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“I’m a complete idiot”‘ | Elshan Moradiabadi vs Hans Niemann | US Championships 2022

Chess Grandmaster Daniel King examines the game Elshan Moradiabadi vs Hans Niemann from the US Championships 2022. Support on Patreon: 🔥
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Foreign The U.S Championship rounds 10 in the Lead Fabiano caruana and just behind him Ray Robson but what’s going on at the Other end of the table We should catch up with our friend Hans Neiman and in round 10 he was facing the Player right at the bottom of the table Elshon moradia body so both players Having a rough time going into this Muradia body two out of nine A Neman with three and a half out of Nine Well after the game Niemann said I Decided I was either going to lose or I Was going to win I was not in the mood for another Brilliant game I wanted to go back to my Roots and play absolutely psychotic Chess I don’t know what’s got into me playing The Berlin trying to make draws I felt like if there was any day to go Absolutely insane and to disregard all Chess principles Then today was the day so there you go When Player is at the the bottom of the table In these round robin tournaments you Know they get targeted that is tough Would it pay off let’s have a little Look Mariah body with white Neiman black So far so good King’s Indian from Niemann

So an uncompromising opening he’s Looking for a fight And Mario Bali plays Bishop G5 now this Is The so-called smizlov system And well It’s very positional And as Mislov won some nice games You play like this and Here and after E5 Um very often you exchange here And play a rook to D1 and and yeah it’s A it’s a positional game basically But Niemann wants something uh more Combative more um Well just really double-edged basically And goes for a kind of benoni position With C5 And radio body accepts the invitation he Could could go E3 there but um D5 is the Principal move D6 E3 Knight D7 And here I’d quite like the move Knight D2 actually which keeps options open the Night I think it looks good on this Square bolstering the C4 pawn and you Can decide in a moment where you want to Place the bishop But Bishop E2 that’s that’s a fairly Tame move And allows Neiman to expand on the king Side and This is very much in the style that he

Wanted this game so he takes a risk in Advancing the g-pawn of course that can Rebound But there is a big prize for doing this And that’s taking the dark squared Bishop and that means That this bishop just rules this long Diagonal Uh so you know I’m not surprised that Niemann leapt at the chance to do this And He was playing very quickly and this was Also obviously part of his strategy in This game to play Not just the get a sharp position on the Board a double-edged position But to put the pressure on uh just play Very quickly So the Knight comes over to bolster the King side Knight D2 A6 potentially expanding with B5 so A4 Bishop D7 and afterwards niman said this Is amazing this is like a dream Um he he felt like he’d got his You know best position he could out of The opening exactly what he wanted and I Have to say it is to my eyes this looks More fun for practically than white Uh just because of that fantastic bishop And there’s potential to expand with B5 As well Um that said it’s still still not so bad For white

Um just castling here makes sense A5 played Um Niman couldn’t believe that move Afterwards I mean it’s very interesting His sort of snap assessments after the Game and I understand what he means he Thought that this was basically the Wrong way for black before excuse me for White to play in that Black is able to break open the B file Very easily and of course with the Bishop trained on B2 then this is very Inviting and I understand what he he Means by that It’s still not that bad for white uh but Yeah casting instead of a4s perhaps a More practical move Castles now And that Bishop is swiped from the board And Knight G4 So Neiman felt that he had a wonderful Initiative here not just On the king side where he’s looking to Expand with F5 But also he has to has the potential to Break open the B file as well and yeah This is a pleasant initiative But it’s still not that bad for White Queen D1 Uh but maradiabadi was Spending a fair amount of time here and That is a problem Five the expansion starts so I mean it

Could be that the the queen comes over Here and then the h-born advances might Be that the Knight goes back and the F Pawn advances This is fun And yes if that’s exchanged off Well both Bishops look good now and The queen can come over the H Pawn Advances Very nice for black E4 Well this attempts to fight back on on The light squares so that’s trying to Undermine the support for the Knight Here 95 Yep nice nice Square And it’s it’s tempting white to play F4 Would not be very advisable because some Moment a check could arrive here and and The king might just get mated on the H File so Yeah that F Port needs to stay on F2 Takes on F5 Reminds me a little bit of the Leningrad Dutch actually you often get this kind Of structure [Music] G7 raking down the board but yeah there Is no dark Square Bishop to counter That’s the difference so it does look Really Pleasant for black And here Niman decides just to bring the queen

Over which looks very sensible it’s also Really tempting just to play B6 To crack open the B file and yeah that’s That looks really nice actually Queen E8 anyway also very tempting But Bishop H5 so this fights back a Little bit because Well the queen you know really wanted to Come to the king side Um and it can do now but The bishop has to come back I guess the Queen could have come to D7 But it’s not exactly where it wants to Go so Bishop G6 And I think white has achieved something By exchanging those Bishops actually But still looks very pleasant for black Um and here Uh Um Neiman played Rook F7 But actually I think Just pushing on with the King side pawns Straight away I think would have been pretty good for Black That feels like the right way to play Because I mean obviously I understand you know He’s looking potentially to double Rooks On the f file But it seems to me that B6 is still the Move that you know I would like to play Even if it gives a little bit of counter

Play here but I think it’s going to be More relevant that black has pressure on B2 And then can turn towards the king side I think the nice thing about black Structure here is that pawn on E7 Actually Blocks the seventh rank so if white does Ever manage to break through it won’t be Fatal for Black’s King So yes I think advancing these pawns Straight away Either G4 or H5 feels like the right Right way to go but Rook F7 played Feels like like black needs three Rooks In this position to double here but also To keep one on the B file Knight E4 And yeah I mean that is in the line of The bishop so that’s understandable Bishop D4 so Bishop comes to a beautiful Square here And Rook A3 so yes the Knight cleared Out of the way and the Rook has Potential to defend Along the third rank G4 Rook D3 uh so now White Actually starts to fight back and Neiman Just missed the idea here This is still Very pleasant for black if B5 or B6 is Played basically just opening up The B file

And importantly that keeps an eye On the B Pawn And black has the initiative Certainly not not winning yet but it is A very pleasant position for black But Rook F5 This uh was just too casual Um and Neiman said afterwards this was Way too arrogant I missed everything hmm So he was quite harsh on himself Actually quindy too right now it’s quite Clear what white is up to So he’s looking to Sack and exchange basically and also Support B4 Continues with his plan of doubling on The f file but B4 and this is fighting Back and and whites queenside pawns look Pretty good Um and this is not at all simple now Rookie five I mean this really pushes white into This sacrifice so first of all Pawn takes porn so remember the bishop Is under Fire And Rook takes Bishop this is of course What uh Maria body has been building up To getting rid of that powerful Bishop Now the Knight is under attack so that Has to move first but this Pawn is going To drop And white is left with this very Pleasant Center

And with these pawns gone Then you can see the black’s position Just feels a lot shakier and this Knight Has so much potential now It’s coming to the position Um looking at all these squares as I Said beautiful central control for white And and the Queen on D4 also looking Very strong The question is what does black have on The king side to balance this So there’s still pressure here Is still potential to attack on the H File But that is a huge piece that is an Octopus on E6 A classic octopus Knight Just making life very difficult for all Of Black’s major pieces actually But Neiman had been playing quite quickly Putting the pressure on variety of body And here okay we’re at move 34 still six Moves To get to the time control at move 40. And you know you need to be precise here And and here You know that this is where calculation Kind of goes out of the window and you Start playing on sort of general Principles I’m around your body put the Knight back On F4 To block out those Rooks now that’s very

Understandable in fact Queen B6 Is a strong move already With the idea of well not just taking Here but actually that check Is a very potent threat because then E7 Drops and that is very unpleasant for The king once white gets through to the King that’s nasty then there’s no chance Of counter-attacking here But Knight F4 played Looks very reasonable to shut out the Rooks and you gain a Tempo on the queen And then the queen came down to A7 And this starts to get very tricky now H4 Uh Black’s counter play on the king’s Side is suddenly very real Um Really difficult position now So for example if C5 I mean that’s the Kind of move one wants to make just to To push through Then black can take here And then play Rook H6 and this is Actually winning for black For example Um let’s see if Queen takes Pawn You give a check Rook takes Knight and the queen comes Down and this is absolutely deadly this This Rook is dropping So this is serious counter play now After H4 In fact by very careful steps white can

Still survive uh my computer shows me That rookie1 is the best move And after this the king steps out and White seems to be okay but You know you have to find a couple of Very delicate moves you have to get them In the right order and that’s tricky and Even here this still still looks uh very Tricky indeed I think the point of this Is that This check Can be parried by rookie 2. I mean even that’s not simple but anyway That’s the idea but it seems like white Can survive but instead moradia body Played Queen takes B7 oh NOW Watch What Happens Okay I’ll hand it over to you our time For my slurp of tea And you have a little think black to Play how do you play here Black to play Well this suddenly is really treacherous Um The game went porn takes Pawn Takes pawn and now E5 I hope you spotted the idea And here muradia body resigned Well let’s look at the own personal rule It’s a good opportunity here if Pawn Takes porn Then you can play Queen takes Queen That’s unfortunate So what about taking first well the own

Personal rule states that you can only Capture on passel on the turn Immediately after that pawn moves to Squares so here it’s too late for white To do that And the pin is fatal If the Knight moves then Rook takes Rook So black will win the night and that is Game over because black will be a rook Up So after E5 there is absolutely no Defense for white just because of this Pin so for example if Queen C8 check Rook comes back attacks the queen E6 check Queen F7 Pin is still fatal No way out of Pawn text night Incidentally coming back to this Position If you wanted to play E5 straight away Then this didn’t work this doesn’t work Because after Queen takes Queen check The night drops back And defends the pawn on G3 and actually Suddenly the game was turned again white Is winning So how did white get into this let’s Let’s go back uh so this position H4 has Said already very difficult rookie one Is the best move after Queen takes B7 After Pawn takes Pawn in fact White doesn’t need to capture here it is Possible to throw in a check first To avoid

E5 But after Rook H6 this is still Extremely dangerous and white Is is really on the edge there uh Black’s Black’s attack looks very strong So it was already a mistake just to take On B7 So let’s just look at that again Pawn Text pawn pawn text Pawn E5 that was the Final move of the game Here out of your body with white Resigned Very interesting indeed easy to overlook That well You know as Niemann said afterwards it’s An interesting concept because you’d Never think that porn is going to move It’s probably the only way I could have Won this Well not the only way but yeah it was Looking bad for for um for a few moments There After the game I mean Neiman Gave another fascinating interview Actually do check it out Um I’ll try and find the the clip and Put the link in the comments Um I mean he was very candid as ever And he described himself himself as an Arrogant idiot he said but I guess when You’re an arrogant idiot you get Rewarded sometimes for all those people That think I’m not humble I’m a complete

Idiot I have a lot to learn in chess and I have too many things to work on I Think a comeback is brewing I think it’s Always good when someone as arrogant as Me gets humbled well there you go There’s he as he said he’s been doing a Lot of self-reflection And and it must be very tough for him In all kinds of ways uh I know of course This whole cheating drama has divided Opinion uh but I tell you what He he makes for compelling viewing just Both on the board and off it Back at the top of the table in fact Carolina and Robson both Drew their Round 10 games so going into round 11 Leading scorers Carolina seven Robson Six and a half Carolina has white Against young and Robson has white Against Liang so that’s going to be very Interesting all right she’ll keep you up To date with events in the US Championship over the next few days Thanks for watching


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