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Hans Niemann is 97% accurate vs Jesus Duque

With ”suspicions of cheating” by Hans Niemann continuing to swirl within the chess community, several of his games were recently brought to my attention due to their high degree of accuracy. Featured is his 28-move encounter with International Master Jesus Duque from the ”First GM Mix Bassano” which was played on March 19th, 2021.The opening is a Closed Ruy Lopez with Niemann (black) sacrificing a pawn for a lead in development. By move 16 there was already 1 inaccuracy and 1 blunder by Duque, from which there would be no recovery. After the game, I share a ”Tale of the Tape”, along with my 2 cents on this game which saw Niemann score a 97% accuracy.

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Ba4 Nf6 5. O-O Be7 6. Re1 b5 7. Bb3 O-O 8. h3 Bb7 9. d3 d5 10. exd5 Nxd5 11. Nxe5 Nxe5 12. Rxe5 Qd6 13. Re4 c5 14. Nd2 c4 15. dxc4 Nc3 16. c5 Qd8 17. bxc3 Bxe4 18. Ba3 Bb7 19. c4 b4 20. Bb2 Bf6 21. Bxf6 Qxf6 22. Nf1 Rad8 23. Qc1 Rfe8 24. Ng3 Qc6 25. Qf1 a5 26. c3 bxc3 27. Bc2 Rd2 28. Rc1 Rxc2

Image of Hans Niemann in thumbnail courtesy of Lennart Ootes

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Hi everyone it’s Jerry let’s have a look At a game that was played on March 19th 2021 this is the game between International Master Jesus Duque on the Wide end and Hans Neiman Neiman in January of 2021 was awarded The Grand Master title so for this over The board game we have a newly minted Grand Master Neiman Now as of late nearly every Hans Neiman Game seems to be thrown under the Microscope and on a very recent note Several of them were drawn to my Attention for Well because of their High degree of Accuracy this particular one stuck out To me I’d like to share this one with You share a tail the tape at the end and Share my two cents about this game So let’s hop to it it’s an E4 E5 based Game Ray Lopez Closed Roy Lopez It’s a 28 move game White Is now going to grab upon black is Offering up a pawn with D5 there goes The E Pawn And After Queen to D6 What is black essentially saying with This line Where’s the compensation for being down Upon black is staring at the queen side And asking where is your development now

I have fast forwarded to this moment in The game because it has already been Seen many times before the most popular Reply is Rook to E1 If that move was played in the game Rook A to E8 or C5 are good continuations In this game white kind of flirts with Danger Staying opposite the bishop rookie 4 on Board Black follows with C5 That pawn wasn’t doing anything Wonderful on C7 why not create a pawn Duo from here Knight D2 This is an inaccuracy black has a strong Move let’s see if he can spot it black To move what is best feel free to pause The video Okay here we go C4 The Bishop’s trapped not quite White can take on C4 to save the bishop But after this capture now the D file is Opened Black has this combo Knight C3 What’s happening here a lot the Knight Is pinned to the queen there’s a double Attack against The Rook as well as a Fork against the majors The result of this C4 Knight C3 combo is That black will be winning the exchange And the only question is how many pawns Will white track down in the process In the game C5 is played considered best

However is to capture the Knight And after Bishop takes Rook to Essentially wipe out all black queen Side pawns and enter this imbalanced State Knight three Pawns Versus The Rook Not the healthiest three pawns but still It’s a ball game ahead Okay in this game it’s C5 that’s Considered a blunder the only blunder of The game and black maintains a a winning Advantage from here on out Queen d8 not just to any Square black is Maintaining the pin while staying out of Rook takes Bishop this Rook takes Bishop’s shot For example if Queen D7 White would now be winning Taking the bishop hitting the queen Queen d8 That is best only at this point the Knight is Tracked Down From here Bishop takes Rook Bishop A3 so In this case it’s now a knight in two Pawns Versus The Rook Bishop B7 Makes a lot of sense to stay trained on This On the heart of the king side structure I questioned whether You know do you go to B7 or C6 makes a Lot of sense to go to B7 There is now an additional Square

Available for the queen To form a battery one day On C6 Okay from here it’s C4 Now nice move B form Not just giving a pawn away for any Little reason Vision B7 is the reply If the pawn was captured Black would go on to track down a bishop This guy is now squashed Ouch All right black Seas or white sees that Excuse me plays to B2 he now black Pursues some exchanges Dark Square Bishops are off Queen Rook goes to the queen file King Rooker to the king file And now making one threat Targeting C5 as well Black has no interest in tracking down This Pawn though he’s going for more A5 Bishop is short on squares C3 B takes C Bishop C2 and how do you improve from Here Rook on the seventh attacking the bishop Rook C1 and one final move this game See if you can spot it black to move What is best Well I guess there are several good Moves but move played in the game is Here we go

Rook takes Bishop and white resigns Was the story here if the game continued If Rook takes Rook There would be rookie one And the queen is stuck she’s pinned She has the primary responsibility Defend G2 The game is over the queen is lost Let me take stroke that’s mate Queen will fall No no hope For team white at this point So a 28 mover let’s shift over to the Tail the tape on this one There we go And what to say Looking at the inaccuracies mistakes Blunders Inaccuracies the first mistake or excuse Me the first inaccuracy is really the Main one To look at Once we’re down in this area who really Cares it’s still going to be a win So that first inaccuracy Rook to E4 not A fan of that one The first mistake that one really Shouldn’t really focus on this one the Blender where it was given away No turning back after that C5 move Instead of immediately capturing the Knight on C3 so In the end we have average Sunny Pawn Loss 42 for white 10 for black

And accuracies 89 versus 97 my thoughts I think that this is a very deceptive Game uh as I mentioned several games Were drawn were brought to my attention This was one of them and I think that This one could be very misleading if you Only stare at the math And the numbers here because the chess Is In my estimation the moves played in This game by black were moves you could See played by a strong Blitz player I could see every move Played in this game played in a blitz Time control and this was a much longer Time controlled game There wasn’t a single red flag in my Estimation with this particular game so I I saw that this one was out there I Wanted to Uh kind of maybe You know I’m sharing my my two cents Here I think it’s a it could very easily Be misleading if you just look at the Numbers with this one because the chess Itself there wasn’t anything uh special There was a one little trick with C4 Knight C3 and everything was kind of Smooth sailing from there no red flags In my estimation Anyhow I’m looking forward to hearing Some of your own thoughts in the Comments section below Feel Free as Usual to leave them and hopefully you

Took a thing or two away from this video That’s all for now take care bye


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