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Ian Nepomniachtchi vs Hikaru Nakamura World Fischer Random 2022

Ian Nepomniachtchi vs Hikaru Nakamura
World Fischer Random 2022 (rapid), Reykjavik ISL, rd 2, Oct-30
Uncommon Opening (A00) · 0-1
1. b4 b5 2. a4 ba4 3. Qa4 e6 4. Nc3 Ng6 5. Ng3 f5 6. e3 Be7 7. b5 O-O 8. Ra1 f4 9. Nge2 fe3 10. de3 c6 11. Nd4 c5 12. Nf3 Bf6 13. Ra3 d5 14. Be2 Rb7 15. O-O Qb8 16. e4 d4 17. Nd1 Bd7 18. c4 dc3 19. Nc3 a6 20. e5 ab5 21. Bb5 Bb5 22. Nb5 Ne5 23. Nc3 Nf3 24. gf3 Rb4 25. Qa6 Be5 26. Ne4 Bh2 27. Kg2 Bf4 28. Rd3 Qe5 29. Rfd1 Re4 30. fe4 Bc1 31. Rd8 Qg5 32. Kf1 Rd8 33. Qe6 Kh8 34. Rd5 Qh4 35. Kg2 h6 36. Rc5 Be3 37. Rc2 Bd4 38. Qf5 Qe7 39. f4 g6
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Hi this is mato welcome to my online Chess lecture In this video I will show you a game Between Ian and Hikaru Nakamura this is a game from the World Fisher random rapid tournament 2022 anything important happened to you In 2022. Nebo had white pieces and he Started with B4 the Polish opening not Really B5 84 B takes on A4 Queen takes on A4 D6 Knight to C3 Knight to G6 Knight to G3 And now F5 The Dutch defense not really D3 Bishop to E7 B5 Are you ready to see the move Castling Rook to A1 Black to move how to defend The pawn What would you do The attack is the best defense F4 f and G to E2 F takes an E3 d takes on E3 C6 White to mole to D4 Your queen takes on A7 one line goes Like this Queen takes Queen Rook take screen C takes on B5 No Advantage for white back to our game That is why nepo played Knight to D4 C5 Knight to F3 Bishop to F6 Rook to A3 D5

White to mole Bishop to E2 Again taking the pawn is not healthy if Queen takes on A7 then Bishop takes on C3 check And what now if Rook takes Bishop then Goodbye Queen back to our game Bishop to E2 Rook to B7 Nepo Castle kingside 2. Going to B8 black center points look Nice that is why nebu played E4 to Disturb them but no not taking the pawn D4 Knight to D1 Bishop to D7 C4 D takes C3 and passan Knight takes C3 A6 there is a feeling that black stands Better do you agree E5 A takes on B5 Bishop takes a B5 Bishop Takes Bishop Knight takes Bishop Knight Takes on E5 Knight to C3 Let's take it back if Knight takes an E5 Bishop takes on A5 black is beta but This is still a better variation for White than one chosen in the game back To our game We have Knight to C3 and now Black to play the obvious what is Obvious is it Knight takes on F3 yes it Is Knight takes on F3 check damaging the Pawn structure G takes an F3 Rook to B4 Queen to A6 black to move Bishop to E5 was played well

Rook to H4 is even stronger one line Goes like this F4 then Queen to B4 After Knight to E2 E5 Black stands much better back to our Game Bishop to E5 Knight to E4 Bishop takes On H2 check Into G2 Bishop to F4 Rook to D3 Coming to E5 Rook from F to D1 Black to move how would you continue Takes Knight Nice F takes on e4 let's take him back if Rook takes on d8 then Queen to G5 check After King to F1 Rook takes Rook after Rotates Rook Queen takes Rook F takes Any four coming to D1 Black wins back to our game F takes an E4 Bishop takes Bishop Brook takes Knight Queen to G5 check King to F1 group takes Rook Queen takes on E6 check King to h8 Rook to D5 Queen to H4 White to move into G2 if root takes in C5 then check and after King to E2 Checkers matus back to our game that is Why they populate King to G2 H6 just in Case to avoid background problems Rook Tyson C5 Black tomorrow how would you continue in This position if you had black pieces

Nakamura play this is a lovely move Bishop to E3 what a beautiful move Look to C2 let's take it back if F takes On A3 then Rook to D to check if King Goes to F3 then what happens then Then check matrices like this And if the King goes to F1 then going to H1 a Checkmate back to our game That is why the population to C2 Defending the second ring Bishop to de4 Queen to F5 Queen to E7 F4 black to move black played a move and White resigned and the movies G6 Nepo resigned if the White Queen goes to G4 then what happens then Queen takes On e4 check winning the rook and let's Take it back if Queen takes on G6 then Rook to G8 winning the cavina Congratulations to Nakamura on winning The world Fisher random rapid tournament What do you think of this game And that is all I hope that you enjoyed watching this Video I wish you good luck with your Tests and bye for now


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