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How to catch The King | Gukesh vs Magnus Carlsen | Aimchess Rapid 2022

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Foreign This game is a great example of how to Upset a stronger player and you can't Get stronger than world champion Magnus Carlson there you go that's a spoiler But this game is a few days old with the White pieces we have damaraju gukesh the 16 year old Indian Superstar This was played in the aim chess rapid I'm just catching up with some of those Games now and there was in fact some Wonderful games played indeed if you Haven't seen the game between Duda and Mamajorov which uh Roberts recorded the Other day then do take a look at that Mammator I've played an absolute Brilliancy and thank you very much to Robert for subbing for me while I was Away for the weekend but anyway let's Get back to this game good cash against Carlson from the aim chess rapid Carson playing French A little bit unusual but actually I Think a pretty good choice and Especially the classical variation I had This in my repertoire for many years I Really like it it combines solidity You know you get that classic French Pawn chain with dynamism Because often you get very nice counter Play on The Queen side So there's pressure on the pawn and White can either Play Bishop G5 or go E5 Here E5 played

By gukesh The Knight comes back and you can see That Now that the pawn structure is fixed It's like a spine in the position very Strong very solid then black can play C5 To try and attack White Center F4 that's necessary to cover this pawn And now C5 you can see that this deep Pawn can't be supported by the C Pawn So this is the the soft part of White Center which black starts to attack with The Knight and the pawn very important To get that pawn rolling Before you play Knight C6 And white supports that pawn And Carlson I mean there are lots of Boys to play this position you can go Bishop E7 you can take On D4 but Carlson goes for quite an old Continuation And just advances on the queen side Immediately there's this is Um how I like to play the position it's Great fun you know you can often get This very strong initiative on the queen Side And lots of ways for white to play here You can take as we're about to see you Can also play A3 you can play Bishop E2 Or Bishop D3 or swing this Knight round Here I mean Well anyway Good cash plays in a very

Straightforward way Just eliminating one of those pawns I Mean they do look quite scary across the Position here but of course this helps Black to develop Bishop D3 Knight is looking pretty good On C5 Bishop on a nice diagonal And now Queen B6 So this stops white from casting for the Moment obviously that'd be a huge Discovered attack White could Castle queenside here and I've faced that A couple of times and it is great fun For black you can start rolling your Pawns down the board and black has this Dream attack So go cash plays Queen F2 instead just Blocking this diagonal And preparing to Castle B4 pushes the Knight away and then A5 Excellent strategy from black can be Very well known in this position So these two Pawns Cramp these three pawns but also it Makes room for this bishop to enter the Game Visual on C8 is traditionally the the Bad Bishop for black And once it comes into the game on A6 Well it's no longer bad at all notice That black can get away with this Strategy

Because of this strong Pawn chain this Is the French Pawn chain that gives Black a certain amount of stability in The center and that's why you can afford To take the time to advance on the queen Side castles from gukesh Bishop A6 all According to plan And this position has been seen a few Times before And if white plays quietly then I think That's exactly what black wants Then you can carry on with your strategy Of playing on the queen side without Hindrance so for example King H1 Tucks the king out of the way perhaps Prepares to move the queen here Then you can exchange here and just go Rook B8 and now that the the queen is Protected Then the Knight is free to move And Black has a very nice initiative here This is just the kind of thing that Carlson wants he doesn't have to be Somehow very creative with his strategy And the initiative continues So Google should I think here And he came up with I think an excellent Strategy He starts to randomize the position he Starts to to fight on the other side of The board he needs counter play Desperately so he sacrifices a pawn Excellent stuff

Now black does not want to Castle here Because then this Pawn would advance And white has a wonderful attack so Pontex Pawn Now if that's taken then black just wins Material using a discovered check But that was never the intention the Idea with this Pawn sacrifice is to clear this Square On F4 so suddenly that Knight has a Really menacing Square Attacking this Pawn perhaps preparing E6 Perhaps looking at the H5 Square And suddenly it's very tricky remember At the moment there's a pin here So that's a bit awkward for black Okay first things first this Pawn needs Defending Knight E7 So the Knight protects Protects that pawn and that pawn so That's that's a solid move but you can See already that black is going Backwards So that's what white wants Now you could perhaps occupy the middle Here but well that would be exchanged Black can cast so black is okay You know four pawns on the king side is Pretty solid So good cash Takes again aggressive steps here E6 excellent move So he's just trying to blast through the Middle and that

Clears Space for the night as well Um now what can you do well you don't Really want to take this this could be Very nasty perhaps Rook here but it's also tempting just to Play Knight takes pawn and well Knight Takes Knight is impossible you can take That And queen takes Queen takes Knight this Is already very tricky for black because Rook here is coming And you can see how that the center has Just opened So already off to E6 black has to take Great care here Um you could just Castle But after Pawn takes Pawn Then Knight G5 that is pretty tricky as Well you can see You know there are big holes in Black's Position And these Knights look fantastic you Know maybe a rook's gonna come here Um looks very difficult to defend So Carlson played F6 and that is the Best move But it leaves that pawn embedded in the Heart of Black's position Again it's just very tricky And here gukesh had a bit of a think This has actually been seen before I Don't know if you realize that I suspect he was improvising

Um So previously For example this had been seen And then Rook D1 But if black can take here and if black Can exchange Queens I mean here There's I'm afraid white can't avoid the Queen exchange but Here in this was Pleads played in the game but I mean Basically black is a pawn up here Um and that's safe enough There's also Rook D1 And that's quite interesting But after this well black was probably Okay there as well Google has found a fascinating move He played Rook C1 Not sir That's an obvious move by any stretch And if Bishop takes Well I guess he was intending just to open Things up for The Rook So that's that's very interesting Carlson castled so he gets his King out So what is that Rook doing here well now We see gukesh's idea or another idea of The move C3 To open up the C file to put pressure on That Knight So Queen D6 Queen moves away from that Pin and now Knight takes Bishop is a

Threat so Bishop takes Rook takes Pawn takes Pawn Threatening the night So that Knight moved Attacking the queen And queen E3 Pawn takes Pawn so We need to sort of take stock after that Sort of little flurry of moves White is still a pawn down But it's messy Porn in the heart of Black's position Is defended by the Knight Kind of makes Black's King a little bit Insecure although at the moment there Are four pawns around the king It's a bit annoying to have This this oh position slightly open and The pawn covers this Square On the other hand you know black has Survived that little flurry this Knight Looks fantastic on e4 I mean that is the Pride and joy of Black's position And again an interesting moment where Gookash just doesn't bother doing Anything about that porn but instead Just place the Knight into the middle And that does look like a fantastic Square more support for the pawn And it sort of looms over into Black's Position Root takes A2 so now Carlson is two Pawns up And this Knight starts to poke around

Knight B5 Who knows where that's going maybe C7 But anyway first of all Carlton has to Think what does he do with this queen he Puts it on E5 Which looks very nice He's beautifully centralized here And the queen even looks down there as Well So if Knight H5 which could be Interesting then Queen takes B2 and that Already threatens The Mating one But gukesh Instead of sort of thinking about Defending He piled on the pressure Rook C7 so this is why he played the Knight To B5 to allow the queen to get to the Seventh Rank and now we see An effect of this Pawn push E6 It opened up the seventh rank And that is very dangerous Now this is a big moment in the game What do you do about that threat What do you do about that menacing Rook On the seventh rank I'm gonna have a Little slurpity you have a little think With black black to play how would you Play here cheers Really tricky position And there are plenty of ways to go wrong And Carlson found a way Carlson played What looks like a really natural move And

I mean in any game of chess It's you know if there's a natural move Well normally one one plays it and Particularly in Rapid where you can't Calculate everything and you have to go On your instincts Carlson played Rook E8 Porting the Knight which continues to Block out that Rook so it can't get Through to G7 What could be more normal In fact Knight G6 was the best move Absolutely not obvious and a very scary Move to making rapid play when it opens Up the seventh rank Knight H5 looks like a a very good Repost Threatening that pawn on G7 no wonder Carson had Qualms about this move Um in fact F4 is a fantastic response And if Rook takes G7 Queen H3 I mean the queen queen needs to Go somewhere Um Queen actually this Knight needs Defending so Queen H3 Knight G5 now Black has the initiative and a great Move F3 I mean these are not obvious Moves And this starts to open up The seventh rank for black and in fact Black's pieces Incredibly are more dangerous than Whites black is actually winning that

Position I mean there are lots of variations here But um it all works out beautifully and If for black if Knight D3 D4 again not an obvious move Ignoring the threat to the queen and Attacking this one And then this Knight's attack so Queen Takes Queen B5 and actually black is winning That position But yeah you have to you have to Calculate that perfectly basically and Rookie 8 looks like a far more sensible Move just keeping the seventh rank Blocked out But Carlson overlooked White's next move And and in this complicated position Very understandable If you haven't seen it if you don't know The game have a think here what would You play with white in this position White to play and win yeah incredible Gukash played Queen B6 And that just comes out of the blue and Incredibly Black does not have a good answer to This so what is the point of Queen B6 in Fact White now has two threats One threat Is to take on E7 and give a check here So for example if Queen takes B2 which Looks well potentially scary although

That pawn is defended by the Knight but Well just for the sake of illustration Rook takes Knight is winning because if Rook takes then Queen d8 And make next move Okay so what happens if black defends Against that so what about for example Rook A8 covering the back crank Now we see the second threat in the Position Knight D3 Attacking the queen Incredibly Queen is actually trapped When white screen moved to B6 it covered The E6 pool So white The Black Queen can't take that Well you can see I mean all these Squares are covered Every single one There Is No Escape for the queen quite Remarkable that the queen In the middle of the board has no way Out it's a really unusual tactic and Well Queen B6 setting up these two Threats is a very Unusual move very very easy to overlook How powerful that is Uh what else is there there's there's Also Knight G6 hmm But This because if if Knight D3 now then Actually Queen takes E6 But after Knight G6 the seventh rank is

Now open and in this case Queen B7 is Actually winning White just breaks through here and there Is no good defense to that Well Carlson thought for a long time Here but could only come up with Knight G5 Allowing Rook takes as we've seen if Root takes Rook then Queen d8 So The Rook Swept over to A8 But now Queen C7 and that just conquers The seventh rank Um Queen exchange of course is Absolutely hopeless white is a piece up And that pawn is very strong Cause some play to check But after King H1 he just resigned this Position For example I mean it's completely lost if rookie Won Then this leads to a forced checkmate Rook takes Pawn check Knight takes Knight G6 And queen F7 is Checkmate there you go That pawn on E6 helping out very well in That position supporting the queen I I really like the spirit in which Gukesh played that game You know he's just not afraid of Carson's reputation you know he didn't Do something safe here F5 was a really enterprising sacrifice

And then pushing on with E6 again just Created a position which is well Irrational non-standard unorthodox Where Carlson just can't fall back on The familiar familiar strategies he's Just got to think and in those Complications something very nice turned Up cash brilliant victory By the way I should let you know that My Kalashnikov course on chessable and My other course is actually also on sale As a Halloween sale so if you're Interested in that then do check it out It's a wonderful opening for black Thanks for watching


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