Monday, October 2, 2023
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GothamChess vs. Danny In The SQUAT Chess Championship!

Watch as @GothamChess and @danielrensch took time from their schedule at the Global Championship in Toronto to get a sweat on and play some fun workout chess! Who would win the first-ever match squat chess match, Levy or Danny?

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All right so what's squats where's my Horse Your kingdom for a horse all right yes All right form check Can you go first you go first right here Is like borderline so really like a Little bit lower but you you've got to Like hit the spot or you can't pop up There you go that's fine oh there you go You're cute okay you need to take off Your insurance [Music] Okay absolutely I like that yeah I'm Gonna get a little bit of showing on the Clock yeah a tiny bit of time oh he Doesn't want he wants it right here Drop It Girl [Music] Your arms are like a pumpkin you want to Go down up and down with you how much Did he do 25. Half of mine [Music] Again Next time Someone count them it's beer and Variation aha [Music] I played this stuff for so long Just wipe this line against you know They got Victor's pupils Yeah he was a Common West Coast he's like a PJ Master Yeah

I beat him in the last round of the Western states open with that my boys Was another lie I'm relaxed [Music] All right 45 I got five more do a whole Set of squads In a suit Okay wow [Music] Yeah All right I'll give you my last five Soon as you move come on wait a minute Wait a minute hold on relax I'm just studying the positions here Oh yeah I think we're skipping the Workout tomorrow boys [Music] And even if they did I didn't see it [Music] Okay Okay okay Bottle cave okay which which way do I Lie that's why I took it yeah Hold on I've got a little bit of a Time Edge we Did our squats Things Are a little sweaty up in here [Music] What I'm just making their Disney sound Effects [Music] I always get myself into some Goofy

[Music] Yeah I saw this and I was like what is That okay you're like what's the big Deal His name is I'm on Hamilton Okay [Music] [Music] It's a real thing [Music] Oh sorry I didn't actually see where it Was okay Oh I forgot about the full board the Full board is problem You were right B3 was a mistake it would Come back to haunt me turns out oh for Sure Wow yeah you have very many sneakiness Inside of you There's a very nice little combo yeah B3 Was so stupid I should have gone after The H1 first Oh wow that was 97 was a crazy idea yeah It was okay very nice I don't think There's any more exercises I can sneak In without basically dying [Music]


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