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How To Make The Most Of The Space Advantage | A Gem Game From The World Junior Championship 2022

Ari Guz vs Andrea Pennica
59th World Junior Championship 2022, Cala Gonone ITA, rd 2, Oct-13
Queen’s Pawn Game (A45) · 1-0
1. d4 Nf6 2. Nc3 c5 3. d5 g6 4. e4 d6 5. Bb5 Bd7 6. a4 Bg7 7. f4 Bb5 8. ab5 Nbd7 9. Qe2 O-O 10. Nf3 Ne8 11. O-O Nc7 12. e5 Nb6 13. Rd1 Qd7 14. Be3 f6 15. e6 Qe8 16. f5 gf5 17. Nh4 f4 18. Nf5 Kh8 19. Bf4 Rg8 20. Bd6

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Hi this is mato welcome to my online Chess lecture In this video I will show you a game Between ariguzen Andrea penica this is a Game from the world junior Championship Played in Italy in 2022 anything Important happened to you in 2022 are Good sell white pieces and he started With D4 Andrea penica played Knight to F6 Knight to C3 C5 and O D5 G6 E4 the Old benoni D6 Bishop to B5 check Bishop to D7 A4 Bishop to G7 white to move Knight to F3 Is the most plain move All right Goose played F4 Bishop takes on B5 A takes and B5 and from B to D7 Queen to E2 intending E5 at the right Time Castling Knight to F3 Knight to E8 Player with white pieces Goose Castle King side 2. Knight to C7 white to move E5 Knight to B6 if D takes on E5 F takes Only five and this line is also good for White back to our game Knight to B6 Rook to D1 coming to D7 Bishop to E3 developing the bishop and Connecting Rooks F6 Intending to break the White Center

White to move to take or to play E6 what Would you do E6 was played and this move gives white Too much of the space advantage Going to E8 white to move What would you do in this position if You had white pieces let’s play a random Move for white if King to H1 then F5 and Black would have a more comfortable Position black would be doing fine Probably back to our game that is why Play with the white pieces plate F5 This is a brilliant Pawn sacrifice this Movie is totally cramping to Black’s Position G takes on F5 Knight to H4 F4 this is another important moment It is way to mole what would you do I guess The first move that comes to mind is Bishop takes Pawn Do you agree Well if Bishop takes on F4 black would Play F5 And even then white is better but black Would be able to fight back a little bit Back to our game In this position play with the white Pieces Play This brilliant Knight to F5 move Black to move King to h8 let’s take it back what’s Wrong with taking the bishop if F takes On E3 what happens then then Queen to G4

Tightening Checkmate if Queen to G6 then Knight takes on E7 check winning the Black queen back to our game So play with the black pieces played King to h8 Bishop takes on F4 Rook to G8 Why tomorrow What we do in this position if you had White pieces please pause and find the Best move Wait A move and black resigned and the movie Is Bishop takes Pawn on D6 Kaboom player With the black piece is resigned in view Of discontinuation Paul takes bishop and then Knight takes On D6 attacking the queen If the queen goes to a safe spot Then Knight to F7 check and this would Force black to give up the queen to Prolong the game wow what a brilliant Game What do you think of this game And that is all I hope that you enjoyed watching this Video I wish you good luck with your Tests and bye for now


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