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How Bobby Fischer BLUNDERED in Game 1 in 1972 World Chess Championship Match

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[Music] Thank you Here we are sitting at a replica of the Actual chess set that Bobby Fischer and Boris spaski played on in 1972. The 1972 world championship match Between Bobby Fischer and Boris spaski Is now known as one of the most famous Matches in chess history Against the backdrop of the Cold War and So much political tension it was unclear Whether the match would even take place Well spaski is waiting up until just a Couple of days before the match was due To start Bobby Fischer hadn't even left The US he hadn't traveled to Iceland to Reykjavik where the match was due to Take place there's absolutely dead Silence in the hall He was refusing to play and in the end It even came down to the first game Bobby Fisher arrived a few minutes late Wait here comes Fisher and uh in the end We did get the match we all wanted to See game one is now regarded as one of The most famous games in chess history Because of a big blunder the biggest Blunder in World Championship matches in This position Boris faskey had white in The first game Bobby Fisher had black Having arrived late to the game Bobby Did take a bit of time on his moves it Looked like the game was heading towards A draw but here in this position he

Decided to gamble it was a big big Mistake in the end and it was regarded As a beginner's mistake in this position Black to play Bobby Fischer he decided To play Bishop takes Pawn on H2 And the reason this is regarded as such A beginner Splendor a beginner's mistake Is because the black Bishop simply gets Trapped the black Bishop has no Escape Route after white pushes the pawn to G3 This bishop now is stuck Behind Enemy Lines and as we saw in the game it was Lost what Fisher had missed here is that After black tries to push a pawn forward To offer the pawn as bait to extricate His own Bishop the white king now makes It March towards that black Bishop the White king goes towards it the black Pawn steps forward but rather than Capture this Pawn allowing the bishop Out of its prison Here Boris basket simply moved his King Towards the bishop again and what Bobby Fischer had missed is this nice sequence The pawn pushing forward going closer to Its promotion Square the white king Chasing this pawn and after the bishop Does try to make its bid for Freedom This final move at the end of the Variation the bishop only has one Escape Square it's this one the E1 Square Aiming to get out and Boris faskey could Now have closed the door by bringing his Bishop forward caging its counterpart we

Did see in the end Bobby Fischer loses Bishop and he lost the first game as Well [Music] Thank you Game six always seems to have a special Place in world championship match History it was no different in 1972 Between Fisher and spaski by game six Fisher had leveled the scores it was two And a half points each And game six is where he took control of The match on move one Fisher surprised Basket by opening with the English Opening instead of his usual one E4 this Psychological blow spassky simply Couldn't recover from and later in the Game after a really nice opening we Arrived in this position and simply it's A huge attack for white if you look at The Rooks they're on a powerful open Line White Queen nicely centralized on The same diagonal as the black king all That's needed is a killer blow a Fisher Found the winning Motif he found the Breakthrough in really nice style first Fisher simply stepped back with his Queen his favorite piece remember Fisher Is his light squared Bishop he lines up The queen and Bishop on the same Diagonal indirectly attacking the Black Knight The Black Knight decided to move spaski Brought the Knight forward and this was

The finishing touch Fisher sacrificed one of his Rooks for The Black Knight and after a recapture He brought his other Rook into the Attack note how the black pieces are too Passive they can't defend and after a Few more moves we saw a result the final Move of the game of the famous game six Fish's Immortal game was Queen to F4 Lining up the queen against this Pawn Going for the black king but more Importantly threatening to bring the Rook to f8 a double attack against the Black queen and the black king This last move Queen to F4 forced basket To resign and for the first time in the Match Fisher took the lead from then on He went on to dominate [Music]


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