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How to Play Chess – Explained in A Minute #shorts

Happy International Chess Day Everyone 🙂
On this Special day, Learn How to Play Chess in Just 1 Minute. Here’s a Short and Simple Tutorial for Beginners. In this chess lesson, you’ll learn all the basic rules of the game like how to setup the chessboard, how the pieces move, check, checkmate etc.
This is just a basic intro to get you started. For a detailed & complete tutorial, watch this video:
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This is how we set up the chessboard White square on your right pawns on the Second row rooks on the corners then the Knights the bishops the queen on its own Color and finally the king the first Move is always made by white the rook Can move any number of squares Vertically or horizontally similarly the Bishop can move diagonally the queen can Move both like the rook and the bishop a Pawn can move only one step forward at a Time but on its first move it has the Option to move two steps as well if a Pawn reaches the opposite end it can Promote to any of these pieces you Generally capture a piece by moving to Its square but pawns can only capture Pieces diagonally in front of them which Is different from how they move the Knight moves in an l shape and it is the Only piece that can jump over other Pieces The king can move one square in any Direction if you threaten the king it’s A check and if the king cannot be saved It’s a checkmate and the game is over if You want to learn all the rules of chess In detail check out the video in the Print comment


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