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Grandmaster Analysis: European Club Cup: Delaney vs Williams. A Battle in the Kings Indian Defence

Game analysis from my 3rd game for Ennis Chess Club at the European Club Cup. I was facing talented Killian Delaney, a dangerous attacking player rated 2309.

The opening was an interesting line of the King’s Indian Defence, which ended in a swift win for me.
I take a look at the game and give you the viewer tips about how to improve from studying your own games.

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Foreign And I'm actually now gonna take a look At one of my own games which I haven't Done for a while Um you know a bit of GM analysis and Hopefully you'll learn something from uh This this game that I'm going to Demonstrate to you Um I recently played in the European Chess club Cup in Austria and a Beautiful place in the mountains I was Playing for an Irish team Ennis on board One great bunch of guys in the team and Um I was playing some great players and I was only able to play four games out Of the seven because I caught covered And uh had to withdraw unfortunately but I wanted to show you one of my games Against a fellow Irish team and a fellow Irish player Killian Delaney from Ireland I had the black pieces uh Killian three top top Geezer and lovely Guy and far a very quick improving Player quickly getting up to iron Strength he's rated 2309 this game And the very interesting thing about This game is the fact of psychology Playing on it Um having good middle game knowledge Um of ideas and and really getting the Kind of position that Um you want in the middle game and you Excel in Uh and let's just dive into the game

This is round three My opponent Killian started with D4 And already this made me think quite a Lot uh I did a bit of work before the Game and this is where psychology comes In especially if you know what style of Play your opponent is you'll get this When you start playing tournaments and If you know the kind of things you might Want to get out the opening and middle Game and the kind of things you want and Really my first move here was kind of The winning move Sounds ridiculous I normally play E6 against this but I Know Killian likes playing the French Defense and he has some dangerous lines There which I wasn't prepared for so I I Didn't want to play into the Dutch my Normal opening with E6 And I also didn't want to play F5 Because I haven't looked at this move Recently and I was well aware that Killian being a very aggressive player Might play something like Staunton Gambit which you really need to be well Prepared in I wasn't for this game many Other moves which are a bit annoying Like Bishop G5 they're okay if you're Prepared enough but for this game I Hadn't looked at them beforehand So after a long think I played the move Knight to S6 my backup opening is mainly The king's Indian defense and after C4 I

Had another think should I play uh The Budapest Gambit which I quite like Um but then I sort of realized well Killian's very well prepared and Um I didn't want to I also didn't want To risk by gambiting uh so early in this Game I did that in the last round and I Lost and I wanted to keep it a little Bit more secure so I played G6 Killian went for the main line Knight C3 Bishop G7 E4 V6 the start of the king's Indian defense and now Killian played Very quickly with Knight ge2 Now this was unfortunate from Killian's Perspective it's not a bad move at all And the idea is to go Knight G3 and Support the H5 Square so you can go H4 H5 I would say that the move H4 following One of my chessboard courses is probably More to the point here but the problem Really with this move is that it's a Move I used to play with the white Pieces a lot myself so I was very aware Of what White's trying to achieve and The Annoying lines that can really uh Basically put White's you know make him Think from early stage we also have to Think about the players I love playing With initiative so does my opponent so After castles Knight G3 I now did not Want to play one of the mainline moves Because I was aware if I played for Example E5 D5 and let's say A5 to try

And get a knight here a main line Killian would be very happy now playing This idea and I didn't you don't want to Make your opponent happy The other Main Line C5 I don't like so Much here I think the Knight is actually Well placed here after D5 there's no Real counter blow you can go E6 you can Open up the e-file but I feel white has A nice Edge there But I do remember an idea that um was Played against me and that I played Maybe 15 years ago with a very tricky Move a six Now what is the point of this idea well The point is after the standard move Bishop E2 H4 can be played but I do the same Things in the game I now play C5 And if white tries to play D5 like Before I can play the very clever move B5 And this gives up a poem but it gives me The initiative in the style of the benko Gambit and this would not suit my Aggressive player opponent For example after white takes this Pawn Yes he can win a pawn but now there's a Number of ways you can play this Position and simply Bishop A6 my Opponent's wasted two moves on this Bishop gives black very good counter Play over on the queen side I had this Position it's very similar to politician

To this before and I get the initiative And again you have to know a bit about The benko Gambit to understand this but This Knight's also a little bit Misplaced I can go H5 H4 In the benko that night really doesn't Want to be on G3 it doesn't fit into the Position So this is what I'm going for now you Might be thinking okay well why do I Play A6 first why why after Knight G3 Don't I go C5 well after this move If I now go B5 my opponent can take the Knight you can't get the same counter Play and if I play A6 here my opponent Can play A4 and he can lock down this B5 Idea So A6 is a very subtle way I'm trying to get this B5 break in for Example if now A4 is played I can switch Plans go A5 and I get this B4 Square Forever for my knight which is very nice So very nice move A6 against this this Plan Killian Decided after C5 that he didn't want to Defend and he went for an option that Actually I've had one time before Against French Grandmaster Um let's just show it on the board porn Takes pawn pawn takes porn I had this Against French Grandmaster Maxime Lagarde in 2015 a game I drew which I Probably should have won

And Killian's idea was to swap the Queens off And then play Bishop E3 trying to prove That A6 is not ideal and that this Pawn Is weak I already believe black is at least Equal here though because if we look a Bit deeper into position yes this Pawn Is weak but there's a major problem with This squareness these kind of details You have to hone in at when you're uh Looking at the middle game where are the Weak squares how do I take advantage of How do I move my pieces in to capitalize On these weaknesses and this weak square Is the key feature it's weak because White can no longer defend it with a Pawn because both of his pawns have Moved a little bit too far forwards and This is my main idea and if we look at The corresponding Square in Black's Position Won't can't safely put a piece on that Square because I can always kick it away With a pawn so a lot of my play now is Around this square but first of all how Do we defend this port Will a move like B6 might get hit by Something like this looks a little bit Funny A move which might seem natural moving a Knight here to defend the pawn doesn't Fit in with that plan this would be a Much more amateurish move because what

Am I doing about this Square how do I Ever get a piece to control this Square But by playing my other Knight to this Square which may look very peculiar Because I'm moving backwards I'm Continuing by getting to the real Essence of the position the D4 Square This bishop keeps control of it and my Other Knight now has access to that Square so this backwards move is Certainly the correct move Killian now castled Queen side and I Continued with my Simple Plan developing Taking the square and after F4 I played The next key move in the position so the Next key move in this position was to Think about how we're gonna use this Square here And it seems natural to try and bring a Knight into the square but another thing We've got to do and if you watch my Speed run radio videos you'll realize This is so important is always look at Our opponent's last move and try to work Out what they're trying to achieve and I Think it's very clear with this F4 move That Killian is trying to go Pawn to This Square so let's say I just move my Knight in here now at some point white Will play Pawn here And all of a sudden my Bishop becomes Quite a bad piece it's locked in behind That pawn And this positionally helps my opponent

So have a think about this position What move would you play here there's Actually a key move to win the game Another key moment move one was a key Movement and this is the second key Moment of the game Bishop to D4 this is a very good Positional move remember we've honed in On the key point in the position this Square And now I'm just trying to swap off Pieces and confirm a piece on that Square so if Killian now captures here a Course I take with my knight which is a Spider octopus in the middle of the Board I don't know what spider octopus Is but blooming strong and that night Will be very hard to get rid of I'm not Winning but I have an advantage So Killian decided he did not like the Exchange and instead he moved his Bishop Back hoping to maybe get rid of this Bishop or prove it's not a great piece But look at my control of that Central Square fantastic So now I need to think about how to Increase the pressure and Also work out what I'm going to do with These guys and my next move one of my Favorite moves H5 makes a lot of sense Here I'm also looking at my opponent's Weakened pieces and I know from the Opening that this idea of H5 H4 is very Thematic again showing understanding of

Middle game positions that come from the Opening I want to force that Knight to a Bad square but I also want to maybe give This bishop the G4 Square I'm thinking About where those pieces might want to Be I don't want to commit my knight yet Because I'm not sure where it wants to Go Killian continued with E5 but now we see My Bishop is on the other side of that Pawn greatly increased And now I had a long think because I got To do something with these pieces Now I was about to play Knight to f8 Which I kind of think is even a better Move because when you're moving on Knights you've got to put them on the Key circuits And this Knight is coming to the key Square so positionally this might be the Correct move freeing up my Bishop to Move at some point as well But the move Knight B6 I played was very Tempting because I saw that my Opponent's king can come under some Pressure and I can start forcing poor Moves in his Camp the downside of such a Move is that it's a little bit Artificial Because the Knight doesn't have a great Future it doesn't have like the Possibility on f8 of coming to the Square so it's pros and cons short-term Pros against long-term cons you've got

To weigh those things up Now Killian played a couple of not great Moves here Rook hf1 it's very hard to Play Good Moves In a difficult position Though this move doesn't really help the Cause and now I could have exchanged Bishops but H4 attack in the night Seemed very nice the Knight comes into The center and now I developed my last Piece with a little bit of pressure And the point here is again I think Killian should probably try to start Controlling some squares of his pawns But he played on the king's side very Natural to get some counter play I take On pass on and now the key point of my Idea is Knight B4 and in some positions I'm threatening Knight takes A2 and Bishop takes E4 winning a pawn or Bishop Takes night night takes and the Knights Not defending A2 so I can win this Pawn Now Killian played the move B3 yet again A bit of a slow move and there is a Nasty trap here again see if you can Work it out if I go Knight takes A2 Knight takes Bishop takes E4 Killian has a very Crafty move there Can you see it pause if you need to These are the kind of things you have to Work out during the course of a game Don't just rush into the move remember This is a classical game you have more Time to think and prepare don't just

Rush into your moves Um have a have a think about it as you You're playing you know re rethink it Well the problem is if I win a pawn like This all of a sudden This amazing idea and we've got to look At the potential of our opponents pieces As well Bishop A5 And actually this move is really Unpleasant for me all of a sudden I've Got a really horrible issue here and my Opponent gets counterplay he didn't have Any counter play before let's not do This for the sake of one measly Pawn So we go back to this position another Thing we've got to think about in chess Is Well if there's not anything immediate That does a very good job can we just Slowly increase the pressure we're Taking here seemed yes I win a pawn but I release all the pressure on the Position I might even be able to hold on To this Pawn but my opponent suddenly Gets rid of a lot of his bad pieces for One Pawn I didn't really like this And I thought well often in chess it's Better just to keep the pressure up and I played the move A5 here two things it Does it stops Bishop A5 and it threatens To attack my opponent's king with A4 and This is a very strong move Killian played Bishop F3 defending the

Knight from Knight takes A2 but another Slow move and now I can really Whack up the pressure on the queen side I want to get my Rook into the game A4 Played Killian played A3 and in this position It's natural to look for tactics because I mean the check doesn't really achieve Anything artificial move but my pieces Are so well placed now They're all looking forwards they're all Very aggressively placed we should be Looking at the critical moves and the Critical move here is to give the Knight And I took on B3 Killian really has to take my knight and Now obviously before I played this I had To make sure I had to follow up because Otherwise I'm pissed down there's no Point risking it but my follow-up I Couldn't see anything immediate because Killian's King has some good squares but Let's take away that Square from the King bring that bad Knight into a Brilliant square and this at the time I'd worked out was winning The simple fret as we're going to see in The game is a Checkmate sequence the Knight takes away this King What can well I'll show you the game First the the game continued G4 Can you see the checkmate Rook A1 check the white king can no Longer come to B2 there's only one move

And that is Knight B1 And now on move 24 Bishop B2 was check Mate and this was how the game ended Killian very gentlemanly let me check Made him over the board The funny thing was I I was actually Hoping for another sequence that moves Him I thought the only way to stop Rook A1 which again I had to calculate before Sacking the piece was King B1 And here I had seen a beautiful move Which I was very much looking forward to Playing and again let's see if you can Spot the tactics here The beautiful move I was getting ready To play Was Rook to A2 oh and I was really Hoping I could get this in the game The first thing is I'm simply Threatening to double Rooks that's going To be crushing because of Rook A1 but I'm threatening an immediate check mate Here let's say Killian for example takes A pawn I can go Knight a free check and now the Black the white king doesn't have these Two squares which you would have done if My Rook wasn't on A2 It has to go back here and Rook C2 is One uh well the the simplest Checkmate But also the beautiful B2 is another Very picturesque checkmate But what if Killian now takes the Rook Well this leads to

Um a lovely idea if he played Knight Takes A2 I'm now rook and a piece down Queens are not even on the board but There's attacks everywhere can you see The Checkmate in two moves I'm gonna stop there and make sure you Can all try to work that out there is Checkmate in two moves here another Beautiful finish So that game looked very smooth and in Some ways it was quite a smooth game but I really got the opening I wanted to I Got uh the ideas I know are good this D4 Square I managed to maximize my pieces I Managed to stop killing blocking in my Pieces and then when my position had Risen to a point where it was so great I Could finish with some nice tactics so a Game that really got me back on track There uh I I won my next game against Grandmaster but then unfortunately had To withdraw so I'm really missing Playing chess hopefully I'll get more of An opportunity in future please like This video And subscribe to the channel And um I'll be coming at you more videos Obviously as usual and thank you for Killian for allowing Checkmate in the Comments below tell me where the Checkmate is in this position


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