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HANDS OFF MY KING!’ | Samuel Sevian vs Hans Niemann | US Championships 2022

Chess Grandmaster Daniel King examines the game Samuel Sevian vs Hans Nieman from the US Championships 2022. Support on Patreon: 🔥
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14:25 Hands off my king moment Sevian vs Niemann
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Foreign I’d like to show you a really tense game From round 12 of the US championship and It’s between Samuel sevian and Hans Neiman and this also features One of the weirdest incidents I have Ever witnessed in a game of chess More on that later let’s look at what Actually happened on the chessboard So here we go It’s D4 And Well this position can go in lots of Different directions I should say savian With white he’s 21 years old right he’s One of another rising star in US chess And Neiman black Newman having a bit of a comeback In this tournament He’s won a few games And now he goes for this line of the Tarash which is currently quite trendy Now here you can recapture with the Knight you can recapture with the pawn Uh Neiman goes for C takes D4 And This whole line has been rehabilitated In the last few years It was always thought that E4 just gave White a very good game but Then it was realized of course with the Help of strong computers that in this Position actually black could do Reasonably well in this end game

And most of games have been focused on Knight takes Bishop here and white has a Small Advantage but basically with Accuracy black can equalize but Serbian Played A3 and this is quite a new and Trendy line And in fact this is already played in Round six by by Sam Seville And Neiman had obviously prepared this Because he had never played this opening With black himself and he wanted to Improve On this round six game So Bishop F4 this is Exactly how seven played against xiong In round six and in that game xiong Played Bishop B3 and he was a bit worse In the game But Neiman has done his homework and he Played Rook C8 And that is the the computer approved Move And both players were just Well playing very very quickly that Obviously both studied this using a Computer B3 that stops the Rook coming to D1 well It’s similar to how xiong played but This is more accurate And Well white can take this Pawn but it’ll Just burn out Bishop G2 Knight H5 now this looks a bit weird

In fact it is the the computer’s first Choice and both players still playing Instantly here F5 that of course is the Reason that black puts the knight at the Side of the board it’s because the F Pawn could now Advance protecting the Pawn in the middle so white has to play G4 To break up those pawns remember at the Moment black is actually a pawn up F4 players still playing very quickly So all computer research were up to move 15 and both players looking comfortable With their home preparation And Savion played Bishop D4 I mean There’s quite a choice here actually you Could just take this Knight But in this position Well black has two Bishops two very nice Bishops actually and it’s obvious that Black has compensation here It’s not possible to hassle the king in The middle because the D1 square is Covered by the bishop But after F4 Bishop D4 played F3 Both players still playing remarkably Quickly here Now Knight F6 And here is where Savion thought For a long time Almost 20 minutes So here he’s actually got a little bit

Of a choice H6 is possible But that can actually be met by rook g8n And that’s that’s good enough for black So after this 20 minute thought he came Up with Rook takes G2 And Bishop C5 From niman So he had his first little think there He thought for just over three minutes And came up with Bishop C5 And again white has quite a choice here One could exchange Bishops And then take here but actually after Rookie eight Well considering that This pin is is a bit annoying Um black is certainly fine there So the King on d8 can’t be hassled but The King on E1 is a bit vulnerable I mean there’s there are quite a few Moves here 92. Looks quite nice actually because it Keeps the Kings secure and often night If there’s an exchange then that will Hassle the bishop and that’s probably About equal But after another huge thing 23 minutes Rook D1 now that is a A move that needs a lot of calculation And that clearly took Niemann by Surprise and he thought for 18 minutes Over his reply I mean it’s a daring move it’s opposite

The king But of course it could be taken And yes after that big think Neiman did Take That Rook but now watch what happens it Gets very tricky Knight E6 check King came up to E7 Knight takes Bishop So sevyan with white is the exchange Down a rook Rook for night down But this bishop Is attacked And white can also try to take on G7 so This is really tricky and Black’s King Is kind of Staggering around in the Middle so for example Bishop takes H5 Rook takes G7 this is very hard To Evaluate what is going on in this Position White’s minor pieces in fact All white pieces are really active very Tough position So after a little think Neiman played Bishop G4 so let’s have another very Tricky move Um The pitch is supported by the Knight and If that’s eliminated Then actually this Knight hangs so so Black is okay there So Knight takes Pawn plate Knight takes Knight Rook takes Bishop So Knight is attacked Knight takes C3

And white breaks through on G7 and then Recaptures here so Well that the position is cleared a bit Dust has settled we can take stock White has a bishop and two Pawns Against a rook so there is a rough Material balance That Bishop is beautifully placed here Very well supported so when you get a Bishop like that that has a strong Anchor That is very important indeed The rookies active So on the surface of it it seems like White is okay here You know what’s what can black actually Attack what can these Rooks attack you Might position well at the moment not a Lot This H Pawn could also be very useful Rook E8 check good move from niman Gets The Rook away from the beam of the Bishop the king moves to the side and Then Rook z7 so this is very important So Neiman has been able to counter that Rook on the seventh rank The route came back Tempting to play H6 actually but Actually that pawn can sometimes be Vulnerable But in yet any case Rook G4 plate Rook F7 right now Neiman is finding Targets perhaps this Pawn perhaps this Pawn as well

A4 No it’s not not clear whether This pawn move was necessary B6 That stops that pawn advancing here or This discourages it anyway H6 Well that pawn is going to now be Protected by the bishop Rook E3 Okay this Rook is heading into the Attack perhaps swinging over Rook D4 check King comes here I mean this is such a Tricky position Now A5 I mean given that you’ve Advanced the Pawn to A4 and it could be vulnerable on A4 then well Maybe you have to press on but yeah I’m Just not sure about the advance of this Pool Rook F3 Attacking the pawn with the Rooks So root D2 comes back and now B5 and This could be annoying for white because That might just dislodge the Bishop from Its nice position on C3 Bishop D4 Rook D7 that’s an annoying pin G2 Rook F5 Comes back I’ve got to watch out for That one so Rook E2 check And now the king heads towards the queen Side and that looks very nice so

This Pawn is a potential Target Bishop G7 Guards this Pawn And it could be that that H Pawn is a Target for The Rook so this is quite a Double-edged position King C4 a very Natural plan To Try and attack that pawn But it’s a very double-edged position Now rookie forcheck King comes to attack The pawn and The Rook comes down to Attack the H Pawn at the moment of Course that B2 Pawn is protected by the Bishop but as we’re gonna see that is a Target Rook F7 attacks this Pawn Rook h8 Just giving the pawn now it is possible To take here but It’s not quite clear what happens after That Um Niemann instead goes for root G5 Check I should say that the computer thinks That that black is better here but it is Still extremely tricky If Rook takes Pawn I like B4 by the way That sort of makes the king more secure And it could be That black is preparing just to sack Back the exchange And then take here on B2 and then of Course that B Pawn is close to the

Queening square if Rook takes Pawn this Didn’t happen but Rook takes And it’s going to be very hard for white To advance that pawn once Black takes here basically So King H4 played And here is where Niemann makes a Mistake He could have just taken on A5 it’s good Nice to eliminate that pawn of course I Mean I can understand why Neiman was Worried about this but in fact the Rooks Can get behind That porn Like this As we’ve seen in the other variation and Once the Rooks are just double on the H File that pawn won’t be able to advance And then it’ll be Black’s turn on the Other side of the board Should be winning for black but you know This is very hot judge Instead Rook G6 played I mean I think you know in many ways an Understandable move just keeping tabs on This Pawn And on that Bishop as well Rook takes and this is Neiman’s idea He wanted to sack back the exchange so Obviously Bishop takes then Rook takes Rook so Rook takes rook and now Rook Takes G7 So he’s bargaining on the fact that he Can grab this pawn and then promote his

People For played by Savion so he wants wants To get this one up the board passport Should be pushed in the end game and This is such a tense position Niemann With black two pawns down But this one is going to be close to Queenie And now it’s at this point That something So strange happened really weird So Basically Savion picked up nieman’s King On B3 you remember it’s nieman’s move Seven kicked up picked up the king and Started sort of twirling it Absent-mindedly In his hands niemann’s completely Baffled saying you know put the king Back While Savion was fiddling with it the Top of the king came off And then seven just kind of shoves the King back on the board not to its Original position Then Savion seems to be inviting Neiman Outside for a discussion Or a fight I don’t know he seems to be a Little bit vehement And then Savion puts the king back Knee-man is totally baffled and looks Over to to call the Arbiter I mean I have never seen anything like It what’s so weird is that

Savion doesn’t seem to be at all Embarrassed About picking up his opponent’s piece And there doesn’t seem to be any kind of Apology at all I mean after that the Arbiter came over and there again there Were more discussions that klopp was That this the clock was started and then Stopped So odd so odd In any case after a minute or so Um the game resumed as if nothing had Happened very strange So this is the position And Neiman took on B2 And the pawn advanced so it looks like White’s counter play savion’s counter Play is in full train I mean I can’t get Over this this is just so weird Now Neiman pushed His Pawn F6 Rook G2 this is very important Neiman makes sure that the King on H4 is Still cut off So that it can’t support the F4 And seven here makes I think a very Natural move he plays H3 and there’s you Know sometimes potential to take that Pawn So H3 played but that in fact is a Losing move now if you can find how White should draw in this position well Done because it really is not simple you

Know if you push that F F Pawn whoops if You push the F Pawn then The Rook will Just come behind it What should white play there is a Drawing move and then it’s it’s Rook H5 Not an obvious move by any means so if This Pawn is taken well the king can Just move up and actually that that Should be a draw King A2 still looks very scary again F7 Can be met by Rook F2 A6 And not an obvious move by any stretch And after B2 here’s the point That’s the a pawn has given the Rook a Square to check And you just keep checking And Just keep behind the pawn and and if the King goes in front King B1 then King H5 And the king is going to be able to Support that F Pawn so check King G6 And this is going to be a draw basically The the past pawns balanced balanced Each other out basically Is going to be a draw But I mean absolutely not all Rook H5 Not an obvious move A6 also not an Obvious move H3 played as I said a very Understandable move but now Black is winning

King is safe there are going to be no Checks from the a file Rook H7 B2 Rook B7 and now here is an absolutely Key move if Rook F2 then King G5 Supports the F Pawn White is fine so what does Niemann play In this position he found the right move Rook G6 great move King is still cut off Threatens to take the pawn so F7 and now Rook F6 the king does not get to support The Pawn King G5 Rook takes Pawn Now if if the Rook moves away then you Just get a queen And and black is going to win that Uh so Rook takes Rook Announced Queen for a rook and this is a Pretty simple win actually because there Are just too many targets uh White can’t Hold everything together you can’t hold This Pawn you can’t hold the Rook or This Pawn the king is open to checks and In fact this is a pretty easy win for Neiman let’s just see how he did it There are some nice moves actually in The middle of this So always nice to pin And now he brings the king in closer That’s also very nice another nice pin Threatening King E5 Rooker five check he’s going for the Kill actually Four defends this Pawn

Queen Y8 check It’s just pushing the king to an awkward Square so Neiman is just trying to win The Rook And queen D5 is a very nice move Actually and this is very common idea in Queen and pawn end games actually where You put the queen Uh behind the king and threaten a Discovered check so for example if Rookie one check Then key F6 check And well The Rook is gonna drop Like that Rook f8 played And now Neiman Just decides to go for the a pawn Actually Here again potential for discover checks And finally he swipes the a pawn and Then he comes back okay now it is really Easy Because After a little bit of preparation Make sure that the king stays in front Of the pawn Then he just starts to advance the Apple And here sevian resigned Um well for example you can give lots of Checks but the king escapes the checks Very easily And then you just push the pawn and that Is gonna be game over Well what a strange incident what a

Strange game what a what a fascinating Game there are some really interesting Moments in there actually Um And really well fought from niman to Squeeze out a win in that position Incredibly complicated Afterwards when uh Hans Neiman was sort Of asked about what happened with the Whole business of picking up the king Actually Neiman didn’t make a big deal Of it he he said it without it was just A misunderstanding And said well you know The game was much more interesting than What happened there he didn’t want any More drama basically Um he basically covered for savien Because I thought that was so weird it Really was And afterwards you know Niemann was Asked you know what’s happened because He had a great recovery he’s won three Games in her own he’s now on six and a Half out of 12 which is incredible Because he was on a you know minor score And he said I’ve managed my nerves Better earlier on in the tournament There was a lot of pressure that I put On myself to perform combining with Outside pressure made it difficult for Me to play I can assure everyone playing Chess under unique conditions or Unstable conditions is extremely

Difficult but after losing three games Like an idiot I thought I’m not going to Win the tournament I relaxed a bit I Didn’t want to give anyone the Satisfaction of watching me lose well Fair enough And well said by Hans Niemann So as I said he’s on six and a half out Of 12 and there were two draws from from The top players Carolina or Robson so Going into the final round We have Carolina on eight Ray Robson on seven and a half In the final round karawana has white Against aronian oh not a difficult not Not an easy one iron not playing very Well in the tournament but still I mean That is a really tough one for carowana Ray Robson has white against Jeffrey Seong Also not an easy one no easy games in This tournament but maybe a little more Diff a little easier than playing Ironian but anyway it’s still very open I’ll be reporting back on what happens In the final round of the tournament so Do tune in tomorrow Thanks for watching


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