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How to Set Up a Chess Board

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Here is how to set up a chessboard by Knowing just three things First White on the right make sure a Light square is in the bottom right hand Corner you get this right and you have Already succeeded where countless movie Producers have failed You probably know that all the pieces go On the first and last rows but it's Important to get their placements Correct The White Queen goes on the center most Light square and the black queen goes Directly across from her on the center Most dark Square the Kings then go at Their site Third the remaining pieces go in height Order from Center out that means Bishops Next to royalty then Knights and then Rooks in the corner Time to wrap up with the hardest part Yet you put the Pawns in front of the Pieces okay that was actually the Easiest part remember these three things And you've got it white on the right Queens on their color tallest to Smallest let's play


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