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I was ACCUSED of cheating by a chess Grandmaster

Ever since Magnus Carlsen withdrew from the 2022 Sinquefield Cup after his 3rd round defeat to Hans Niemann, the topic of cheating in chess has been abuzz. It reminded me of one of my experiences with being accused of cheating by a Grandmaster after one of our online games from over 2 years ago. While my game with the Grandmaster is presented using lichess’s ”realtime” feature, I share some words about my experience.

I’m a self-taught National Master in chess out of Pennsylvania, USA who was introduced to the game by my father in 1988 at the age of 8. The purpose of this channel is to share my knowledge of chess to help others improve their game. I enjoy continuing to improve my understanding of this great game, albeit slowly. Consider subscribing here on YouTube for frequent content, and/or connecting via any or all of the below social medias. Your support is greatly appreciated. Take care, bye. 😊


Hi everyone it’s Jerry I have a game I’d Like to share with you that I played Over two years ago on leeches It was a three minute Blitz game no Increment Uh the Topic as of late in the chess world is About cheating in online play over the Board play and this was sparked from the 2022 sinkfield cup Um I think you may find the game Interesting I’m not trying to share this with you And say ha that means team a is correct Or Team B is correct I think you may simply find this Interesting this uh Experience I’ve had online So here it goes get to make use of the Real-time feature you could see the game As it was played I was playing the white pieces in this Game At the time of the game I was not aware That my opponent was a grand master Um In fact still to this very day I’m not 100 certain that my opponent was a grand Master at the time of the game So let me explain Uh my opponent didn’t have a title tag Uh when I played them

In this game Uh it was only a little while later that I saw they had the GM tag So In all likelihood they were probably a Grand master when I had played them uh Could have been the case I would guess They were a lower titled player like an I am But uh in all likelihood they were Probably a grand master when I played Them and they didn’t yet have The GM tag next to their name I won’t be Sharing the name I don’t think it’s Appropriate to do that Um Their rating uh I could share they have It in their profile that there’s Something close to 2600. Um I don’t know so far uh we’re what 13 Moves into this game is anything Fishy To you about what I’m doing here it was My opponent just being rational it was Shortly after the game that I uh Received the message Basically saying I was using an engine Um I was not I was playing fairly Um I’m not sure what what ended up uh Factoring into Uh this conclusion I do have a little bit of a Time Edge I

Also have A decent amount of experience playing This specific structure I like Having the pawn on D5 and G5 I think That this has this does wonders For team white has a nice cramping Effect I think we’re just a few moves out from Uh Having a winning position as soon as the Queens are off Makes life a lot easier for me I feel So I think this next move is the The one that kind of gives it away the D6 point is a soft Spot for team black So yeah after this one wraps up I’ll go Ahead and show Uh the a quick uh shot of the tail the Tape the analysis we could see what the Computer says about it But um I don’t know I think maybe my opponent Was being a little too quick with the Accusation of cheating oh by the way Um I was uh I wasn’t uh I wasn’t upset to be accused Of being a cheater actually of being Um you know Using an engine I take that as a Compliment Um not a full compliment in this Specific case because uh My opponent was also polite enough to

Remind me that our previous games Because we had played several before This very game Uh they were polite enough to remind me That my previous games were terrible So uh but uh in general I I kind of take That as a compliment it’s not the This isn’t the first time that I had Been Accused of uh cheating either there’s Been other cases but uh this is the one That sprung to mind when I thought Oh yeah maybe it might be interesting to Share that one with The uh the chess community and this was This one’s almost over we just have a Couple more moves here typically this uh My decision here to take the Rook is When I would shy away from if the Certainly if the queens were still on Board I’ve had situations more middle Game like positions where capturing The Rook That would be a terrible decision to Liberate the dark Square Bishop but in This case I’ll be able to have some Weakness One of these guys has to budge soon and This one’s all but over This this last move uh King E3 well that That is the last move of the game my Opponent has over 30 seconds And uh Maybe an ending you may have expected uh

No no resignation in this one so the Time ends up just running out Um Yeah I think right around this point my My opponent was already into the Messaging and You know typing away Uh typing a message my way Uh there wasn’t I don’t believe some Check of the engine real quick or Anything uh we could have a look at that And there isn’t really anything You know from my own experience looking At this This graph there isn’t really anything Special going on here nothing screams Out to me follow play So I think it was Really just a case of my opponent being A poor sport Um could have a look at the inaccuracies Mistakes and blenders Again that’s just Um one of my own experiences I thought You may find it interesting Feel Free as Usual to leave any Feedback in the comments section below Yeah maybe found it uh interesting maybe There are some takeaways from sharing my Experience That’s all for now take care bye


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