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Hikaru, Giri, Nihal, and So Headline The $1M Global Championship Final | Coverage by Brave

Featuring Hikaru, Anish Giri, Wesley So, Nihal Sarin and more of the world’s top players, the $1,000,000 Global Championship is our biggest EVER tournament! After months of qualifiers and a knockout bracket with the games’ biggest stars, the top 8 have made it to the Live Finals in Toronto to compete for their share of the prize fund and the Global Champion title.

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Yes I was born in Vancouver but as Wonderful as Andrea and Vancouver are It's pretty tough not to fall in love With the city of Toronto Natural beauty abounds inside Toronto And pretty close by The largest city in Canada the people Here have been playing chess and clubs In universities and in public parks What are you doing I'm just directing Continue It's for well over a century And now this wonderful place plays hosts The very first Global Championship finals Facing elimination for weeks eight of The world's best players have survived To continue their quest for the Queen-size share of the 1 million dollar Prize pool And it's just made Sensational this is The most shocking day that we have ever Had My friends you're in the right place It's time for the cgc finals Toronto Canada officially has it all


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