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King’s Gambit Chaos | Ian Nepomniachtchi vs José Martinez Alcantra

Chess Grandmaster Daniel King examines the game Ian Nepomniachtchi vs José Martinez Alcantra. Support on Patreon: 🔥
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Foreign Day at yes for 24 hours You can get 25 off all products Including my power play DVD series there We go all 28 of them 25 off for 24 hours an absolute bargain And the great thing is They're all available as downloads now You don't have to buy the DVDs you don't Have to look like an idiot like this you Don't have to find space on your shelf They're all available as download in Fact you can buy all 28 As a package a massive discount plus the 25 off do check it out Openings are covered uh middle game Strategy openings [Music] Um Queens can't be decline for black Great opening attacking repertoire for White you can buy an attacking package Up hang on let me put those down there Um attacking for white opening Repertoire and of course the last two King's Gambit two DVDs downloads On the king's Gambit and well They've been very well received Do check them out and that gives me an Excuse to look at another King's Gambit Game a fairly recent one from Jani Pomnishi playing white now nepo he plays The king's Gambit a lot And he has fantastic results with it and I think it's really interesting to see

The way that he plays it so here we go Napo with white this was played in a Rapid play game on in August And his opponent who's rated 2590 to 91 Here uh Jose Eduardo Martinez So you know decent player but Watch What Happens Now H6 this has a fairly good reputation Black intends just to support the F Pawn Let's see how nepo deals with it D4 now If G5 My recommendation on my download my DVD Is G3 just to break up those pawns I Think this is a very interesting way for White to play but black plays with D5 This is a little bit unusual of course It's sound strategy to counter In the middle If E5 here then G5 and the center is Blocked don't like that for white you've Got to keep things fluid so e takes D5 Played Knight F6 and here I think I Would just develop just play Bishop B5 Check but nepo well he hangs on to that Port C4 very interesting So material is now even Who is better here it's just very Unclear a nice Pawn chain that blocks Out this bishop that's a bit annoying Knight C3 Bishop G7 And now the E file is open Queen E2 Check and that's a little bit awkward

You could block with the queen but Actually these kind of end games they're Quite well known That in this kind of situation White often gets very nice play here Against the king uh sometimes you Castle Queenside sometimes kingside and you Still have chances to break open uh the F5 actually A Martinez plays King f8 Well there are pros and cons to that Move Gets the king out of check of course I mean one of the advantages is that Sometimes that can be a little bit Awkward for weight having the queen on E2 blocking this bishop Here I still like the move G3 I think That's a very nice move to to break up Those pawns but H4 plate Now this is typical move in the king's Gambit and you know you want to try and Break up these pawns and if G4 then yeah then the Knight comes in This Pawn is then vulnerable I mean After G4 one could even consider just Giving up that piece And playing this position Um you know the king is at the end of The f file that's actually very Dangerous But after H4 Martinez plays an excellent Move Knight H5 This is tough the Knight heading into G3

Knight E4 covers The G3 square and attacks G5 G4 Knight E5 well the position is already Reaching boiling point after just 11 Moves And here well actually Martinez makes a Mistake I think Even in a classical game this Position would be very hard to Understand very hard to get to groups With Um my computer tells me that the best Move here is can you guess what's the Best movies Queen E8 really It looks very unlikely but apparently That's the best move But instead F5 was played Attacking this Knight Um obviously looking to get in here but Watch What Happens now Knight C5 Those nights looking pretty menacing Knight G3 And here Knight E6 check this is nice That has to be taken Knight G6 check Oh that's nice we can take this bishop With check So that gets the the queen out of Trouble King H7 and then nepo just took the rook In the corner Now question for you

How would you play here with white White is already what's what's the Material Um Black is actually exchanged down How do you play with white here White play Well I hope That you you're playing in the spirit of The king's Gambit And you're not afraid to give up Material Bishop D3 is a good move And if Knight takes Rook Bishop takes Pawn And For a piece white has tremendous Compensation there you know these pawns Are vulnerable The king could Castle here or maybe Chase that Knight King E2 and Rook takes Knight Excellent competition But nepo played Rook H2 now that Looks strange to me The Rook is just Looks trapped there Does white have time to take this Pawn Get rid of the Knight bring the Rook Back into play who knows Black plays excellently here really good Move Can you spot it Knight C6 excellent move So not as materialistic as nepo you know If that's taken Then the queen will head into the game

And that looks beautiful Takes porn Knight takes In the queen Queen F7 And here Now Martinez grabs that rook in the Corner the the temptation to take Material was too great Instead okay let me just show you one Variation this is fun black should Exchange Queens And here there's a beautiful idea Knight H5 And if Bishop takes porn okay How do you play as black in this Position black to play I'll have a Celebrity you have a thing black to play The move is Knight B5 Attacking the bishop and if Pawn takes Then Bishop D4 is checkmate Wow that is brutal all these squares Covered But instead black was greedy Knight C2 check And then the Rook was taken in the Corner Bishop takes G3 So what's the material now Um in fact it's Even material And I can imagine that black thought Yeah after C6 maybe the queen is gonna Pop out here The Rook looks Dreadful Surely black is doing well here with

That Rook out of play but here White has a winning move there's only One winning move For white in this position According to my computer Bishop C7 it's a great move Because it just shuts the queen out of Play There's no good Square I mean you can Exchange Queens but It doesn't look entirely right or maybe No exchanging Queen's looks looks pretty Bad Um for black that is Imagine this Pawn might might well steam Through here Um yeah it looks terrible Queenstate plate Bishop D3 Watch out Pawn takes Pawn takes Bishop takes and The Rook Comes back into play Just in time Watch What Happens B5 black Is desperately trying to find a path for The queen to get into the game but it's Too slow rookie one rookie six what a Transformation to go from H2 to E6 Threatening the queen threatening mate And now just some spike checks from Black really white can evade the checks Very easily Let's go to the end Knight C2 that was taken some more

Checks The king Steps boldly up the board No fear Because at this end of the board well That's where White's pieces are And with the protection of white pieces The king is absolutely secure and the Sensible checks have run out and on the Next turn This one or that one It's gonna be checkmate The game you know I just love it that You're right Today in the present day there is these Still beautiful wild romantic games that Are still played in The King's Gambit And nepo Uh has done a brilliant job in you know Keeping this opening alive do check out His games they're absolutely fantastic There you go anyway If you're interested in the king's Gambit do check out my two DVDs or Downloads from 24 hours 25 off the PowerPlay series thanks for watching


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