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Jan-Krzysztof Duda on his Immortal Game

Jan-Krzysztof Duda talks to Kaja Snare after finding an amazing 9-move checkmate against Anish Giri in Round 3 of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals. Replay the game:

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The co-leader in the tour finals our Crystal how do you feel about the way You ended that last game Hello I'm very happy of course it's You and get to track meet your opponent I mean not really Checkmate and that's Um in a way I'm kind of disappointed That he didn't you know That there was no Checkmate on the Boards but the combination was so Beautiful Um so like you know atypical and but Also like with uh with checks Something extraordinary to me and I have Always You know like We could appreciate Beauty interests and It's very you know it's very nice to be On the good side of things absolutely And David calls it a contender for game Of the season calculating mate in eight I guess this must mean you are and just Perfect form you're on fire Um yeah you know it's basically a long Variation with uh with checks I mean all Our checks along the way so Um yeah actually I did see it like Um very very quickly but it so you know Calculates like 1000 times you know to Make sure that I it's really Checkmate And I don't blunder anything because Uh I mean otherwise it would be disaster But luckily Um yeah it was working and

Um it's very very nice you know To be smiling I mean me smiling against Anish not not reverse as it used to be So I'm very nice Definitely would you Call this one of the best games of your Career The combination yes the game not really Uh I I mean I once again got into this variation I I Had the game against you Angie like a Couple of years back in this ragazine And I actually had I think the very same Position Um through some moment and I I mean I drew that game but you know Couldn't remember anything a part of the Fact that uh I mean a part of the result And it was very annoying because Basically I I didn't know if it was Working for me or not and or how great It was so Um but on the other hand you know white White's play is very straightforward and It's always easier to be on the Attacking side and Also like compensation was long term I Would say with such a nice Center ponds And not only five so um yeah I mean it's But I know I can say you know that going Again into this variation was very very Smart but actually it was a coincidence It looked beautiful and you are You are like yesterday and shared lead With Magnus Carlsen in the tour finals

You already won one major this season Oslo Esports cup but in that one you Kind of came towards the end of the Tournament now you're on top here from The very get-go How do you see your chances to win the Whole thing I'm very optimistic sick of course but Um still you know more than a half of Tournaments has to be played and also I Think I get like the most difficult Opponents in the end I mean Magnus is of Course always the toughest opponent and Against Wesley so which I'm playing next To the Ross around is um I haven't won a Match against him yet so Um yeah so I mean it will be definitely Challenging and it's I think it's too early you know to Consider about you know winning the Tournament or not I'm just focused to Play good chess and Um yeah and be you know as precise as As I can get Sounds like a great plan uh younger so Enjoy that beautiful finish you had to Today and like best of luck tomorrow as Well Thank you very much


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