Monday, October 2, 2023
HomeJan-Krzysztof Duda: "I'm kind of on the American timezone right now!"

Jan-Krzysztof Duda: “I’m kind of on the American timezone right now!”

Polish Chess no. 1 Jan-Krzysztof Duda talks to Kaja Snare after defeating Shakhriyar Mamedyarov on Day 2 of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals. Replay the games:

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Congratulations Thank you too much wins in a row you Will be on top of the table after today Together with Magnus are you in top four For the tour finals Um yeah hopefully I am and difficult to Say after you know only two matches but Um so far I'm quite quite pleased with My play and Um yeah hopefully you know it will be Um I mean I will play like this still Deeper units And of course playing from poem I know It's very late for you probably like Three to three a.m in the morning right Now uh now it's uh midnight right now Okay okay so it's not too bad oh it's For me it's like normal timing Um I'm gonna say because I think you are One of the players who stay up all night Playing chess and then you sleep in so This actually Suits You Yes I I mean I Um I was also in Canada not that long Ago and I'm kind of now you know kind of Struggling and and so I'm actually like I'm going to bed very late and um it's No issue whatsoever so Um I mean for me to play in this time Because I'm kind of set you know have Like uh I mean I mean kind of American time zone Right now so it's totally fine as if I Was in San Francisco yeah

Fantastic now uh playing against mom jar Of who won a fantastic match yesterday What are you the most happy about with Your play today and yesterday as well Um I'm happy that you know I I've been very Excited with black I don't think Um like I gave him a lot of chances You know to put a lot of pressure And also I mean you are always happy With the games you want Um but it was like I mean this Catalan Game was very crazy because Um Uh I mean I I thought I was basicallying By force and Mrs queenify response Um after after that I was very upset and Um didn't you know fully trust my Calculation no more So Um yeah but I mean we we were both wrong Time and Um and I was attacking so that was a That was a good thing and also I mean I Wasn't risking that much apparently but Um okay it was it was very sharp and As usual you know I couldn't have one Um I mean winning position Um also I'm very lucky in a way because I wanted at one point I wanted to make a Winning combination I mean trading you know Exchanging everything and then you know Some Pond race and

Um I I thought I you know I was doing by Force but um but but then I you know Realized I mean I thought that there is No reason you know to calculate um make Anything sharp you can do it's like you Know I was stupid so I could have done It you know without any calculations and So and my instinct just saved me because Um Because I I wanted to you know sacrifice My queen to to regain it and in two Months but I didn't realize that my Night was pinned so that would have been Actually a losing blunder in one move so Um that that was uh you know that that Was that was crazy but um But I mean of course I mean I was kind Of surprised that I You know couldn't Um couldn't find talk mate because his King seemed to I mean so vulnerable to Me but um I guess it was like efficient I mean good enough actually I mean I mean the way I You know try to convert it so that was Of course crucial game and Um and and as always there are you know A lot of Adventures in my games but um Yeah I'm very happy of course to win it Without and I need to play tyberg great Match one and three points finally young Crystal I want to ask you because there Are some huge geopolitical news today With some missiles sitting Poland on the

Border to Ukraine uh being at home in Poland is this something that has sort Of worried you or uh taken some Attention from you today Um actually I didn't know about it to be Honest oh um I mean of course it's um You can never you know feel like a short That nothing is like going to happen Because Um I mean Ukraine is next to Poland of Course so Um yeah it's always kind of tense and Very drastic but um Yeah actually actually I mean Poland has you know a benefit of Being not in NATO so that's for sure a Good thing and right now I mean I I don't know how I mean the situation Will be handled to be honest and um but I mean it's difficult for me actually You know to Um to be wise on this topic because I Have like absolutely no clue but um of Course I am One more time that I'm against any War Course and we're happy to see you Perform so well on the board the young Christoph best of luck tomorrow as well And congrats on your second match win Today Thank you very much thank you for Joining us


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