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GothamChess Battles Daniel Naroditsky In Legendary Bullet Game

Your favorite chess YouTubers go head-to-head as @GothamChess takes on one of the world’s best bullet players, @DanielNaroditskyGM , in a late night speed chess match in Toronto!

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Foreign Pieces I'm gonna go here Oh my God yeah yeah okay I have a suggestion Let's play one one okay How do you even set this to one one Well generally because he actually moved That fast I think I asked you once like if you Gave like six hours you think you could Beat everybody in the world in a 1-0 Match I mean at least once probably so it Turns out the accurate prediction was Seven three dollars the attribution was Seven three Donya why didn't you tell me That wait what prediction what That you should have been favored seven Three I mean I haven't played over the Word Blitz a bullet in a while actually Or like I've only played maybe once or Twice I played a Tang over the board Yeah how was that he's like ridiculous Like I just don't move that fast because I'm Too nerdy to move quickly Seems to be pretty fast just now I think I think that over the board bullet Is as as as athletic okay not as giant Bullet chest that's that's the sport That I invented but otherwise there is An athleticism Right a little bit

A little bit Um I mean I take the piece I don't mind Doing like a piece of The sun was something we added increment Huh Very many problems for me There is an increment no but but see now Now I have like whoa incentive to play Fast Because uh you can like pause at some Moments Ah you want this huh what They're saying we will see Uh you want this too Can we get a replay Because guys can we get a mic over here Hold on We're here we definitely we have two Mics that was hilarious I like I like having the protection Completely unused I didn't I didn't mean to do it now now Rosen is I mean I'm just gonna squeak Yeah actually it's probably a very solid Move yeah This is so fun I love it Yeah I don't know why you spent so long Yeah I realized I never forgot about it Oh Old people like me I don't have

Um Advanced stage Yeah All right it's fine What that move that confused me so much Did everyone hear that [Laughter] I keep thinking that's check which is Just so cute that I would do that it's Cute of me that I would keep thinking That's chat It's very much a check for you that okay It's not touchable duck shots no it's Okay you can even do your move like Online if you make a move and you don't Like it you can undo but until you move The duck before you play something oh my God Uh yeah I I guess it isn't over yet Um I think my opinion Huh I have a feeling if you were playing in My Spotify Yeah no you have to move you're gonna Have to be king So if I move the can I Check you and put the duck there Uh you could that's kind of a genius so One thing to understand is But [Applause] Oh my God leave me alone by the way I do Think we can see the clock not on this Ridiculousness so I'm fixing this I Can't do this anymore I'm a dad things

Things are messed up when you do things Like that Can we still see the clock okay great Yeah this is the conversion yeah Oh my God I wanted you want to try that Let's do it [Music] Thank you


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