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Ivanchuk’s God Move

Photos by Lennart Ootes
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Ivanchuk, Vasyl (2686) – Van Foreest, Jorden (2699)
Pool A | FIDE World Team Championship ( [5] 2022.11.22
D32 Queen’s Gambit Declined, Tarrasch defence

1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 c5 4.cxd5 exd5 5.Nf3 Nf6 6.e3 a6 7.b3 Nc6 8.Bb2 Bg4 9.Be2 Bxf3 10.Bxf3 cxd4 11.exd4 Bb4 12.O-O O-O 13.Na4 Re8 14.Nc5 b6 15.Nd3 Bd6 16.Rc1 Rc8 17.Re1 Ne4 18.Re2 Qd7 19.Rec2 Nf6 20.g3 g6 21.Bg2 Rc7 22.Qf1 Re7 23.Bh3 Qe8 24.Ne5 Nb8 25.Ba3 Qd8 26.Nd7 Rexd7 27.Bxd6 Rxc2 28.Rxc2 Rxd6 29.Rc8 Qxc8 30.Bxc8 Nc6 31.Qxa6 Nxd4 32.Kg2 Kg7 33.b4 Nc2 34.Qa4 Ne1+ 35.Kf1 Nf3 36.Qd1 Ne5 37.Qd4 Nf3 38.Qf4 Ne4 39.Kg2 Ne1+ 40.Kf1 Nd3 41.Qe3 Ndxf2 42.Qd4+ Kg8 43.a4 Rc6 44.Ba6 Rc1+ 45.Kg2 Ng4 46.Bd3 Rd1 47.a5 Rd2+ 48.Kg1 Nef2 49.Qxd5 Nh3+ 50.Kf1 Ne3+ 51.Ke1 Rd1+ 52.Ke2 Nxd5 53.Kxd1 Nf2+ 54.Kd2 Nxd3

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The games are rapid, with 45 minutes for the entire game, plus a 10-second increment starting from move one. In the knockout stages two rapid matches are played. If the teams are still tied, they switch to 3+2 blitz and keep playing matches until we have a winner. Official website:

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Hello everyone and welcome to a most Incredible game app from the video world Team championship 2022 it is uh the Legend himself vasel ivanchuk versus Jordan Farm Forest one of Magnus Carlsen's Protege and uh definitely a Strong player to 26.99 the rating the So-called Hans Neiman rating and this Game is like uh I mean it's like Watching the old Vaseline manchuk like Uh someone who was feared by every Player in the world who could just Demolish everyone in in a most Unimaginable style uh and the new vessel Who sometimes uh I I guess uh you know Misses that his uh piece is attacked so It's a it's truly an incredible game and I'm sure you guys are going to enjoy it Let's dive straight into it so yeah Vassal with the white pieces opens with Ponte D4 we have D5 by Jordan uh C4 uh Going for the Queen's Gambit and the E6 Declining the Gambit with Knight to the C3 and C5 the tarash defense is on the Board see captures on d5e characters and Now Knight to F3 the two knights Variation followed by the three Knights Variation E3 and pawn to A6 now and here Usually you will see Bishop D2 uh this Is the by far the most popular move D Capitals and C5 and G3 are also very Popular but here we have B3 it's a it's Not a very often uh played move uh but It's it has been played by some very

Strong Grand Masters like Vladimir Kramnik played at ponkarat of play the Avoider shark played it uh so yeah it is Not unexplored territory we have Knights The C6 Bishop to B2 and now Bishop to G4 Pinning that Knight with Bishop to EQ in Here at Jordan trades the bishop for Knight captures captures and now C Captures on D4 we have e cap for sun D4 And now Bishop to B4 so still all known Territory we have Castles by both Players castles castles Knight the a for Now uh idea being I've also wants to bring the knights the C5 with the Knight on C5 uh will be an Amazing piece maybe later on you can Shift it to D3 and the E5 and you never Really care about Bishop capturing that Knight if Bishop captures Knight Q uh Capture with the d-pawn and you open up Your uh dark Square Bishop along this Diagonal which will be an incredible Piece so here there is one game where Bishop the D6 was played but here we Have rooked the E8 by Jordan and it is Now as of move at 13 that we have a Completely new game so let's see what Happens here in Knights the C5 of course Uh we have B6 chasing away the Knight And knights the D3 and now Bishop to D6 As the bishop was attacked and you Really like your Bishop here Rook to C1 Putting the Rook on a nice open C file Uh Jordan does the same and now Rook the

E1 and both players nicely develop the Rooks and open files Knight the E4 as uh Jordan has full control over D4 Square So he gets his Knight to the E4 and now Rook the E2 nice calm rock lift Preparing Rook to C2 to double up on the C file we have Queen to D7 and Rook e to C2 we have 9 back to F6 now and pawn to G3 still nothing happening just uh Putting pieces on optimal squares G3 Bishop will be put to G2 uh we have G6 By order and also creating some breeding Room for the king Bishop to G2 and now Rook the C7 also with an idea maybe Doubling up on the C file maybe Queen to C8 will be an idea And uh vasel plays Queen to F1 now X-Ring that A6 spawn but also having now Control over the H3 Square he's Preparing Bishop to H3 so Jordan has to Figure out how to deal with both of These ideas uh idea he could play Rook D7 or queen to C8 those are the popular Options he goes for Rook the E7 and okay Now Bishop to H3 we have Queen to E8 Sorry that's not an E8 Queen T8 uh and Now Knight to E5 a beautiful Square for The Knight and you can't really capture It if you capture them Pawn captures You're gonna be losing material here uh It doesn't matter if you capture because There's all this pressure on the C file If Bishop captures and E5 just look Captures on C7 and now it really doesn't

Matter Rook captures Rook captures You're Gonna Play Bishop captures and it Looks like something is happening but Bishop captures an F6 every uh exchange Variation you can think of here Ends by White is simply winning so Jordan plays Knight back to B8 and this is by far the Best idea yeah offers a trade of Rooks On the openc file and here okay the Interesting thing is uh instead of Knight captures any five I'm sure you Guys are wondering what happens if Bishop captures on E5 well this line is So complicated uh that I absolutely must Show it Bishop captures an E5 D captures On E5 and okay Knight to E4 uh Bishop to A3 attacks the rook and now the only way For black to save The Rook as the Bishops here are absolute monsters is to Play After this bishop they remove Rook Captures on E5 Now Pawn the F4 now You're gonna play Rook the H5 now Bishop To G4 and now Rook to H6 so you can save The Rook but yeah I mean what is The Rook doing there and now look at this Queen captures an A6 Knight captures and G3 and there's no better way to play This because Black's position is just Terrible I mean the Rooks here are Absolute Monsters the Bishops uh even Greater Monsters the queen controls the Entire board basically so this is your Only option Knight captures on G3 H

Capture sng3 and now not the immediate Queen to E3 check but rather first Knight to D4 and here black could even Win if white accepts The Rook if white Accepts The Rook then you actually can Win Queen to E3 with check and now after King to G2 you have a very nice Checkmating sequence Queen T for Checking G1 Rook to H1 with checking to F2 and now you just go for checkmate Rook HD checking to G1 or F1 doesn't Really matter because Queen to H1 will Be Checkmate however uh after this Knight the D4 move in this absolutely Crazy line there is the very simple Rook To F2 and now there is nothing left for Black uh you no longer have to worry About Queen to E3 you no longer have to Worry about this Rook The Rook is Defended and after something like Rook Captures Bishop captures and queen to e For threatening Rook the H1 Checkmate uh White can follow up with Bishop to H3 Brilliant stuff now preparing Bishop to G2 If the bishop lands on G2 you never have To worry about this queen and if Rook Captures an H3 of course Queen to C8 With check picks up the Rook on H3 and So that's pretty much it King G7 Queen Captures here and even after Knight they Eat you with check let's say King H2 Okay you will pick up the bishop here But now F5 and the position is just

Winning for white for example captures Captures you either trade queens and White has a winning end game you have to Worry about Queen captures and F7 you Have to worry about Queen to G5 check Winning the Knight and C1 so uh Absolutely winning for white but this is What you have to calculate when uh when You're playing uh Vaseline he plays Knight the E5 so okay Knight's the B8 uh And now we have Bishop to A3 uh really Making that that Bishop pair work uh and Now comes Queen to d8 here the best for Yeah Jordan was just trading all of the Rooks on the C file let's say capris Captures and it's still not a good Position for black let's say queen C1 Puts pressure on the bush them but you Are at least fighting after Queen to d8 We reach the position from the thumbnail If I will use this for the thumbnail and That is the move that a vasel played so Not only did you have to calculate all Of that when vassal put the Knight on E5 But now you have to calculate what Happens after Knight to D7 and Interestingly whilst they didn't just Calculate all of the things that Happened when the knights the E5 uh is Played but he also had to go even Further and imagine that the Knight will Actually reach the D7 square and now the Problem is the Rooks are disconnected And uh well just there are so many

Threats here one of them being just Knight captures and F6 that's a free Knight there so you can't uh you can't Just leave the Knight on F6 and what Happens if Knight captures on D7 Uh your Rooks are again disconnected and Now Rook captures on C7 simply wins uh Material for white Bishop captures on C7 Bishop captures an E7 Queen captures Through captors and C7 and you are up in Exchange without uh a good way to play This so the White Queen will come into The game and this is completely crushing Uh capturing with the other Knight isn't All that better because it it's pretty Much the exact same position you're just Going to capture here Rook uh Bishop Captures Bishop capture 77 Queen Captures Rook captures on C7 and it's The exact same position so here Jordan Played Rook captures Rook e captures on D7 and now just Bishop captures and D6 And what's what's the point here it Doesn't seem like Russell is the winning Back material but he is and uh well with Interest so real characters on C2 Rook Captures Rook captures and D6 and Finally you see the idea behind the Vassal's Knight the E5 move that is Broke the C8 and vasel now wins Jordan's Queen there is nothing better than Queen Captures on C8 Bishop captures on C8 and Now Knight to C6 so Jordan will not of Course resign he still has a rook in the

Knight for the queen uh we have Queen Captures on A6 now uh also Russell has a Two to one advantage on the queen side He will just push those pawns and create A past Pawn Knight captures on D4 and Now King the G2 with King to G7 and pawn To B4 of course vasel knows how to push Those pawns Knight to the C2 and now Queen to A4 putting pressure on the Knight uh you have to put your pieces on Optimal squares before you really start Pushing those pawns Knight day one with Chuck King F1 Knight to F3 going for the H2 Pawn but just Queen to D1 not worried About the the pawn because now if you Capture just King G2 and the Knight well The Knight can go to G4 but it's not Much just Bishop captures and queen Captures uh will win you the piece so After Queen to D1 Knight to E5 and now Queen to D4 putting pressure on the Knight we have Knight to F3 attacking The queen again And here vassel should just calmly Played Queen to C3 he should keep the Tension here not allow the knights to Move not allow the king to move put Pressure on the Knight on F3 and now uh Prepare A4 A5 that's how you should play This however he played Queen to F4 which Is also very nice because it attacks the Rook and the Knight on F3 and he really Wants the force traits here but he Missed one very tricky move from Jordan

And I will ask you to pause the video Here and try to find this tricky move While I give you a couple of seconds So for those of you who are able to do It congratulations on spotting the idea That the a great vassal mist and for Those of you who just want to enjoy the Show it is night the E4 at defense his Rook and now Jordan says uh feel free to Capture my knight on F3 because if you Capture it Knights the D2 check picks up The queen and then I'm just completely Winning character Knight Queen captures King captures and you have a rook Against a bishop so completely winning So 94 King to G2 by vasel and now Knights the E1 with check King to F1 and Not Knight to D3 so he manages to save All of his pieces Quinta E3 and now Knight D captures on F2 grabbing that Pawn and now uh once The Rook comes to C6 attacks the bishop prepares Rook to C1 with check it will be very very Difficult uh for vassal to defend so Queen to D4 with check King the G8 and Now comes Pawn to A4 and this is exactly What we talked about vasel wants to Create a past Pawn here with A5 but First he had to play B5 he had to Prevent Rook to C6 because that's such a Powerful idea for black But okay Rook up Ponte for Rook to C6 And now Bishop to A6 getting the bishop Out of Harm's Way also you might be able

To use the bishop to defend Rook to C1 With check King to G2 and now Knight to G4 and here there was still a way for Evassel to play and even win this with H3 his position is still winning for Example Rook to C2 checking G1 Rook to C1 check Bishop to F1 and now not much To be done here if Knight TF2 you will Play Queen Queen captures on B6 and Everything is nicely defended there's Not much you can do here if Knight Captures on H3 just play King G2 not Much is happening and you start Advancing your pawns however after Knight the G4 vasel played Bishop to D3 And he missed uh such a painful move uh So feel free to pause the video and try To find what also missed in this Position and win the game for Jordan While I give you a couple of seconds All right So uh for those of you who were able to Do it congratulations on spotting this Uh incredible uh will uh paralyzing move And for those of you who just want to Enjoy the show it is Rook to D1 this is How vassal ruins his Immortal uh but What are you gonna do yeah and uh well But a nice nicely done by Jordan of Course by uh not resigning by sticking In the game and by finding the absolute Strongest move for the rest of the game Uh so now the bishop cannot move and the Simple idea of Bishop capterson E4 which

Was the plan just trading off pieces it Doesn't really work anymore so now vasel Starts pushing A5 now comes Rook to D2 With check King to G1 and now Knight E To F2 here you should go for Rook to D1 Check and first trade off a pair of Pawns here but Knight eat the F2 was Played and now again uh he gives the Vasel a chance to fight evasso should Give up the bishop and just go for the Two pass pawns Knight captures on D3 H3 Knight G2 E5 and now Queen 38 with Checking G7 Queen captures on D5 and you Push those pawns and maybe good things Will happen but here Queen captures on D5 was played and this is much much Different because now Knight the H3 Check vessel misses everything now King The H2 King to H1 will be met with Rook Captures an H2 Checkmate and the King to F1 will of course be met with Knight the E3 check winning back the White Queen so Absolutely stunning King the E1 Rook the D1 Chuck King E2 now Knight captures on D5 King capture Sunday one Knight to F2 With check trading off the Knight for Bishop as well uh King D2 Knight Captures on D3 and he was in this Position unmove 40 54 uh that Vaseline Manchuk resigned to the game as there is Nothing more to be done here King Captures on D3 Knight captures on B4 With check King C4 and B captures and A5 Will be played where you're have a a

Full night and he would have four points To two of course this is completely Winning for him so absolute absolutely Stunning game uh the entire game like The idea of just bringing the knights The uh sorry I believe in the middle of The video I said knife gameplay E5 calculating this and then calculating This and then calculating this and then Just finding all of this and just Trading it down into a completely Winning end game and then blundering not Once not twice but three times uh well That's that's just for you you uh you Know we love it for that and we hate it For that we love it when it doesn't Happen to us but we love it when it Happens to our opponents uh so yeah That's the game I hope you guys enjoyed It once again a big congratulations to Jordan uh for withstanding such uh such A brilliant attack by wasil that's also A sign of a true great player uh because It's not all about attacking you also Have to know how to defend perfectly uh So yeah once again hope you guys enjoyed This I would like to thank Carmen Polifranio revision reptiles YouTube Austin wheeler Ahmed Yousef and Contribution to my channel thank you a Lot I really appreciate it as usual you Can check two of my previous videos here Thank you for watching and I will see You soon continuing the coverage of the

Affiliate world team championship and Everything else that's happening in the Chess World and hopefully we get more Spectacular games such as this one uh Thank you all I will see you soon and Have an excellent rest of your day


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