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I Played Chess With Strangers On The NY Subway

@HarrisAlterman went down into the NYC subway to play chess with strangers.

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Today we're going to go down into the New York City subway set up a table on The subway platform and see if we get Some strangers waiting for their trains To play chess with us Hopefully we don't get kicked out too Fast by the cops [Music] I've never done this with chairs [Music] All right I'm gonna see if I can get Anybody Sounds like he knows what he's doing a Little bit It's for him it costs a hundred dollars It's free Don't worry I'm not that good yeah You're just out here playing chess not That good what is this project about That's for okay That's my move I'll show this to the camera got the app You ever play on your phone oh yeah you Said he barely played what do you do for Work and Amazon uh you work at Amazon Yeah I take the packages you know put Them in the back so the truck could take Them and deliver it so I'm like the Professional term it's called stowing What do you do for work Consulting like What area of Consulting right now I'm in Financial services but it like changes Oh it's a plumber you're a plumber yeah

I'm a teacher what do you teach chess I'm just kidding Self-defense you teach self-defense what Made you get into that I was in the Military so one of one of the few skills I walked away with when did you retire 2010 my mother and my wife died within Two months and they couldn't handle it Here sorry to hear that how many hours a Week do you work nine to nine most days Nine to nine yeah I know 12 hour days Yeah wow you'd be surprised with some of The people that are like a lot of my Friends that are in the investment Banking or something like that they're Working more hours in that each day and They're working six days a week Are they happy What part what branch of the military Were you in uh the Army I learned a lot There was a unique experience of living Your life for a higher purpose Essentially a combination of really hard Work Autumn and Terror I like living a boring Life you know I know a lot of people Don't like that you know they like going Out on the weekends or they like you Know hanging out with friends so I Reached out a timer on those for me huh Time down here doesn't exist that's a Move that's a good first move I just Felt it at the blunder on my part wow I'm okay with that this is usually the

Point in chess where I don't know what To do what do you think about the state Of the world right now it's a beautiful Mess like it has its ups and downs but It's a mess I didn't choose to live in It but I'm making the best that I can People are going crazy it's like Somebody released demons into the world How do you stay sane I used to do a lot Of meditation take medication You're doing consulting right now but What's your dream job I could see myself Going to work like At Patagonia or like something like that I'd love to I'm like a huge nature Person Consulting is the opposite of Patagonia I understand that yeah what's Like lesson 101 of self-defense run What do you do if someone has a weapon One hand blocks one hand strikes I like You said that right as you made like a Perfect chess move what's that tattoo of Growing up I was a big anime fan like You know Naruto got this of my family With the Uchiha symbol and I got this so This one it was a hard time in my life You know I was a little suicidal and I Was like oh when I die bury me with a Couple rows have you ever seen a Celebrity on the streets of New York Yeah yeah like who Angela Lansbury Is that what does she want s okay I eat lunch at my desk just so I can go Home as early as possible what are you

Listening to right now what were you Listening to some good music I Downloaded Harry Styles This man is listening to Harry Styles You got train Sean Paul Ed Sheeran Halo You got Justin Bieber on here I'm a Justin Bieber fan myself I know this may Seem obvious to other people what do you Do all day yeah so a lot of the Companies will come with us with like a Problem like they'll want to introduce a New product or they'll uh they'll want To try and restructure something on a Day-to-day basis we're helping them Solve those problems but what I'm doing Is I'm making PowerPoints I'm making Graphs in Excel graphs yeah yeah it's I Know it's super boring but somebody's Got to do it and the higher-ups aren't Going to do it they're the ones getting The deals so yeah what are the higher Ups do losing yep they just Network the Thing is I have a bad bag and I can't Walk too much that's hard in New York City well I don't really go out anymore It hurts because I have a lady friend That I that I talk to every day on the Phone she was there for me when my wife Died so She wants me to go see her more often But when we go out I can't keep up with Her because I have to keep stopping how

Did you guys meet him she knew my wife So she used to come around and tell me Talk to me I had to do this breakdown he Had me do work in her house like that we Got to know each other you know we Became real close we got a little bit Romantic for a little while and then That didn't work out but we're still Friends have you ever had to defend Yourself in a situation other than being In the military on 42nd Street years ago I think he had one too many that night What do you uh what are you most looking Forward to in life I want to start a Family that has been my dream ever since I want to say I was like 10 years old Boy do I deserve that I wish we had a an Eval bar right now yeah I have no idea Where I'm at honestly what TV shows do You usually watch Ridiculousness ridiculate on MTV The Unexplained science science films I like Those do you believe in aliens yeah I have covered I'm sorry oh okay no Worries what is the meaning of life it's Funny because like what I'm doing I feel Like doesn't align with my philosophy on What the meaning of life is but it's Like obviously spend as much time with Family as possible and just Chase Non-destructive forms of Serotonin like Just like try and be as happy as Possible be the best person you can be Get closer to God not to be evil to each

Other what do you think the meaning of Life is The people in your life if there's any Advice I could give anybody whatever Happens happens not to be dark but Eventually you know you're gonna die you Don't know what happens after you die so Whatever you do now do it because you Want to you know live your life as free As you possibly can check why you got me Good Little Fork action is that Checkmate I think that's Checkmate dude Enjoy the rest of your trip I think we Taught our chess I think you got me I'll see you in a self-defense class I Hope you make it out of Consulting and Uh into I hope you're the CEO of Patagonia someday oh don't forget your Phone Enjoy Harry Styles [Music]


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