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How do you save the day?

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Foreign To test yourself I've got four positions For you and first of all I'd like you to Tell me what do these four positions Have in common Then I'll get into more detail So here we go first of all this one It's white to play here you can always Pause the video if you want to just kind Of Taking the positions a little bit more And perhaps analyze them so this is White to play This one Is let me see let me get the right Position first This is black to play And this one is white to play White plate they're all they're rather Different positions but they have Something in common what is that this is White clay And this one Is also white to play now I'm going to Go back and we're going to look at each Position in detail but first of all That's my my first question what do These four positions have in common Okay let's go back And look at them in detail So first of all this position so this is Magnus Carlson against Alan pichot this Is From a recent Blitz tournament I should

Say that these games are all played Recently or within the last last couple Of months couple from September a couple From November So white to play it's Magnus casting as Alan P chot from the MR dodgy Invitational I think it's just a five Minute Time control Anyway some kind of Blitz game so I'm not uh kind of pointing fingers and Saying you could have done better Um But Magnus Carlsen missed a good chance Here So let me show you what happened in the Game Carlson scored his Pawn on the seventh Rank he's a piece down he played G8 got a queen that was taken of course But now black is winning because if King Takes Knight Bishop takes and well That's obviously that porn is going Through So after this Carlson played Knight G6 Still winning for black after check here And now if the bishop just moves away Well black should be able to put that One away In fact peachots blundered he played Knight D7 Um Carlson played here also a blunder And Well black took control now and won the

Game And steadily Advanced down the port In fact Carlson could have drawn here by Taking and playing King F6 And well I think we know our end game Theory this one is a draw Okay let's go back to the beginning So anyway Just to sum up Making a queen Loses for white after this But white can still draw now let's have A look at this Knight G6 is an interesting option Trying to knock that Knight away and Then get a queen in fact Black is winning with Bishop takes porn This is very clever King takes You exchange nights and here there's a Big difference between this position This end game and the other one because After this Black gains the opposition I hope you know your end game theory and So on and that pawn is going to go Through So Knight G6 doesn't work but there is a Very clever defense for white Can you Spot the defense How can white draw this position It's a lovely move Knight F7 Now if the bishop the bishop is attacked If the bishop moves away let's say I

Don't know here Then you just get a queen and take the Knight And white is drawing that very simply Okay The question is well what happens if This is taken And here we have one of my favorite Defenses I love this You make a queen and that's stalemate I Love stalemate defenses One of my favorite themes in chess So Carlson could have drawn with Knight F7 really beautiful Okay now bear that in mind remember These four positions have a connection You should be able to get it by now At least what the theme is So let's have a look at this so this was A game played in September in Russia Kovanova against philippova How does black draw this one this little I think this is a classic oh no it's a Rapid game and actually this is Incredibly impressive for a rapid game That black found a defense here well Black looks like it in in massive Trouble here White to pawn up The Rook is passive White's Rook is Beautifully placed Black is in huge trouble but there is an Incredible defense And this is very subtle

You could always pause the video if you Want to try and solve it Rook G4 This is brilliant Attacking the pawn here so Rook takes Pawn Rook takes Pawn check and root Support that's just a draw so white has To play G3 Now if Rook takes Pawn Then white is winning this position That's too much but there is a brilliant Defense here Rook G8 This is sensational Of course Rook takes Rook is stalemate Aha our second occurrence of this theme And if Rook takes porn Then we come back Down the G file And that stelmet again another stalemate Okay what if white doesn't want to play Ball and plays Rook D7 Well This Rook can be chased And actually has no Escape it it can Only play to D8 or D6 and of course taking is just a Draw Um if the Rook comes back to d8 you just Keep chasing That's that And in the game white just decided okay I've had enough Rook takes rook and that Was a draw

Now why Did Black have to play Rook G4 that's The question Why not go Rook G8 straight away Well here's the trick then after Rook Takes Pawn Rook G3 check notice white is Not taking a pawn that's significant And after this In fact White is winning this position the king Comes out And can can help to push that deep on Through that's actually winning so this Is very subtle this is incredibly Difficult to find and I think it's it's Amazing that black found this so first Of all You play Rook G4 Provoking G3 and only then you go for The stalemic trick Because taking the pawn on G3 makes all The difference Makes no sense to come back because well Yeah black is just taking these pawns Basically Absolutely brilliant I love that one so Quick recap Rook G4 G3 Rook G8 Rook here Rook G7 you keep chasing And that was the end of the game So we've had two stalemates let's go for A third Now this is unbelievably difficult Eric I see against Carlson played in the Meltwater tour final

In mid-november Well in the game Uh Eric icy while he's fighting for a Draw who's King is very very active but He's a pawn down And he simplified into Porn end game Which Swiftly led to A queen end game Which actually should be drawn Um Well no Carlson can win with Queen D3 Here as a computer will tell you but Well it went like this Um And Carlson succeeded in in winning this One Um I I don't want to go into detail in This so basically this end game Is now lost basically Carlson held those Two pawns and cleaned up so Rook A6 Leads to a lost uh Queen end game And Carlson put it away but there is an Extraordinary defense here I mean this Is Um Just impossible to see even in classical Chess this would be so difficult to see Rook A1 And the point of this is to to actually Control the d-pawn because after this D3 The Rook comes back and then the king Comes in

And there's too much counter play here Okay so after Rook A1 what happens on King B5 so this is dangerous The king threatening to come in and Possibly helping to support the d-pawn As well there is an amazing defense Rook A5 check If the King goes back then the position Just repeats And after King takes B4 now you don't Take the Rook that's obviously winning But a beautiful move Rook B5 check Remember the king is threatening to take The Rook so black has to take And that's stalemate now that is really Rare King is stalemated in the middle of The board that's an incredible defense So just to recap this is very difficult But rookie won King B5 and this Sensational move And Rook B5 check Amazing stuff so there you go there's Another still made defense And finally this one so this was played In the Spanish Team Championship In September so Emilio Cordova from Peru Against Etienne Bako from France so two Strong Grand Masters And buckle with black Looks like he's winning Basically Um The Rook has just moved down Attacking the queen when the queen moves

Away then there's going to be mate in The corner Um Checking doesn't make a difference here The king just steps up And in fact there are two main threats Here there's this one but there's also Queen H5 and queen H1 mate as well if You know for example F3 So how does white survive here I'll give You a little bit of time To try and solve this one okay by now You should understand what the theme is It's stalemate my my favorite uh Defensive resource so how does white Play Draw White played Rook A5 this is the only Move To save the game Attacking the queen So if Rook takes then Rook takes Queen Here Just an equal Rook end game Now the queen has to keep hold of The Rook And queen D7 will even lose after Rook a check King comes up check Well let's say King here Queen E5 Queen E4 you can see white is just kind Of Wheeling his way in and Yeah I have Queen F7 Queen G4 check Picks up the Rook Well you can work the rest out basically

White is winning there so black has to Play Queen F3 which doesn't look bad Because the queen still protects the Rook and after the queen moves With a bit of luck there's a mate in the Corner But what have you noticed about the Queen now it's blocking that pawn The king also has no squares so Hopefully you can finish off now how Does white save the game First of all Rook A8 check and that's Kind of remarkable because of course That can be taken although that would Just be a draw after quintix for a queen Takes Rook so the king steps up Rook HH check That gets taken Queen E8 check And now we just have to give the queen And that is stalemate See the queen had to be there to block The F Pawn and the King has no moves at All So there we are the link between the Four positions was a stalemate defense It's one of my favorite rules in chess I Love it that the underdog comes back and Manages to save the day hope you enjoyed That


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