jordan Short-livedi treats for medo and Jeff Morrow for a contribution to my channel Thank you a lot I really appreciate it As usual you can check to all my Previous videos here thank you for

Watching and I will see you soon Continuing the coverage of this fine Event until it finishes so thank you all I will see you soon and have an Excellent rest of your day


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