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Hikaru Plays 4D Chess

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Nakamura, Hikaru (2909) – Aronian, Levon (2809)
Nakamura vs. Aronian | Speed Chess | QF ( [1] 2022.12.12

1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.e3 c5 4.dxc5 e6 5.a3 Bxc5 6.Nbd2 O-O 7.b4 Be7 8.c4 a5 9.b5 b6 10.Bb2 Bb7 11.Be2 Nbd7 12.O-O Rc8 13.Rc1 Rc5 14.a4 Rc7 15.Nd4 Nc5 16.N2f3 dxc4 17.Ne5 Qa8 18.Ndc6 Nd5 19.Rxc4 f6 20.Bg4 fxe5 21.Rxc5 Nxe3 22.Nxe7+ Rxe7 23.Qd6 Qd8 24.Bxe6+ Kh8 25.Qxd8 Rxd8 26.fxe3 bxc5 27.Bc4 h6 28.Bc3 Be4 29.Rc1 Red7 30.Be2 Kh7 31.h4 c4 32.h5 Bd3 33.Bf3 Rf7 34.Bxe5 Re8 35.Bd4 g5 36.hxg6 e.p.+ Kxg6 37.Kf2 h5 38.Kg3 Kg5 39.Rh1 c3 40.Rxh5+ Kg6 41.Rc5 c2 42.Bh5+ Kh7 43.Bxf7 Rf8 44.Rh5#

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Hello everyone and welcome to another Very nice game from the speed Chess Championship quarterfinals it is the Matchy karunakamura versus levonne Arunyan you can see that Hikaru is rated 2909 which is absolutely incredible and That of course means that he's playing Uh incredibly well but it's not just That he plays uh speed just while he Also plays classical chess well so he's Uh he's a very well rounded player in Any time format but so is Lavon so this Should be an excellent match uh let's Check out one of the games and then we Are going to discuss what happened in The match this is game seven it is the Most requested one so I'm showing this One first sorry about the C on the bird Sometimes uh I do change it but I forget To actually update the interface so give Me just a few seconds there we go Uh so it doesn't get confusing as this Is a speeches championship and this is From the five plus one section like we Say in every video when we are covering This it's a hour and a half of five plus One then 60 Minutes of three plus one And then 30 minutes of one plus one uh The so-called slow bullet and now let's Check out the game it's quite a nice one And you will very quickly uh see why we Have quantity for by Hikaru D5 by Levon Knight to F3 Knight to F6 and now Pawn To E3 the so-called call system C5 by

Levon and not D captures and C5 we have E6 and now Pawn to A3 so still not doing Anything with your C Pawn the shop Characters on C5 we have Knight beta D2 And now uh 11 castles and Hikaru lunges Forward with Ponte B4 attacks the bishop Here and uh he might have some ideas of Putting his own dark Square Bishop on This long diagonal so here we have Bishop to E7 and now uh there is the Game where Bishop to B2 was played but Here Hikaru strikes with Pawn to C4 and It is now already as of move 8 that we Have a completely new game so what does Lavon do well Hikaru has this beautiful Expansion on the queen side of course he Will try to undermine it pawn to A5 we Have B5 by Hikaru and the B6 now and Already you can see with this structure If you can ever get something like C5 Captures then already you get a nice Past B Pawn so here at Bishop to B2 we Have Bishop to B7 and Bishop to E2 Hikaru now ready to Castle we have Knight B to D7 and uh Hikaru castles we Have rooked the C8 Rook to C1 both Players putting Rooks on the most Probable file to open up fairly quickly And now Rook the C5 Lavon uh tries to Tries to lift his Rooks and also he Wants to clear the path for the queen he Wants to bring the queen over to A8 to Put pressure on this G2 pawn and the Problem is if you go for C characters on

D5 then you can play Bishop captures on D5 any four captures then Levon could Capture with the bishop or with the Knight and then well this does not look All that great for hikar with the bishop Pair so excellently placed so after Rook The C5 we have A4 he covered just uh uh Strengthens his B5 pawn and okay maybe You can capture Levon goes back Rook to C7 and now Knight to D4 uh we have Knight to C5 with the pawn Advanced to A4 uh level one figures and now it's a Target he's gonna put his Knights the C5 And the queen is now stuck guarding that A4 Pawn so Knights due to F3 the Captures on C4 finally we have a capture And now Knights the E5 you're uh you can Always capture on C4 so uh no no point In rushing that but what he car really Wants is put a knight on that C6 square And okay Queen to A8 now putting Pressure on the G2 pawn and Knight D to C6 and uh sorry Knight um D to C6 and This is now a an excellent piece here It's very hard to dislodge it EU can Capture ones but you don't really gain Anything with that so here uh Lavon goes For Knight to D5 uh we have Rook Captures on C4 and now Pawn to F6 Chasing away the knight from this Beautiful Central Square also you kinda Diminish the power of this bishop as now It's not attacking G7 anymore and here You probably are thinking of two things

Moving the Knight something like Knight To F3 and also you are considering Knight captures on E7 and Knight Captures on E7 is very interesting Because after you capture this with Check uh how does black continue let's Say you play Knight captures on E7 There's this very nasty Queen to D6 move Attacking the rook and the pawn on B6 And after black plays Knight D5 Defending the Rook the the pawn here now You will play Rook captures on C5 and After B captures Queen captures an E6 as You have removed the defender of the E6 Pawn King h8 and not Knight the C4 you Have this beautiful full past B Pawn and You have a very nice compensation for The sacrificed exchange but Hikaru Doesn't go for Knight captures and E7 Nor does he move the Knight back he Instead plays Bishop to G4 and this is Where the fun really begins because There are so many possibilities here That televon can play but he goes for The for the strongest move and that is To accept hikaru's challenge he plays F Captures on E5 and okay now Hikaru goes For Rook captures on C5 so he just lost The piece and now he gives up the Exchange what's the what's the point of This well the bishop and G4 will at some Point pick up the E6 Pawn with the check And he will win back some material so Here Knight captures an E3 by 11 and the

Reason for this is well like we said if B captures on C5 Bishop Bishop captures An E6 check you will pick up that Knight On D5 so better grab something uh you Know instead of just giving giving it up For nothing so Knight captures an E3 Now The Rook is attacked the queen is Attacked The Rook on C5 is attacked and Hikaru goes for Knight captures an E7 With check Rook captures and now Queen To D6 attacking that Rook on E7 Queen to D8 offering a queen trade defending the Rook and now Bishop captures an E6 with Check by Hikaru King to each eight Queen Capture 78 Rook capture 78 and now F Captures an E3 leaving the rook and C5 To be captured B captures on C5 and now I was uh so interested and fascinated by This position because both players have Five Pawns he carves sacrifice material He's down the exchange but okay he does Have the bishop pair we always know how Strong the bishop pair is so I took Meadow for a walk and I allowed the Engine to Crunch the numbers It was able to Crunch the numbers still Depth 46 and or maybe 48 I don't know Which which was it but at depth 46 or 48 The engine evaluates this position as a 0.00 zero so that's uh absolutely Incredible and how nicely uh Hikaru Managed to get some play here but okay He has a pass Pawn so does Lavon the Past C Pawn is also incredible and

Hikaru plays Bishop to C4 which is the Absolute strongest idea here the problem Is if you play something like Bishop to B3 which maybe makes more sense then Levon can just sacrifice the C for Pawn To activate his Rooks let's say Bishop Captures on C4 Rook to C7 and once you Move the bishop Rook C is gonna go to C8 To cover the back Rank and this Rook is Now coming to D2 so there are many uh Active ideas here for black but like if You go for Rook to F7 after the bishop Rook the D2 sorry Rook to D2 goes after This bishop and also threatens Rook Captures on G2 with check and the black Would solve all of his problems and That's why Hikaru finds this absolute Brilliant Bishop to C4 not allowing Levon to sacrifice the C pawn and Activate his Rooks because it's not Gonna be easy to activate the Rooks with With the with the Bishop's pair so Active and notice that you can't Activate the Rook right away because Rook death it will be Checkmate so here Ponte H6 first by Lavon now getting rid Of any checkmating ideas and now Bishop To C3 and now Hikaru covers D1 uh d2d4 D3 D5 everything in his half of the uh The board is covered so you don't have To worry about Levon using the D file For his Rooks and if you can't use the Open file then the Rooks aren't all that Great so Bishop to E4 now Levon wants to

Exchange the light Square Bishop which Will be very good for him and now Rook The C1 by Hikaru interestingly you Cannot you can't really go after the A5 Pawn because if Bishop captures an A5 Rook A8 and then the bishop has to move You lose the A4 Pawn so you don't really Gain anything Rook to C1 now Hikaru is Trying to get Levon to go for this um a Bishop to D3 idea but if you play Bishop To D3 now then Bishop characters and A5 Is is very strong because now the bishop Captures on C4 you will already have the A4 Pawn defended and if you go for Rook To A8 then uh you well you can go Rook To A8 attack this bishop but then just Bishop to B6 and now again what can you Play here if a bishop captures on C4 You're gonna play real characters and C4 The pawn is defended if you capture the The pawn on A4 then Bishop captures and D3 or Bishop is undefended so this would Be uh very very good for Hikaru so That's why this uh Rook to C1 move is Very very tricky so Lavon goes for Rook E to D7 he wants to trade Rooks with Rook to D1 check and Hikaru doesn't Allow it Bishop act 82 now controlling The D1 square with the bishop and his Rook King to H7 Levon starts bringing The key into the game now Pawn to H4 Grabbing more space on the king Side Pawn to C4 finally Levon finds a way to Get rid of that pawn

Uh as Hikaru had to move the bishop and Then he will use the C file for his Rooks but Hikaru not interested in that Pawn uh instead he goes for Pawn to H5 And notice that Hikaru can capture an E5 And A5 end on C4 but Hikaru doesn't uh Uh want any pawns he just plays H5 he Grabs more space on the king side limits The movement of the black king and now Bishop to D3 uh Hikaru declines the Trade Bishop F3 and now Levon should go For Pawn to E4 but instead he goes for Rook to F7 and this is where things Start to get really really interesting And especially for uh for Hikaru as Lavon is much much lower on time uh Bishop captures on E5 by Hikaru we have Rooked the E8 now going after the bishop And the bishop to D4 so why has Lavon Sacrificed the piece here uh it's uh It's a very very deep indeed Pawn to G5 And now H captors and G5 by Hikaru as This is a Blitz game I will briefly Mention that Bishop to D5 is winning Here for Hikaru but it's such a funky Line that you don't expect anyone to Play this in in Rapid time format in Blitz time format for example Rook to f8 B6 now and after Rook the B8 defending The pawn now you cap run C4 and after Bishop captures on C4 Rook captures on C4 uh you are uh well you are up to Pawns but also how is the The Rook to Stop this past Pawn if Rook beat the C8

For example Uh you wanna you wanna trade off that Rook Rook the C7 check and I throw Characters on C7 B captures on C7 There's just no way to stop this bishop B6 Bishop captures on A5 is coming You're gonna win one more pawn and then It's just two too many pawns if King Jade are gonna play Bishop B6 and even This is impossible because just Bishop Captures and then you can't capture Because of uh C Pawn queening so instead After G5 he carplayed h Captain G6 Alpha Song King captures on G6 and King the F2 Now we have H5 by 11 and now King to G3 Uh and here uh with Bishop the E4 it's Still a very uh equal game for example Bishop to E4 can be met with Rook Captures and C4 but then there's the Tricky H for move forward one and you Kinda get that white king into the Corner you can now trade everything Bishop capture spawn captures real Captors and you have the two Rooks the King uh it's not going to be easy Dodging everything with for that white King but still white is up two pawns It's still anyone's game and after King To G3 instead King to G5 by Lebon and Now Rook the H1 and this is the only Move that gives Hikaru the advantage uh The real idea is uh Rook H1 Rook the H4 And Rook to F4 fully activating the Rooks but now after Rook to H1 he's also

Attacking the pawn here uh so best for For the one would be just the defended Let's say Rook to H7 and then like we Said you bring the Rook into the game Rook H4 and if Bishop to F5 Rook to F4 Uh he covers position would improve Tremendously but Levon as he was down on Time he went for the tricky Pawn to C3 Which is uh just incredible and to give You an idea what Levon wanted with the C3 Pawn uh probably he uh if Hikaru Captures it then he probably didn't want Anything he probably missed that if Rook Captures any 3D car just goes behind the Rook and wins material but I think uh What he did was why he did it was a bit Different because after C3 he carry did Go for Rook captures on H5 with check as It was expected I mean they're playing Really quickly of course you go for real Characters on each five with check King To G6 and now he was expecting Bishop Captures on C3 after which of course Will captures an F3 check wins the game For Lavon after G captures The Rook is Now undefended but Hikaru of course saw Through this he played Rook to C5 and Now the pawn isn't really going anywhere Okay it's coming to C2 but it's never Touching C1 Hikaru played Bishop to H1 With check or if Levon wanted to stop This he would have to give up the pass Pawn so Bishop H5 King to H7 and now Bishop captures on F7

Uh grabbing the full Rook Rook the f8 Hoping to get that Rook to F1 and then Promote his Pawn to a queen but now Hikaru just played Rook to H5 and this Is now Checkmate as the bishop covers D Squares and the bishop covers the G7 Pawn so it's not like Levon missed mate In one or anything he just had to try Something with his his position is Completely lost and then he was hoping Maybe something good good comes out of This but nothing did uh so yeah very Nicely played by Hikaru winning this uh Game seven uh the the blitz section Was Won by Hikaru he started by winning two Games then Lavon retaliated in the third One but in the end the hikar won the Plus uh five plus one section here are The the final results Hikaru one uh five Plus one uh with a score of five and a Half to two and a half then the three Plus one he car won again with five and A half to three and a half and the one Plus one he car one with four and a half To two and a half so winning in every Time format indefinitely Um a well-deserved the win and if you Are wondering what is next in the Speeches championship This is what's happening so he covered Defeated Levon and he will be facing Nihal sarin in the semi-final as nikal Has defeated dingler with a with a Pretty uh great score 17-9 and uh in the

Other half of the semi-final we still Have the quarterfinal between Carlson And Carlson and um uh caruana and Between Wesley saw and Maxine vashiella Graf so uh the thing that you all are Wondering yes a Hikaru Magnus final is Still possible but we'll see a lot more A lot more games to be played by by a Lot of players for that to happen uh so Yeah that's the game hope you guys Enjoyed it very nicely done by Hikaru This game it was so great after uh you Know after the early skirmishes where Hikaru just uh uh started going crazy With this bishop to G4 move uh it was uh Like you could easily have this as a Classical game and you would not have Time to calculate everything that's Happening it's such a such a brilliant Position so well played by both of them But in the end Hikaru out played him he Was faster and he managed to play the Position better but yeah regarding the The position itself uh like this is a Classical chess Worthy uh we wouldn't Get it because we we wouldn't have this Opening but you know the position itself Yeah it would be great to have this in Classical game as well but yeah that's The game I hope you guys um I enjoyed it I would like to thank Logan Dobe Jeff Graves Francis there Benjamin Richie and Timothy Rosen for a contribution to my Channel thank you a lot I really

Appreciate it as usual you can check to My previous videos here thank you for Watching and I will see you soon Continuing uh to check up on your Wonderful suggestions uh and everything Else that happens in the Chess World Thank you all I will see you soon and Have an excellent rest of your day


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