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Nyzhnyk, Illya (2687) – Niemann, Hans Moke (2699)
Fall Chess Classic – Group A ( [8] 2022.11.09
B33 Sicilian, Pelikan, Chelyabinsk variation

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 e5 6.Ndb5 d6 7.Bg5 a6 8.Na3 b5 9.Nd5 Be7 10.Bxf6 Bxf6 11.c3 O-O 12.Nc2 Rb8 13.a4 bxa4 14.Ncb4 Nxb4 15.Nxb4 Bb7 16.Nxa6 Ra8 17.Qxa4 d5 18.Qb5 Qe7 19.Be2 Ra7 20.Ra3 dxe4 21.O-O e3 22.f3 e4 23.fxe4 Qxe4 24.Bf3 Qe7 25.Qe2 Bxf3 26.Rxf3 Re8 27.Ra1 Qd6 28.Rf5 Qd2 29.Kf1 Rxa6

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00:40 Steinitz Saga UPDATE
02:05 Game Starts!
03:00 Sneaky Line!
06:30 Completely New Game!
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11:15 The Mailman!!
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13:00 It Was in this position
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Each match is best of 8 games, with an Armageddon decider if the score is tied 4:4. The time control is 15 minutes for all moves, with a 2-second increment per move. For the Armageddon White has 15 minutes and the players bid for who has Black, with the player bidding the lowest time getting the black pieces and only needing a draw. Official website:

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Hello everyone and welcome to a very Nice game that was played in the full Chess Classic Tournament it's a Classical tournament featuring 10 very Strong Grand Masters played in the St Louis chess club and here we have a game I believe from round eight um between The uh well the highest rated Ukrainian Grand Master Ilia niznik ever since uh Was dropped a few points now niznik is Some 15 I believe uh rating points high Rated and vasel evanchook and he's Facing Hans moken Neiman in almost 2700 Player and this is a very very exciting Game features a very cool line of the Sicilian Defense some 17 moves of known Theory and then the position just opens Up which we all enjoy and before we get To the game a lot of you have been Asking me what is up with the steinit Saga I have been preparing it and I was Almost ready to launch it but then my Daughter got sick she was sick for about A month and I just didn't find the time To continue uh preparing The Saga I Don't want to rush it because once I I Start with the shiny Saga I want to have At least one video of foreign You know ready ready for every day maybe Even two videos so I will see if I will Be able to pull it off uh so I really Don't want to rush it once it's out it's It's gonna be out and it's gonna be Going very smoothly and uh I'm guessing

It will be around 60 to 100 videos Depending on depending on you know which Which route I will take I'm still Deciding on whether to go beyond the Point of shine is becoming world Champion because uh so far all the sagas I've stopped at the moment where our Protagonist reaches the title of uh World champion so I'm still deciding on That if you want to chip in on that You're welcome to do so in the comments But just to let you know you know Nothing happened to the standard Saga it Is coming but the the materials I'm Using they're just so so vast there's so Much information in it and uh I have to Sort it out properly for you guys to be Able to to enjoy it even more uh so uh So yeah uh I just wanted to uh clear That out uh and now getting to this game Let's check it out Ilia newsnik has the White pieces and he opens with Ponte E4 We have pawned to C5 as advertised Hans Goes for the Sicilian Defense Knight of Three Knight the C6 and now Pawn to D4 Uh the open Sicilian captures capture Sunday for Knight to F6 and not Knight The C3 and here we have Pawn to E5 this Is the Pelican variation of the Sicilian Or the seveshnikov variation or or the Alaska variation depending on how old You are you probably have a different Name for this uh variation because it uh The trends change so Knight D to B5 we

Have Pawn to D6 and now Bishop to G5 Again very very standard stuff I will Point out however If you are a bullet player let's say or A hyper bullet player I often use a Trick in this position because you just Win pretty much every game uh to let's Say maybe to about 23 2400 even uh you Can try this very sneaky Bishop to E3 Move it's not a good move because it's Very easily countered a black will play A6 because it is the strongest move in The position you want to get rid of this Knight but now you don't touch the Knight you just play Knights to D5 and Uh very often your opponents will just Play eight captures on B6 and now a Capture some B5 and now they can resign Bishop to B6 attacks the queen and black Really doesn't have a move here if you Play Queen D7 just Knight the C7 Checking E7 you pick up the rook and you Are completely winning and if your Opponent is a bit more resilient Um after this Knight the D5 move uh for Example a captures Bishop to B6 check They might try Bishop G4 to attack your Queen but it doesn't matter just F3 and Yes okay now the queen is guarding the Rook but the bishop is hanging so it's Pretty much the same thing Queen C8 the Knight Will ever check your king E7 Knight captures Queen captures and now You will just finish the line by

Capturing the bishop again in a Completely winning position the problem Why you don't want to play this in a Slower time formats maybe you can even Pull it off in a three minute Blitz game I don't know depending on how strong Your opponent is uh point is that after This A6 move Knights the D5 uh black can Just play Knight captures on D5 and in Bullet it will probably work because Your opponent will see that after he Captures on D5 his Knight and C6 will Also be hanging so he might try Something else he might pick up the Knight on B5 but if your opponent really Wants to refute this they will just Capture and after Pawn captures they Will capture on B5 you will capture on C6 they will capture here and the black Just has a massive Center here that Black will enjoy for the rest of the Game let's say c3d5 and the black has All the control uh this will be very Very hard to play with white so it's fun If you want to win uh you know some Quick rating points and if you played uh The Sicilian if your opponent goes for For the Pelican variation you can try it I mean okay but these are very strong Players they go for the main lines Bishop to G5 they don't just blunder Games like this uh Ponte A6 Knights the A3 and now Pawn to B5 we have Knights The D5 and the bishop to E7 so again all

Standard Theory nothing new here Bishop Captures Bishop captures and now the two Main moves here C3 and C4 uh yeah you Can play C4 it's perfectly fine then Black Advance is the pawn to B4 but C3 Is considered more solid you just Stopped B4 and you cleared the E2 the C2 Square for United and then it comes the E3 controls D5 controls F5 this is very Good for white So Hans castles and Ilya goes Knight to C2 we have rooked the B8 by Hans and now Pawn to A4 of course a very standard Idea when black has um an advanced Pawn Structure on the queen side like this B Captures on A4 by Hans and now uh you Might expect something like root Captures on A4 but first Knight to B4 Offers a trade of knights not the Knight On C6 is hanging so knight uh Hans Trades Knight captures Knight captures And now Bishop to B7 and okay white will Now regain some material Knight captures On A6 Rook to A8 and now uh there is a Game where Rook captures on A4 was Played but it's a bad move because after Bishop C6 you just have too much to Worry about the Rook is now stuck Guarding the the Knight here and also The pawn on e4 okay the bishop still Guards the Knight but the queen can very Easily attack the Knight and you're just Gonna have problems here for example if Rook B4 yes you want to keep defending

The pawn in Queen A5 and your position Is just disgusting you you can resign This So instead after Rook to A8 we have Queen captures on A4 and it is now as of Move 17 that we have a completely new Game so let's see how Hans deals with This now uh the move you always want to Look out for and you always want to look Forward to it when you're playing with The black pieces in the Sicilian is Pawn To D5 if it's possible to execute Pawn To D5 then you should always do it and This is exactly what Hans does now it Would be a bit too optimistic to play Just e Captain D5 Queen captures because Then your G2 Pawn is Um not hanging okay but you can't really Develop the bishop you can't play G3 uh The white king is stuck in the center You can resign this with white so Instead we have Queen to B5 makes more Sense it puts pressure on the D5 Pawn Puts pressure on the bishop but Hans Plays the very very uh clean Queen to E7 And here he just says okay what do you Play here your king is still in the Center that's kind of the whole point of This uh line because if he captures on D5 Rook have to d8 and knife well what Do you play Uh the the D5 Pawn is saying there's Just not all that much you can do you Can try something like C4 but then just

Bishop captures an A6 I mean there's uh Too much stuff happening Happening Here Bishop captures Rook captures and after For example Rook captures Queen captures Uh there's Queen to B for check and now You're not castling your king is just Dead lost here so what would probably Happen is you can offer a queen trade But then Rook D6 and again there's Really no move here for white uh so Instead after Queen E7 Bishop D2 was Played and now Hans just plays Rook the A7 still not rushing with a capture on E4 he wants to double up on the a file And again if a cat person D5 Rook after A8 and uh the white will not be able to Withstand this so Rook the A3 now the Knight at least can move the pawn The Rook on A3 is defended and now uh Finally Hans plays the captures on e4 we Have castles Here and Now Pawn to E3 Opening of The Bishop's diagonal and uh It's a it's a position that we often Face when we we when we play chess where You know you can play F3 but you know It's it's such an ugly move you really Don't want to play it here best for Black would be probably to either just Capture or even to go Knight to C5 and Then after let's say Rook captures B Captures e captures on F2 uh with check Rook captures now your Bishop is hanging You're gonna have to move the bishop now White will play an id4 and the game

Continues black has the bishop pair Which is spectacular as the white king Is a bit open here but white does have The past A and C Pawn that he can use However in the game Ponte F3 was played And yeah like I said I mean we all play This we all do this we we're like yeah I've created a very very solid structure Here I I'm a great Builder but it simply Doesn't work uh so feel free to pause The video here and try to find why it Doesn't work while I give you a couple Of seconds So uh for those of you who are able to Do it congratulations on spotting that Lines of attack must be open towards the White king and for those of you who just Want to enjoy the show it is Pawn to E4 This is the only move that gains Advantage for black because now there's Really no good way to meet this if you Push Pawn upon the pawn to F4 yes you Kind of immobilize black spawns here but Not just Bishop captures on A6 and if Real characters look at this Rook B7 Going after the B2 Pawn you cannot stop This queen T4 Rook captures on B2 and It's just a terrible terrible position For white so instead after E4 F captures An E4 was played but now uh we see we Have the uh and also uh sorry I just Wanted to mention instead of the move That was played F captures on e4 you Could try Queen to C5 it's a it's a very

Very cool idea you offer a queen trade Uh and then we would see something like E captures and F3 and then you cannot Really capture The Rook here if you Capture the Rook then F captures an E2 And you resign if rookie won just Queen To E4 threatening Checkmate uh and if if You play Rook captures to defend then Just Queen to B1 will be Checkmate as The pawn covers the F2 Square rookie one Queen captures will be Checkmate so what You will have to do after he captures an F3 probably G captures on F3 and now Rook after A8 or something and it's Still uh very very hard to play this for White maybe it doesn't lose by force but It is very hard however in the game f Captures an E4 was played and now Hans Just gains all that Hans dreamed of for The entire game Queen captures on e4 now The Queen Bishop battery is very strong And this diagonal and uh the only way to Basically stop this properly is to play Bishop to F3 but even this does not work Just Queen the E7 and now we have Queen To E2 sorry about that I think the Mailman just arrived Foreign Yes indeed it was the mailman it's like It's like they know when I'm recording Uh but yeah uh Queen to E2 was played And now just Bishop captures on F3 we Have Rook characters on F3 and now Rook To E8 guarding the at the past Pawn here

We have Rook to A1 and now Queen to D6 Preparing to drop the queen to D2 We Have Rook to F5 probably with the idea Of Shifting The Rook to A5 but uh it Could also also be some some other stuff Here so Queen to D2 offering a queen Trade and you can't really go for this Captures captures and now for example uh There's already the threat of Rook Captures an A6 Rook captures and then Pawn to D1 will just bring your queen Into the game and if Rook after F1 just Rook uh Rook eat A8 attacks the Knight And that's all there is so instead after This queen to DT move we have King the F1 sort of Defending but now just Rook Captures an A6 by Hans anyways in this Position and move to a 29 that Elianiznik resigned the game and Hans Gets his first victory in the Fortress Classic I think he started with some Seven draws in a row and then he wins The game eight uh or maybe the game nine Uh I will check I don't want to trick You guys let me just check real quickly Yeah this is this is uh round eight so Seven draws and then he wins the game uh In round eight and here he resign Because if you capture The Rook for Example Rook captures on A6 then you no Longer control the the back Rank and Then just Queen C1 check the F2 square Is still covered Queen E1 E2 with check King F2 and now Queen to E3 will be

Checkmate and if you don't do this if You play Queen captures on A6 then EQ Would check King to G1 and E1 brings Another queen into the game Rook Captures on E1 and now Rook captures an E1 with check Rook to F1 Rook captures And F1 King captures on F1 and now Queen To C1 with check and just to avoid any Back rank issues and snatch upon while You're at it with Tempo King F2 Queen Captures on B2 checklist the king F1 and Now you can even play the boring Queen Ba just to stop Checkmate Buddha Queen Here defend the bishoplay G6 play King G7 and you win the game Uh so yeah of course Ilya knows this After Rook captures on A6 he resigned And a very nice victory for Han smoke And Neiman who is a again under live Rating list a 2700 player he's in fact 2700.00 so we'll see if he if he Continues the the upward Trend or will He drop back to 26 90 something we'll We'll see how it goes uh so yeah uh That's the game I hope you guys enjoyed It Um uh very very nicely done by Hans it Was a quite an enjoyable game because I Really like this line the the swishnikov Or the last girl or the Pelican I've uh Some 15 years ago I uh studied some Theory on it with why because one of my Uh friends who was incredibly strong he Was like 22.50 at that time in classical

Rating he he played this line with black And I always got bashed with it so I had To really really know the lines if I Wanted to survive against him in in Blitz Games because we used to play like Uh 100 Blitz Games for sitting Uh so uh you know this line definitely Brings back some very very uh good Memories uh but yeah that's the game Hope you guys enjoyed it the line that I've shown uh only use it uh in maybe Bullet and Hyper bullet or if your Opponent isn't too higher rated maybe Even in a three minute Blitz game but Don't try it uh any any uh you know Higher than that so yeah really hope you Enjoyed this I would like to thank Marcus grabble uh James Chambers Bradley Peterson Robert hovsepian and brown Equity Bowen equity for a contribution To my channel thank you a lot I really Appreciate it as usual you can check two Of my previous videos here thank you all For watching and I will see you soon Continuing to check up any wonderful Suggestions uh and whatever else happens In the Chess World while I'm uh Finishing up the preparations for The Steinit Saga so thank you all I will see You soon and have an excellent rest of Your day


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