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He Didn’t Know He Was Playing a Future World Champion

Photos by David Llada
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Magnus Carlsen vs Sergey Dolmatov
Aeroflot Open (2004), Moscow RUS, rd 3, Feb-19
Zukertort Opening: Dutch Variation (A04)

1. Nf3 f5 2. d3 d6 3. e4 e5 4. Nc3 Nc6 5. ef5 Bf5 6. d4 Nd4 7. Nd4 ed4 8. Qd4 Nf6 9. Bc4 c6 10. Bg5 b5 11. Bb3 Be7 12. O-O-O Qd7 13. Rhe1 Kd8 14. Re7 Qe7 15. Qf4 Bd7 16. Ne4 d5 17. Nf6 h6 18. Bh4 g5 19. Qd4

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02:14 Game Starts!
04:00 Completely New Game!
07:40 It was in This Position
07:50 Crazy Made Up Line
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Hello everyone and welcome to a very Nice game that was played in the Aeroflot open tournament in 2004 it's a Game between Magnus Carlsen who is 13 Years of age at the time and a very Strong Grand Master Sergey domatov who Is a former world champion himself in 1977 uh or rather in 1978 he won the World junior Championship some half a Point ahead of Arthur yusufov but okay Magnus knew that he was facing a former World champion but domato did not know That he was facing a future world Champion and uh yes I am recording this As today's Magnus call since the 32nd Birthday so you guys are welcome to I Wish him uh all the best in the comments If if you if you like and also sorry About no videos for the past two days I Just couldn't Um I use my voice every time I I tried To speak you know I I just started Squeaking it was really weird so it was Impossible to make a video but now my Voice is much better as you can hear and This is a nice game that I'm going to Show for for magnus's birthday it's a Very short one but you guys will enjoy It especially uh like I said since again Such a such a strong opponent uh maybe If you just saw this game you would Think that it's against someone who is Not a very strong player but he had a Very very uh lucrative chess career uh

You know opponents wise uh regarding how Strong opponents he beat as he defeated Some great names like Arthur Yusuf of Alexander believski he defeated Spielman He defeated polkavski even defeated uh Gary Kasparov in a team event in 1977 uh One year prior to him winning the world Junior Championship it was a wild game Of the Queen's gamber decline he Defeated Kasparov with black because Part of sacrificed a piece for two pawns He had two connected pass pawns on the Queen side uh but uh domatov defended Well and he was able to Utilize his advantage to grab a full Point so uh definitely a a strong player He was crushing you know world-renowned Players before Magnus was even born but Like I said he doesn't know he's playing Against the future world champion and a Potential the the greatest of all time So let's see how the game went Magnus Had the white pieces and he opens with Knight to F3 he goes for directi opening And the domato goes for Pawn to F5 going For the sort of a Dutch reply to the Reti with D3 D6 and pawn to E4 now Magnus strikes in the center Pawn to E5 And now Knight to C3 so no matter of Going for full development here he Doesn't want to hold anything back Knight to the C6 we have e captures on F5 as this was considered strongest at The time it is still considered

Strongest today he captures an F5 Bishop Captures and F5 and now Pawn to D4 this Loss of a Tempo is excused because if Pawn captures Knight captures the bishop On F5 will be hanging so black will have To either move the bishop or trade and Then white gets a queen to the beautiful D4 Square so instead we have Knight Captures on D4 Knight captures e Captures and queen captures and now okay The bishop stays on F5 but the magnus's Queen is beautifully developed on D4 and Now Knight to F6 uh nowadays C6 is Considered to be the more precise way to Play this but okay it's not not a very Common line Knight to F6 with Bishop to C4 and now Pawn to C6 and here Bishop to G5 so you can see that even though black Doesn't struggle with developing his Pieces he can develop pieces freely like It's very rare that you will see black Being able to develop both of his Bishops uh but it's very it's not all That easy to play and he is behind in Development and also the D6 Pawn is a Bit weak if he can play D5 he's going to Be perfectly fine and uh interestingly There is a game that was played 10 years After this game between Maxima Cheryl Agave and anatolivasier where H6 was Played and the maxim one that came very Nicely with the white pieces but here we Have Pawn to B5 and it is now as of move 10 the disposition has never been

Reached again Uh and the Magnus has to make a choice He goes Bishop back to B3 I will just Show for fun how G4 could be a very very Uh tricky move to face with black Because if Bishop to D7 you play Bishop To D3 and now black has to be extremely Careful how to continue this game he has To go for Bishop to E7 and castles uh Because if you go for C5 which kind of Is the idea you want to expand your Pawns as as much as possible Queen E3 Check and there's not all that much you Can do if Queen to E7 You're Gonna Play Bishop P4 and attack The Rook uh on on A8 and if Queen side castles You're Gonna Go Queen side castles and the Black's position is just terrible now uh With the pawns so far Advanced if B4 Queen to D3 and you can already resign This as black so a possibility uh G4 Really uh goes for some uh complications But Magnus goes for Bishop to B3 and now We have Bishop to E7 And Bishop D7 really makes life Difficult for for Sergey uh he should Play H6 or queen to E7 check basically He should play both of those moves as Queen t7 check comes with a Tempo but he Goes for Bishop to E7 and now uh Magnus Just castles Queen side and there is no Good way for black to play this the Bishop here prevents castles the D6 Spawn is weak you can't really move and

You know that Rook H the E1 is coming so Queen to D7 is played uh Sergey hopes The castle uh his King to safety Queen Side but now Rook H to E1 and even Though Castle in Queen side is possible Here look at this if Castle's Queen side A4 and what can you do here uh you can You can push B4 the queen covers that Square and if you capture Queen captures And this or I mean it looks disgusting For black Uh so instead after Rook HD1 King 38 is Played trying to get the king out of Harm's Way trying to go for King to C7 But now Magnus just goes for Rook Captures on E7 probably the move I will Use for the thumbnail and there is no Good way to recapture if you capture With the King uh sort of to defend the D6 Pawn uh look at this bishop captures An F6 G captures and Rook to E1 check Forces the king away from the pawn and Once you move the king queen captures an F6 check and that's it you either lose The Rook or you try to defend the Rook By connecting the Rooks and then Rook to E7 will cost black the queen so I have To look after Sunny 7 Queen captures on E7 was played and now Queen to F4 again Made possible because this weird Bishop On F5 is undefended this comes with Tempo now the bishop is hanging and also The D6 Pawn is hanging so Sergey tries To combine this with Bishop to D7 tries

To hold on to everything and now while Magnus could just capture the pawn here He goes for overnight the E4 absolutely Crushing a triple attack on the F6 Square also more pressure on the D6 Square and of course if some of you are New to chess you cannot capture the Knight because after Queen captures the Knight is pinned the Knight cannot move So after Knight the E4 the only thing That seems to be playable for black is D5 which forces the Knight to move which Cuts off the Bishop from this beautiful Diagonal which closes off the D file but That's even without all that Magnus is Still completely winning Magnus plays Knight captures on F6 and there's no way To recapture if G captures then Bishop Captures wins the queen so in the game H6 was played Bishop to H4 and the G5 Now it seems that Sergey will win back His piece but not Magnus just Centralized with Queen to D4 and it was In this position on move 19 that Sergey Domato resigned the game as there is Nothing more to be done here Uh problem is you're you're down a full Piece and if you try to recapture the Piece well then the game goes on but It's just completely unplayable I would I will just show you one fun line uh That is possible Knight captures on D5 Now attacks the queen and also the Rook Is hanging and if you play Queen to fate

To defend both now you can play Queen Captures on H4 check the Knight covers Both E7 and C7 you're gonna play King C8 Now Knight to E7 check if King to C7 You're Gonna Play Queen to G3 check King D8 and now Knight captures and C6 again With check the bishop is pinned so King The C8 and now Knight the E5 again Attacking the bishop twice not nothing For black to do the only Square where You can put the bishop seems to be the E8 square and now you've disconnected Everything I mean look look at your back Rank this is uh something you would see In I don't know in an eventual cast part Of a game but let's say queen G4 check King to B8 and now just Rook to d8 with Check King to B7 and we can even finish Off with a bang Rook the D7 check Bishop Captures Queen captures with check King To A6 and not Queen to C6 check King A5 Knight the C4 check we're gonna Sacrifice everything because this is a Made-up line big captors and C4 and now Of course a force to Checkmate in four Queen to C7 check King B5 A4 with check King to B for uh King to B for Queen Captures King A5 and now Queen to B5 Will be Checkmate so that's basically What would follow if Sergey continued The game after Magnus played Queen to D4 Or something similar but of course he Did not so that's why I told you uh how How strong of a player Sergey domato was

And is okay he's retired now but uh uh I Mean he he pretty much defeated everyone Even even Kasparov but um uh yeah even Though he he did well in the tournament And the Magnus did not Crush everyone in That tournament he was still only 30 13 Years of age but this game in 19 moves Crushing a strong Grandmaster like this Definitely uh something that I thought We should show as this is not this is a Game that I still haven't shown on the Channel uh so yeah a brilliant game by By the 13 year old Magnus Crossing Against such a such a very strong Grandmaster hope you guys enjoyed that And yeah uh feel free to wish Magnus a Very happy 32nd birthday in the comments If you guys are into that uh as uh it's Always nice to you know congratulate People and to wish them birthdays uh so Yeah that's the game hope you guys Enjoyed it uh like I said sorry about no Videos for the past two days but my Voice simply refused to cooperate but as Uh there's a lot of stuff that's Happening in the Chess World feel free To use hashtag suggestion I will go over Your suggestions and show the the only The the very best of games Uh so yeah once again hope you guys Enjoyed it I would like to wish a very Happy birthday to Peppa pepich and also Uh I would like to wish a very happy Birthday to Grisha there was and I would

Like to thank ravishing reptiles YouTube Jerry driver and born Smith for a Contribution to my channel thank you a Lot I really appreciate it as usual you Can check two of my previous videos here Thank you for watching and I will see You soon continuing to check up on Everything that's happening in the Chess World and of course your excellent Suggestions uh thank you all I will see You soon and have an excellent rest of Your day


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