Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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GothamChess Challenges Fabiano Caruana At Push-Up Chess

U.S. Chess Champ Fabiano Caruana invented his own variant at the Global Championship; Push-Up Chess! @GothamChess was the first to challenge him as they faced-off for a late night chess workout!

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You want to get me coaching on a game my Inventor then show me your form yeah I can give you coaching now Do you need to see push-ups no I'll be Fine okay so so I could like drop down Into town on move one well yeah we start The clock and then you just decide when You want to do that you can do it Anytime you want but you have to do it 50 or 60 60 60. okay so let's go we've Grown Oh Right Our Bishops yeah I did not pace myself Though no no oh my goodness we were in This spot More push-ups all right It's pretty even position So I'm gonna like go here Foreign Foreign Foreign Advantage over us all night you're gonna Use that against us My arms hurt Thank you Oh I have to play faster Another three minute is Spicy Yeah you can just do that though it was A cool move But it was a button No no no no no no no What all right I got it for three

Minutes at least I did my push-ups What a tragic way to end the game We've got the oh Yeah We're gonna play in a minute I gotta tag In and play Canty here yes we have to Take a long time Thank you


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