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Hans Tackles a Really Big Fish

Photos by Lennart Ootes
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Niemann, Hans Moke (2599) – Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar (2747)
Pool B | FIDE World Team Championship ( [2] 2022.11.20
C80 Ruy Lopez, open, Bernstein variation

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.O-O Nxe4 6.d4 b5 7.Bb3 d5 8.dxe5 Be6 9.Nbd2 Nc5 10.Qe2 g6 11.c3 Bg7 12.Nd4 Nxe5 13.f4 Ned3 14.f5 Nxc1 15.Raxc1 gxf5 16.Nxf5 Bf6 17.Bc2 Nd7 18.Nd4 Qe7 19.Rce1 Bxd4+ 20.cxd4 O-O-O 21.Nb3 Qd6 22.a4 bxa4 23.Na5 Qb6 24.Qd2 Rdg8 25.Bxa4 Rg4 26.Nc6 Nb8 27.h3 Nxc6 28.hxg4 Nxd4 29.Qe3 Rg8 30.Bd1 Bxg4 31.Rf2 Bxd1 32.Rxd1 Rg4 33.Rd3 Re4 34.Qh3+ Kb7 35.Re3 f5 36.Kh1 Nb5 37.Rxe4 fxe4 38.Rf8 Nd6 39.Qxh7 Qxb2 40.Qg8 Qa1+ 41.Kh2 Qe5+ 42.Qg3 Qh5+ 43.Kg1 Qd1+ 44.Kh2 Qh5+ 45.Kg1 d4 46.Rf1 Qc5 47.Rb1+ Ka7 48.Qf2 Nb5 49.Ra1 Nc3 50.g4 e3 51.Qf6 Qc4 52.Qe5 e2 53.g5 d3 54.Qe3+ Kb7 55.Qf3+ Ne4 56.Rb1+ Kc6 57.Qf8 Qc5+

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02:25 Completely New Game!
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The games are rapid, with 45 minutes for the entire game, plus a 10-second increment starting from move one. In the knockout stages two rapid matches are played. If the teams are still tied, they switch to 3+2 blitz and keep playing matches until we have a winner. Official website:

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Hello everyone and welcome to a very Nice game app from this year's video World team championship it's a game Between Han smoke and Neiman and Shakir Mamiyarov It's a Wonderful attacking Game but it will be hard at times to Even imagine who who is the actual Attacker uh as you'll see what I mean by This so Hans has the white pieces and This is round two in round one uh Hans Drew his game against sarados Lavoitashek and um won his game against Uh another Rebecca Uzbekistan so like I said this is their Second game and Hans opens with uh Pawn To E4 we're gonna have some 10 moves of Theory not too much as sometimes we have Even 20 moves of known Theory so E5 Knight to F3 Knight to C6 and Bishop the B5 Hans goes for the real Lopez and if You are wondering uh why Hans is playing Board one for the United States as the United States has quite a lot of very Very strong Grand Masters none of them Are playing so that's why my hands is Playing board one even though he is Almost 2700 rated and the mamidaro of Course is the top rated player from Azerbaijan so that's why he's playing Board one uh so uh Bishop to B5 Dory Lopez A6 morphe's defense Bishop to A4 And Knight to F6 we have castles and not Knight captures on e4 so this is all Very standard stuff we've seen this many

Times D4 B5 attacking the bishop Bishop To B3 and now Pawn to D5 with d captures On E5 and Bishop to E6 And defending the D5 Pawn Knight beat The D2 and now Knights the C5 attacking The bishop on B3 and here there are some Over 1400 games where C3 was played but Hans plays Queen to E2 and okay it's not A new move it has been played like a Dozen times uh but only in lower level Uh uh tournaments and games so when I Say lower level I mean like the the Highest rated player that played Queen To E2 with some 2400 maybe 2450 and for These gentlemen that's lower rated uh And uh all of the games were Queen T2 Was played were continued with a bishop D7 interestingly Bishop to A7 is the Strongest move recommended by the engine Uh but Mama there are plays Pawn to G6 And it is now as of move 10 that we have A completely new game so Hans definitely Uh took a mediev by surprise here uh we Have C3 now and Bishop to G7 not Interested in capturing and that uh the The bishop B3 if you capture and Knight Captures the knight uh will have access To C5 indefinitely as you are probably Developing your Bishop to G7 and once This Knight lens on C5 uh it's never Going away so instead after C3 Bishop to G7 now comes Knight to D4 attacks the Knight on C6 so Trades but not on D4 he goes for the

Pawn on E5 and Hans is saying you should Grab this pawn and okay mamajarov does Knight captures on E5 Ponte F4 Knight E To D3 now an excellent Square for the Knight and pawn to F5 so this is uh all Well within hans's preparation I believe Now attacking the bishop here and you Have two choices here either we play G Captures On F5 of course the bishop cannot move The bishop he spin the king is an E8 or You go Knight captures and C1 those are Your only two options and they are quite Similar so a Hans played Knight captures On C1 uh Rook a captures on C1 and now G Captures an F5 we have Knight captures On F5 and now Bishop to F6 you could Also consider maybe Castle in here Decides to go Bishop to F6 and now comes Bishop to C2 also very interesting is Knight to D4 now this is really asking Black a lot of very unpleasant questions Uh well one for one being do capture on D4 but once you do this once you give up The dark Square Bishop look at the C Characters on D4 and now where is the Knight going If you don't want to allow something Like Queen to E5 that will put immense Pressure you will have to go captures Captures and then Knight gets the C5 Square for example Queen to D6 Knight Will end on C5 and you are never getting Rid of this Knight this is a can just

Resign here so this is uh what what Could happen however after night the D4 You don't have the capture you could Also just play some like Bishop to G7 Then white continues Bishop C2 and the Game uh just uh well continues uh so After Bishop to F6 Bishop to C2 was Played by Hans now we have Knight the D7 This is very nice as it um uh well uh Prepares Queen E7 queen to queen to C5 You know that the Knight will not remain On F5 and here Knight the D4 by a Hans Here the absolute top move recommended By the engine is King the H1 and the King would be very nicely placed on H1 But okay Knights the D4 by Hans uh Queen To E7 and now Rook C the E1 uh putting Both queen and the rook and the E file Which is very nice as you can see but Now mamidarov can uh just trade down and And go into uh well uh in in equal game Bishop captures on the 4C captures and Just Queen side castles and now you Might think but yes but now Hans will Get the C5 Square for his knight uh Interestingly it's not all that potent Now so here at night the B3 Queen to D6 And not not a knight to C5 First Pawn to A4 Hans knows that mommy draw will now Use the G file uh to attack his King so He wants to make his attack and the Queen side happen uh just a little bit Sooner so he gives up a pawn temporarily For that uh B captures on A4 Knight to

A5 now and now interestingly nice it Doesn't even come to see five nights to A5 and now Queen to B6 putting pressure On the knight uh Queen to D2 defending And now Rook D to G8 preparing now to Attack the white king Bishop captures an A4 and now a beautiful move by Mommy There are pretty much the only one that Doesn't Um give Hans the upper hand and that is Rook to G4 with Tempo not only uh are You preparing to double up on the G file But you are also threatening need to Pick up the D4 Pawn so here at Knight The C6 this is how Hans defends it the Knight now defends the D4 Pawn Knight to B8 uh trying to eliminate this Knight as It's a very strong piece uh H3 attacking The rook and here uh Shakira just says I'm not interested in uh anything you're Doing here on the king side you can have That Rook I'm just gonna play Knight Captures and C6 and here yeah Mama jar Of Gibbs gives up the exchange uh for DD For pawn and for some very interesting Counter play Uh so H characters on G4 Knight captures On D4 now threatening some very nasty Discoveries if the knight ever moves Queen to E3 and now Rook the G8 getting The other Rook into the game as well Bishop to D1 defending the G4 Pawn but Um it doesn't really matter Bishop Captures on G4 Rook to F2 The Rook will

Also be needed regarding the G2 Pawn Plus you want to have something extra in Between that black queen on B6 and King And G1 so Bishop captures on D1 Rook Captures and now for the second time in The game Rook to G for the absolute Strongest for mamidarov uh seems like You're just Defending Your Knight here But the real thing is that you are Leaving hunts without a move really uh You know let's say you try something Like like Rook F to D2 just Knight to F3 With check look at this how how do you Stop this uh now if you capture the Knight you just lose the queen and if You play uh King to F2 the guard the Queen then you give up The Rook here and Okay you can trade but even if Queen Captures on V6 there's the in-between Knight the E4 check and you just lose Everything King moves now C capture some B6 you're just up a full Knight So instead after Rook to G4 Rook the D3 Was played now uh you you are no longer Allowing such things and uh Here Comes Rook to E4 attacking hans's Queen and uh Queen to G5 is the way to go but Hans Plays Queen to H3 with check and now it Will be a bit difficult to defend this Position with white king the B7 we have Rooked the E3 with Queen to D7 hunts is Still in the game but he plays Rook to E3 he wants to trade off the Rooks and Now there is only one move that wins the

Game for Shakira so feel free to pause The video and try to find this Incredible idea while I give you a Couple of seconds So uh for those of you who are able to Do it congratulations on sporting this Uh idea as it's not the first thing that Comes to mind and for those of you who Just want to enjoy the show it is Pawn To F5 and now with this pawn move uh on Uh played uh you are ensuring that if Rook ever captures an E4 you are playing F characters on e4 and you will have two Connected pass pawns the problem is if You play something like A5 let's say you Could also play this this is even the The second uh top move recommended by The engine now white will happily Capture an E4 you will have that capture With the d-pawn and now okay white will Unpin so now the Rook can move and after F5 yes you are getting some Pawn action Here but Queen to E3 Queen to C5 you're Gonna play Rook to D2 you're gonna go After the Knight and after some like Queen C1 check King H2 and C5 you will Play Queen to H6 and now you will win The H7 Pawn with check and you are you Are still very much in the game so That's one way to do it however after F5 It's just not clear how to how to play This one thing you you might consider is Just capturing that pawn on H7 but if You do this now there are well the rook

And E3 is hanging so there's that so Instead after this uh F5 move we have King the H1 first unpinning from this Diagonal finally and now Knight to B5 This is a beautiful move by mamajarov As It prepares Knight to D6 which will be Crucial later on in the defense of the C8 Square as you'll see uh plus it opens Up the Queen's diagonal so the Rooks are Now attacked you are threatening to just Pick up the Rook here Rook capture Sunny For you could also play Rook fde too but It's not much better Rook captures and E4 F characters now Rook the f8 Threatening Queen to see it check but Not Knight to D6 stopping that Queen to Ca to check idea Queen captures an H7 And now Queen captures on B2 so similar Like in the game Magnus played that We've shown in the previous round uh Mamajarov is down the exchange but he's Up three pawns which is not as great and As in that game but it's it's I mean It's a lot so Queen to G8 trying to get That Rook to G8 checking to win the Black queen and now Queen A1 check King To H2 Queen to E5 check and queen to G3 Offering a queen trade Uh which my major of declines if you Don't want to play this you could also Play King to G1 but then some like Queen To D for checking H2 and E3 and this Pawn is very close to promotion even if You give one check doesn't really matter

The Knight here does an excellent the Job of preventing the White Queen from Delivering checks and you will just uh Advance your Pawn to Victory so instead After Queen E5 Queen to G3 he blocks Check but not mommy drop says we are not Trading Queens just yet Queen H5 check King to G1 Queen to D1 check King H2 and Now Queen to H5 checklist it seems like He is trying to get a repetition but not Really King to G1 and now D4 he's just Trolling Hans as it would seem uh Rook To F1 and now Queen the C5 threatening Some nasty discoveries here Rook the B1 Check King to A7 and now Queen to F2 Stopping D3 because just Queen captures And uh C5 so Knights the B5 closing of The B file and adding a Defender to the D4 on Rook to A1 and now we have Knight To C3 G4 there is nothing left for hunts In this game other than to try and push That g Pawn to Victory E3 attacks the Queen queen to F6 and now you have to Again be very careful you don't want to Mess up and blunder the A6 Pawn so Queen C4 shark defends this and now Queen to E5 we have Pawn to E2 uh and then now Pawn to G5 we have D3 uh Queen to E3 With check King to B7 and now Queen to F3 with check Knight the E for blocking And Rook to B1 with check King the C6 And now Queen to f8 uh and there are Many ways to win this of course the Position is completely winning for black

But uh my major chooses the simplest one And that of course is Queen to C5 with Check he forces the queen trade and he Was in this position and move 57 that Hans Neiman resigned the game as there Is nothing more to be done here I forgot To mention in the previous video I think Uh the game between Magnus and Duda Ended in 64 moves and there is nothing I Like more than for a chess game to end In 64 moves that's always very nice okay There are some things I like more but I I really enjoy that uh so yeah Queen C5 Uh Hans resigns and a very nice win for Yarov uh taking down uh the first board For the United States and uh gaining a Very very important Point uh so now you Resign because after the queen trade Which is uh well a must captures Captures Rook the C1 check can be played But after King D4 there is no stopping The pawns if King rookie one just D2 and If captures D1 uh queening uh there There is no way to play this it's uh Completely winning for mamidarov uh so Yeah uh that's the game I hope you guys Enjoyed that first game that we are Showing from the video world team Championship 2022 hope you enjoyed it And if you have any of your own Favorites do use hashtag suggestion in The comments I will look over it and try To show some uh interesting games from This uh this tournament uh so once again

Hope you enjoyed it uh I would like to Thank Francis Sarah Carmen polyfronio And Sinister Paul and Roshan reptiles YouTube before and AI mind for a Contribution to my channel thank you a Lot I really appreciate it as usual you Can check two of my previous videos here Thank you for watching and I will see You soon continuing the coverage of this Wonderful event and whatever else Happens in the Chess World thank you all I will see you soon and have an Excellent rest of your day


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