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Heartbreaking for USA! Sam Shankland makes an illegal move | Chess Olympiad 2022 #shorts

Here’s an amazing chess game played between Sam Shankland (Team USA) & Robert Hovhannisyan (Team Armenia) at the 44th FIDE Chess Olympiad 2022 held at Chennai, India. This is a Round 7 game which was looking completely drawish, but towards the end, Sam made an illegal move & because of the touch move rule, Armenia won the game. As a result of this, the round was drawn & Armenia took the lead on the points table. #Shorts #ChessTalk #Chess #chessolympiad #chessolympiad2022

Usa is leading 2-1 against armenia this Is the final game of the round uss sam Shankland plays b3 and if they exchange Pawns this game is a dead draw queen and A bishop just cannot win against the Queen But what happened here Oh he assumed robert would give him a Check with queen h1 so he just picked up His king and moved it to c2 but guess What robert has played queen g2 so white Cannot play king c2 because that’s Illegal now and he has touched the king So as per the touch move rule he can Only move the king oh sam is gutted he’s Shaking hands and he resigns We’ve seen pre-moves in online chess but Here we see an exhibit over the board as Well look he had to move his king and King c1 was the only legal move so after That we have queen b to check black Eliminates the pawn and now with this Past pawn sam is completely lost that’s Heartbreaking for team usa it’s 2-2 now And it’s armenia who lead the chess Volunteered after round 7


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