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Jennifer Yu: Another Opportunity at the Title | Round 13

Jennifer Yu talks to Cristian Chirila after defeating Cervantes in Round 13 of the 2022 U.S. Women’s Championship.


We do have a journey for you with us Jennifer an amazing Victory Congratulations you must be buzzing with Excitement for tomorrow's playoff Yeah I Got her match tomorrow I was just I Don't know after yesterday I just Thought it was over I just thought I was done like I was Like this is just awful Um but I'm really happy I have another Chance to go for the title again because I mean after a way I played yesterday I Was like I just honestly don't deserve Another chance what did you do yesterday After uh that loss to come back Um I don't know I usually uh like recover After losses pretty quickly like I just Get over it really fast but you know When you lose like that like I played a Move that I don't think I would have Played like when I was like eight years Old I don't know I was like literally Hallucinating I did not know what I was Doing and then after I played it I was Like damn like I thought because I Thought I lost like the title with that Move I was like because otherwise I was Like oh I'm doing fine here Um and I knew that and I was just like I I don't know what was going on so Um after that I was just like you know I Honestly don't deserve a chance like the

Way I've been playing was just awful but You see still still came back with the Black pieces against the surging player Five wins in a row for Talia very Difficult opponent how did you approach This one A charger no so basically I pretended This game like I had no chances off I Was like I don't really care like I'm Just gonna play like normal Um I didn't look at irena's game the Entire round I only saw it like after I Finished Um I was just like just pretend like It's over Um and just play normally because Otherwise there's just too much to think About because usually I do find Under Pressure it's just like after yesterday Like it's actually because I keep Thinking back on I'm like why would you Play that move like it's just so bad Um so that's kind of my mentality I just Kind of do like some mental gymnastics There I feel like Reno was doing Something very similar because I didn't See her looking at your game either she Was very focused on her game as well you Were very focused on your game as well And you guys were very close to each Other you didn't pick at all no I like I Try like I I think I was looking at like The screen that had like all the games On it I like accidentally picked her

Game once I was like no that's too much I was like no I have to I can't look at That game because it's not even like the Pressure it just makes me feel so mad at Myself for the way I played yesterday Because I just felt like I threw it away Completely when did you feel like you Were actually getting realistic chances In this one Um so from the opening I Um I definitely surprised her here Because like I've never played this Before and definitely was not that good But here at Queen before I just started Feeling pretty good about my station Because Um like this end game is just very Comfortable for me to play I can just I Feel like I basically can't really lose It if I just like keep um the pressure Don't let her play like F3 or F4 at some Point Um because what happened in the game was Like she just got very passive and then Um yeah like she didn't really have any Moves at some point and he found this Nice idea against this Knight C3 Knight Day four with which Basics to put Pressure on E2 first and then defend With route to p8 yeah very nice and at This point I think it was this moment Sometime after you play this move d4 did You see these move Rooks to C3 yeah I Thought Rook C3 I looked at Rook C3 more

After Ed CD Rook T3 but that that's just D3 um I thought I assumed after coming Here here right now this just doesn't Work yeah Um I assume that I could play D3 here too but I think Oh right That's tricky Yeah it was a tricky move and I think You have to do something like Rook F7 or Look at Faith but it becomes a bit Trickier than yeah maybe it should have Been no I like Um near the end of time Metro I think I Misplayed it a bit because like this is Fine but it's I think there's easier Ways to win and Um I think in a few more moves so after Rook A4 [Music] Um Yeah right here that you found uh yeah So I like At first I wanted to play Um so I saw this a few moves in advance And I thought I was just gonna play uh E3 and then I was like oh this Brook Takes C3 because this is just like Really different wow no you threw like I Saw this like moves ago in advance I was Like E3 just doesn't work when I got Like a customer T3 into draw yes and I Was like that's bad and then I was Thinking um Rook takes G3 Rook F and Then E3 but then Rook D and then you're

Like oh the pawns are pushy but then Rook d393 and perfectly Keen F3 and I Think this isn't as easy as it looks Because it's so tricky with uh you have To be so careful not to lose age up this Guy and not lose the H5 Pawn Yeah Because that's the problem I think I Could pick up the G and H pawns pretty Easily but do you have this move on is Probably not Rook A1 yeah Um and then so I was just like you know I spent a lot of time and I was like Knight G6 seems pretty simple to play Yep um yeah and that was actually Winning and after that you went on uh to Convert Jennifer congratulations big one how are You going to prepare for tomorrow's Playoff It's her again but you know to start Like forget kind of about the tournament Like Bishop A4 and then just kind of Start clean Um I haven't the last time I played the Playoff was actually at us Junior so I Have a little bit experience but I Didn't really have time to prepare for That one because it was the same day so Um I hopefully I can do more this time And you know I'm just really excited to Have another opportunity because I mean It's just a really interesting Tournament now I guess you know it's More exciting why don't you go get your

Rest and we'll see you tomorrow Our congratulations Jennifer good luck In tomorrow's playoff we're going to be Here to call all the actions yeah I mean And here it is uh once again ladies a Championship


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