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GRANDMASTERS Should REALLY be more Careful

Photos by Lennart Ootes
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Babula, Vlastimil (2574) – Kovacevic, Aleksandar (2471)
Schachbundesliga ( [7] 2022.11.25
D38 Queen’s Gambit Declined, Ragozin variation

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 d5 4.Nc3 Bb4 5.Qa4+ Nc6 6.e3 O-O 7.Qc2 Re8 8.Bd2 a6 9.a3 Bd6 10.h3 h6 11.cxd5 exd5 12.Bd3 Be6 13.O-O-O Bd7 14.g4 b5 15.g5 hxg5 16.Nxg5 b4 17.axb4 Nxb4 18.Qb1 Nxd3+ 19.Qxd3 Qc8 20.Nxd5 Nxd5 21.Qh7+ Kf8 22.e4 Nf4 23.Qh8+ Ke7 24.Qxg7 Ne2+ 25.Kb1 Be6 26.e5 Rb8 27.exd6+ cxd6 28.Nxf7 Qc2+ 29.Kxc2 Bf5#

00:00 Hello Everyone!
00:35 Game Starts!
02:00 Completely New Game!
06:30 Pause the video!
07:50 It was in This Position
09:05 Contributions

The chess Bundesliga is one of the world’s top chess leagues, with the 16 teams competing for the German Championship attracting some of the world’s best players. Each team plays each other once over the season, with a team on any day consisting of 8 players from a starting list of 18. A match win earns two match points and a draw is worth one. For the final standings match points come first, followed by game points. The season is split into six weekend double rounds, starting at 2pm on Saturdays and 10am on Sundays in four changing venues around Germany. The rounds 11-15 are played in one long weekend in Berlin.

Players receive 100 minutes for the first 40 moves followed by 50 minutes for the rest of the game, with a 30-second increment from move one. Official website:

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Hello everyone and welcome to the most Requested game uh that was played I Believe the day before yesterday it's a Game from the shaft Bundesliga and it's A game between Czech Grand Master lost Email and Serbian Grandmaster Alexander Kolachevich and it's uh it's basically a Story of one player swimming Um uh in a pool of favorable Continuations uh and then he just drowns And there are so many favorable Continuations here uh that the uh the The the the the drowning sequence will Will shock you so let's dive straight Into it uh last email has the white Pieces and he opens with the D4 and we Have the first um some 12 moves are Known Theory Knight to F6 with C for E Uh sorry C4 not C3 C4 E6 Knight to F3 And the D5 yeah which goes for the Queen's Gambit declined with knights the C3 and Bishop to B4 so the aragos in Defense not as fancy as the nimsel but Still very nice we have Queen to A4 Check night to see this is the AL yankin Variation Knights the C6 and now Pawn to E3 we have castles and queen back to C2 Now this is all uh very well known stuff Nothing new here Rook to E8 and the Bishop to D2 We have a6a3 uh challenging The bishop and the bishop goes back to D6 so Bishop D6 you could also consider Bishop p7 or Bishop to f8 Uh Bishop to D6 is what kovacio which

Goes for H3 we have H6 and now C Captures and D5 we have e captures on D5 And Bishop to D3 putting uh the queen And Bishop on this diagonal so very Nicely placed and now there is a game uh Between uh Victor waznichka and the Shakira mamidyar of from Dean uh from From the World Cup in 20 uh 2009 uh Where Bishop to D7 was played at Mamajaro one but here we have Bishop to E6 and now there there is a game where Ponte G4 was played but here uh we have Um uh Queen side castles and it is now As of move 13 then we have a completely New game and this is basically where our Game starts and now uh as uh okay you Have castles on opposite sides of the Board and now uh kovachi it should Definitely consider well just starting An attack on the queen side something Like B5 and the one starts uh y starts Attacking on the king side already B4 And black is the the one who starts Attacking first however he starts with Bishop to D7 he doesn't mind giving up The attacking uh well privileges over to White and white goes for it a babula That goes for G4 we have B5 and now G5 So now a white is the one who starts the Attack first H characters Knight Captures now with all This control over the H7 square but just Pawn to B4 attacking the Knight here so A captures Knight captures and now Queen

To B1 and here uh you could consider With something like C5 but Knight Captures on D3 uh that Bishop does seem To be very strong but on the other hand You allow now Queen captures on D3 and Then the queen will be attacking the H7 Square uh might have been better to have The bishop attacking the H7 square but Okay uh Queen captures on D3 Queen to C8 And now Knight captures on D5 and this Is uh this is a very nice move by white Because black wants to play Rook to B8 And he wants to play Bishop to F5 to Attack the White Queen but black missed Knight captures on D5 and now the point Is if you go Bishop to F5 it's not as Impressive you will play Knight captures On F6 and after G capture is now black No longer controls the E4 Square uh Pawn To E4 attacks the bishop So you're gonna go back uh now the Knight is attacked and after Knight to F3 uh now you continue the attack with Something like Rook to B8 or queen to B7 Basically you want to have heavy pieces On the B file going after that B2 Pawn Uh the problem is if you go something Like Bishop captures an E4 then Rook H The G1 check and black is just the Doomed let's say King to h8 Queen E3 now Going after the H6 square and if Bishop To f8 and now just Knights the E5 and uh There is no defense here the bishop is Hanging Knight captures on F7 is the

Threat uh not much you can do here let's Say root captures an e5d captures an E5 Now Bishop to H7 just Queen to F3 now Again attacking F6 there's there's too Much stuff Happening Here black will not Be able to withstand this Uh so after this uh Knight captures on D5 Moon we have Knight captures on D5 by Kovachovich Quinta H7 check King to f8 And now Pawn to e for attacking the Knight Knight to F4 and now Queen to h8 With check with King the E7 and queen Captures and G7 so white made a lot of Progress here forcing the black king all The way to E7 but Knight to E2 with Check with King to B1 and now Bishop to E6 uh controlling this diagonal you can See the Knight also controlling a lot of Squares here and the position is now Completely winning for y to make no Mistake here that's why I I said that at The beginning of the video even though It was kind of weird uh but yeah let's Say Knight captures on F7 and you just Resign here there's nothing you can do Here with black if you capture the Knight just Bishop G5 check and now if You go here okay we capture the bishop If you go to E6 then first D5 check King Here and now you go for Queen captures And F7 but Bishop D7 and now any move Here just wins for white lets you bring The Rook to E1 not much for black to do Here but after Bishop E6 E5 was played

And this gives black an idea Uh Rook the B8 uh very very tricky move By black uh because Knight captures on F7 is still winning uh it's pretty much The same idea I like the move before but Black probably thought uh okay white Missed it the first time maybe white Misses it for the second time or maybe He also missed that he was winning it's Very hard to say but in the game e Captures and D6 check happened and now White is no longer winning but he might Be losing he's not objectively losing The objectively it's it's still a Playable position for both but after C Captures on D6 now you have to play Knight captures on E6 Knight captures And F7 no longer works but that's Exactly what uh what babula played he Played Knight captures on F7 and now the Position is completely winning for black So feel free to pause the video and try To find it the only move that not only Wins the game for black but uh forces White to resign on the Spot while I give You a couple of seconds So uh for those of you who were able to Do it congratulations on spotting that Uh all of the squares are taken the Bishop covers uh this Square The Rook Controls B2 the Knight control C1 and And C3 and uh well if if we are if we Also gain control over this diagonal uh Could be very very important and you

Can't just play anything you've played Bishop to F5 this will not be enough Then King day one and white is still Winning uh but for those of you who Found Queen to C2 with check Congratulations as that is the way to Win this game absolutely stunning idea Uh we can even do it in slow motion as I Mean what a move Queen the city with Check and now you're saying now I don't Care if you go to A1 if you go to A1 now Queen captures and B2 is Checkmate so You have to capture the queen that's the Only other legal move and after Queen Cap King captures Queen and C2 now not Bishop to B3 check because then the king Escapes the D3 but Bishop to F5 and this Is now trackmate and the game actually Ended with Bishop to F5 Checkmate on Move 29 so I dare say it this can be Considered a modern miniature even Though uh it's not a classical miniature Where you're just better right from the Opening and then you crush your opponent Here black was winning for the entire Time uh if if he only played Knight Captures an F7 sooner but he wanted more Like I said there were so many good Moves for white uh he just couldn't Decide what to play and then you know he Just dragged the game along uh dragged It on dragged it on until uh he fell for This queen characters on C2 check we can Show it one more time I know you guys

Want to see it one more time Queen to See to checking captures and the bishop To F5 Checkmate absolutely spectacular Uh so yeah uh brilliant brilliant uh Game by both of them but uh the win goes To Alexander kovachovich who spots Queen To C2 and uh I mean uh the the holidays Are not even here yet but it's it's like I mean with games like these we can Definitely uh sense the the spirit of The of the holidays uh so yeah that's The game hope you guys enjoyed it and uh Once again big congratulations to Everyone who spotted that Queen to see To move uh you have quite the Keen Eye Uh I would like to thank Ahmed Yousef uh Anup akihal uh clothes box and ravishing Reptiles YouTube for a contribution to My channel thank you a lot I really Appreciate it uh as usual you can check Two of my previous videos here thank you For watching and I will see you soon Continuing to check up on you wonderful Suggestions uh such as this one uh thank You all I will see you soon and have an Excellent rest of your day


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