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Jan-Krzysztof Duda: “This blunder allowed me to win!”

Polish Chess no. 1 Jan-Krzysztof Duda talks to Kaja Snare after beating Vidit to qualify for an Aimchess Rapid semi-final against Magnus Carlsen. Replay the games:

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And we’re joined by Young Crystal do That ready for semi-finals Congratulations Thank you An easy day for you it’s three games and You are ready Um yeah I would I wouldn’t call this day Easy Um I think Um I I think it’s Um actually kind of unexpected that I Won the match in free games Um in the in the final game I think I Was um I was basically very lucky Because I blundered and um yeah and Basically this this blunder allowed me To win because my opponent somehow Totally misplayed it uh with white I Mean sometimes it happens such things Happen like um for example I also did a Kind of similar thing against Lebanon in Some of the previous uh previous Tournaments yeah it’s just that Um if you sometimes you know want to win With white very Um I mean very badly then I mean Such such disasters may happen And also of course the second game was Kind of crucial because Um I wasn’t better in that game but um I I think I won basically because of

I was I mean I’m kind of more used to Playing on on a lot of time and and I’m I think I’m just queer so that prepares In the end Very impressive though and we are Following uh game three Arjun aragaisy Against Magnus Carlsen you will face the Winner of this match and if Magnus wins This game it’s going to be him for you In the semi-finals I don’t know if you Can see the game and give us your Thoughts because the bar just shuts off For Magnus Um yeah I think Magnus will win uh his Position Um looks really nice I mean he’s Querying comment and also I mean he Because he’s reading right one and a Half to half so Um if I if I’m not mistaken so um yeah It’s like um 1990 99 percent Agnus for Sure tomorrow yeah so um Yeah I mean of course uh I mean if I if I if I play uh good chess In this in this tournaments then most Likely I will face Magnus so Um yeah of course I’m looking forward Playing And good chest and without blenders Because I don’t think Agnes will be as Mercy I mean I mean we will be as um You know for giving its videos today Yeah well

You’ve been playing fantastic chess in This tournament so far you’ve actually Been on fire Magnus has struggled a Little bit so how much confidence do you Take with you into a semi-final against Probably Magnus Yeah overall I think I I mean I I think I played sort of better in the Elimination uh I I I mean I mean in in their tournament But now it’s Knockouts so Um it’s It’s almost as if another tournament so Um I think I think the history doesn’t Doesn’t matter at all to be honest and It will I asked someone who will be very Motivated actually to win against me so Um yeah it won’t be like any it won’t be An easy match for sure but um I’m Positive and hoping to You know doing and and to and to play And to play and the best as I can yeah It’s going to be a very cool match we Wish you best of luck tomorrow young Christophe Thank you thanks for joining us


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